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Theresa Duncan “Suicide” – The Return of Rupert Murdoch

Alex Constantine - December 26, 2007

murdoch wideweb  470x3360 - Theresa Duncan "Suicide" - The Return of Rupert MurdochMurdoch's war against Theresa Duncan and her "paranoid" blogging continues, this time to reinforce the "suicide" cover story ... with Vanity Fair's report that Theresa became self-destructive after Beck pulled out of her Alice Underground project. Murdoch's Mockingbirds are in the business of perception management, and there is no mention of real Theresa-stalking or the child prostitution network in Nebraska that she was writing about when she died:

December 7, 2007

"The NY Post has another story in the ongoing ogling at Theresa Duncan's death. The East Village artist apparently 'fell into suicidal depression after telling friends that oddball rocker Beck backed out of her movie project.' So now we have yet another baffling peek into the PARANOID mindset Duncan and her long time boyfriend Jeremy Blake were in when they committed suicide, just one week apart from each other. ... "

"Paranoid." This Gothamist reporter knows better than Theresa Duncan herself whether the stalkers were real?

The hang-up calls never happened?

Her mother and brother didn't actually receive hang-up calls at the same time?

It was all Theresa's "paranoid" delusions??

How does this Gothamist reporter know that Theresa was only "paranoid?"

Perhaps she lived in fear - not hyper-vigilance - as we activists sometimes ALSO DO.

From the Post:

"Friends said Duncan had once been beaming in confidence because her 'Alice' script was generating hot Hollywood buzz.

"The story would have been about two New York prep-school girls who kidnap a rock star, after he told them he wanted to leave the Church of Scientology and they offered help.

"The selling point of Duncan's project was having the movie's protagonist played by real-life Scientologist rocker Beck, according to the doomed artist."


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