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Santa Barbara Spy School with Far-Right Ties & Checkered Civil Rights Past Fronts as Nondescript Consulting & Training Firm

Alex Constantine - January 25, 2011

By Alex Constantine (Revised with Update)

000AnacapaS1 300x196 - Santa Barbara Spy School with Far-Right Ties & Checkered Civil Rights Past Fronts as Nondescript Consulting & Training FirmA hawk in a dove's nest: Anacapa Sciences, Inc. is a military contractor situated in the commercial distict of liberal Santa Barbara, CA, a few blocks from the downtown shopping district (Photo: Alex Constantine)

I first encounted Anacapa Sciences, Inc. while researching the career of Evelle Younger, California attorney general, 1971 to 1979 (see first entry below). The company is still in business, so I searched the Web for the address in sleepy Santa Barbara, CA - 301 East Carrillo Street. The Google street view is of an unassuming, staid two-story stucco office building - it could be a small accounting or law firm, to judge by outward appearances - at the corner of E. Carrillo and Garden Streets. 

Anacapa Sciences, Inc. is primarily a military contractor:

Top Five Contracting Agencies Doing Business with Anacapa Sciences, Inc. (2001-2009)

ARMY - $5,157,392
NAVY - $3,941,976
AIR FORCE - $3,420,441
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - $988,000
 NASA - $50,383

Source: U.S. Census Bureau's Federal Assistance Award Data System (FAADS)

P1010119 300x203 - Santa Barbara Spy School with Far-Right Ties & Checkered Civil Rights Past Fronts as Nondescript Consulting & Training FirmProdded by cat-killing curiosity, I Googled for other occupants - and was startled to learn that the first-floot office is leased to none other than LOIS CAPPS, the Democratic congresswoman from the 23rd District of California. Small town. Lois fills the vacant seat in the House of Representatives left by her late husband, US Rep. Walter Capps. Walter was a leftist who cut his political teeth as an anti-war dissident. He was claimed by a heart attack at Dulles Airport in October 1997, nine months into his term.

But Rep. Capps isn't the only Anacapa Sciences, Inc. neighbor of interest. Right next door, 1028 Garden Street, is the Spiritualist Church of the Comforter, a church that channels spirits of the dead. The Spiritualist Church has a long history in the Santa Barbara area.

What exactly is Anacapa Sciences, Inc.? Only a pocket of the intelligence community situated on a quiet, shady commercial street in liberal Santa Barbara, CA. Most residents would likely oppose the firm's presence, if they had even heard of it:

Transcript of Mae Brussell’s broadcast from KLRB, Carmel, California on August 4, 1978

Anti "terrorism" and government surveillance

... The following is information supplied by Jim Horwitz, of Los Angeles. ... Jim Horwitz has a newsletter, Vol. 4, No. 6, about Evelle Younger. Younger’s "Organized Crime Collector School (he advertises himself as a "spy czar") is actually an anti-terrorist Red school. Our country is no longer chasing communists. We’re doing trade with Russia and China. They are looking for "terrorists," and they will become the excuse to open our mail and break into newspaper offices, keep people under surveillance and do anything they want under the cover of "terrorism."

Anacapa Sciences, Inc. is a mystery firm hired for politically and paramilitary-motivated campaigns to get dissidents. In Zaire, it is General Motors which is sending in troops. Private corporations work with the Department of Defense and the CIA so we don’t have to declare war, and the FBI doesn’t have to half its underground work. Mr. FBI Webster sent 80 informers to monitor the terrorists’ work. Then the private corporations get money from the government, and the FBI can look at you and say, "We only have 80 agents on this subject."

But Anacapa, whose cover is organized crime, is setting up national, as in "Gestapo"–national training schools. They will work with local police officers. Hitler worked with Interpol. Hitler had the best police system. It was not only national, but included Vienna, Poland, Hungary and Romania, and then it became international. Swat teams are formed under all this and they want more swat teams for urban counter-insurgencies and for the militarization of the police forces, with headquarters to be in Los Angeles, California.

