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On Music & Malcolm X

Malcolm and the Music By Norman (Otis) Richmond aka Jalali San Francisco Bay View | May 19, 2011 Malcolm X, loved then and now by the people, eulogized by

Modern Art was CIA 'Weapon'

Also see: "The CIA & Abstract Expressionism as a Propaganda Tool of the Cold War" Revealed: how the spy agency used unwitting artists such as Pollock

The Machine that Killed Hendrix

Also see: "The Jimi Hendrix Political Harassment, Kidnap and Murder Experience"  "Hendrix was traumatised by an impoverished upringing and stung by the sy

Covert War Against Tim Buckley?

www.hotshotdigital.comBuckley: “The song ‘Goodbye and Hello’ was not played on any radio stations at all. ‘No Man Can Find The War’ was not playe