Daryl Gates, chief of the Los Angeles Police Department was under the influence of Ed Davis. In San Francisco, Charles Gains is the Chief of Police. Gains ran the FBI counter-intelligence program in Oakland against the Black Panthers, before he was made Chief of Police in San Francisco. Oakland is the third police center in America.

Anacapa is linked with the CIA. It shares with them their anti-terrorist money. Anacapa’s project director is Jack Kinney of Air Force Intelligence, who is also a top secret National Security Agency executive. Anacapa is also tied to officers of Nay Intelligence, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and has reciprocal relations with the CIA. Evelle Younger’s influence reaches through the Organized Crime Collectors School. ...

Younger works with the Organized Crime Collectors School and Anacapa, and also with a group in Washington D.C. called the "Psychological Assessment Associates (PAA). PAA is a deep cover CIA’s proprietary that worked with behavior modification-like experiments. ...


Anacapa Sciences, Inc. and the Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit (LEIU)

safe image - Santa Barbara Spy School with Far-Right Ties & Checkered Civil Rights Past Fronts as Nondescript Consulting & Training Firm... One of the most unique private outfits linked to LEIU is the California-based Anacapa Sciences Incorporated. Anacapa Sciences is a Santa Barbara consulting firm that establishes political intelligence operations. It helped computerize the LEIU files, and designed the urban terrorism course for California's Western Regional Organized Crime Training Institute. The course clearly includes training on how to monitor the lawful political activity of dissenters. San Francisco Bay area reporter Bill Wallace found that Anacapa's founder and corporate director, Douglas Harris, assisted in developing criminal intelligence courses for California, Michigan, Texas, Canada and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Graduates of Anacapa's political intelligence courses have already established an impressive track record of trampling on the constitutional rights of persons challenging the status quo. After Anacapa set up a program for the Texas Department of Public Safety, the Department was accused of amassing files on the Dallas anti-nuclear group Citizens' Association for Safe Energy. California graduates of Anacapa-spawned courses infiltrated and assisted in the arrest of members of the non-violent anti-nuclear Abalone Alliance during a demonstration at California's Diablo Canyon nuclear reactor. The Abalone infiltrators were part of a police unit set up by Anacapa with a $30,000 grant from the Law Enforcement Assistance Administration report, reported Wallace.

"Anacapa Sciences Incorporated appears to be a new and significant variation of the hybrid spy firms," said Wallace, "a company that doesn't engage in spying, but teaches others how to do it." Wallace has identified similar firms around the country, including systems Sciences Associates, Profitect, Inc., Systems Development Corporation, and the now-defunct National Intelligence Academy. ...


About the LEIU; "Organized Crime" as a Cover for Political Spying

... The Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit was formed in 1956 at a San Francisco meeting of representatives of 26 law enforcement agencies from seven western states. LEIU was later expanded to encompass agencies from many other states. The official purpose of the group was "to promote the gathering, recording, and exchange of confidential information not available through normal police channels, concerning organized crime." The unofficial purpose was to establish a national criminal intelligence network independent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, whose agents frequently refused to share information with local law enforcement officers.<$F This section is based in part on research provided by private investigator Sheila O'Donnell.>

By 1962, the LEIU had clearly expanded the scope of its interest to include nonciminal activity. That year, a regional meeting in San Francisco included a discussion of "police intelligence units' role in securing information concerning protest groups, demonstrations, and mob violence," according to an FBI summary. Seventy-two persons attended that meeting, and in addition to local and state law enforcement officials, the FBI noted the presence of representatives from the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the U.S. Department of Labor, the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, and several military investigative units.

police spying1 300x198 - Santa Barbara Spy School with Far-Right Ties &amp; Checkered Civil Rights Past Fronts as Nondescript Consulting &amp; Training FirmThe evidence of LEIU's political spying surfaced in the form of hundreds of five-by-eight-inch index cards on so-called "organized crime" figures distributed to member police agencies. LEIU's rather novel definition of "organized crime" was sufficiently broad to include card dossiers reporting the lawful political activities of anti-war, Black, tribal, community, and labor organizers. This discovery flatly contradicted repeated claims by LEIU officers testifying before congressional committees that their files pertained solely to criminal activities. ...

The interlocking network of private right-wing counter-subversion operations flourished during the COINTELPRO period. Groups such as the American Security Council, Church League of America, Wackenhut Security, Research West, Agitator, Inc., FIPOL/UCC, and Anacapa Sciences gathered information about alleged subversives. Several of these groups were active in California during the governorship of Ronald Reagan and one security specialist for a California utility told investigators of a link between Research West, Governor Reagan, and Edwin Meese.


From "Intelligence-Community"

Re: Police Intelligence Training, Anacapa Sciences, Roy Godson & Iran Contra


... E. Drexel Godfrey and Don R. Harris, The Basic Elements of Intelligence (Washington: Government Printing Office, 1971), 4. 4 The primary source of analytic training was Anacapa Sciences of Santa Barbara, California. Federal, state, and local law enforcement analysts took its courses; only in the past decade or two have some agencies developed internal training capabilities. The first professional association for analysts, the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA), was established in 1980. This organization, begun by members of federal and state LE agencies (including ATF, DEA, the California Department of Justice, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, as well as some Canadian and Australian agencies), advanced the use and understanding of law enforcement intelligence analysis.

By the mid-1980s, it had initiated a newsletter and a professional journal. These, combined with an expanding membership, went a long way toward sharing analytic methods and techniques. IALEIA also developed an awards program that honored analysts, executives, authors, and agencies for exceptional intelligence writing and products. Some cross-pollination between the IC and law enforcement occurred.

In 1986, the International Journal of Intelligence and Counterintelligence printed “Law Enforcement Intelligence: A New Look.” The article discussed the importance of strategic intelligence in law enforcement and gave examples of collection plans and models for developing strategic products. These were based on models in Intelligence for the 1980s published by Roy Godson and his colleagues. ... [SPINWATCH, Re ROY GODSON: "Among those implicated in the Iran-Contra affair was Joe Godson's elder son. In 1981, Roy Godson was appointed by Elliot Abrams to head the International Youth Year Commission, which came under Congressional investigation in 1987.  Although he escaped prosecution, an independent counsel’s report concluded that he had helped Oliver North channel funding to the Contras through the Heritage Foundation. Roy Godson went onto become a leading figure in the academic study of intelligence, with a particular expertise in propaganda, disinformation, covert action and counterintelligence . As head of the National Strategy Information Center, he presided over the development of a distinctive neo-con philosophy of intelligence: 'Two longtime advocates of the type of flexible intelligence operation put in motion by Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz and Feith are Abram Shulsky and Gary Schmitt, senior associates at the National Strategy Information Center (NSIC) in the 1990s. The NSIC along with a half-dozen other think-tanks and committees produced reports in the mid-1990s that recommended intelligence reforms. As it turns out, the NSIC's recommendations had the most influence in shaping the intelligence practices of the George W Bush administration.'|


About Anacapa Science, Inc. Founder Douglas H. Harris

1d - Santa Barbara Spy School with Far-Right Ties &amp; Checkered Civil Rights Past Fronts as Nondescript Consulting &amp; Training FirmDr. Harris has designed and evaluated many innovations in intelligence analysis, including both manual and computer-based techniques, and has conducted training in these techniques since 1971. He has conducted intelligence analysis courses and workshops for agencies in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Venezuela, Serbia, and Singapore, and for the United Nations. He has also developed web-based training to support distance learning in intelligence analysis. He has formal training in psychology, statistics, engineering, and naval science, with a Ph.D. from Purdue University.

Professional Associations

  • Human Factors and Ergonomics Society: fellow; president (1983-1984); associate editor and editorial board of Human Factors (1968-1987); Jack Kraft Innovator Award (1975); most outstanding article Ergonomics in Design (2002); Distinguished Service Award (2003)
  • Fellow, American Psychological Association and American Psychological Society
  • Director and Vice President, Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics (1994-1998).
  • National Research Council: Chair, Committee on Human Factors; Chair, Panel on Organizational Linkages (1985-1993); Member, Com


From: "Spy Schools"

P. O. Drawer a
Santa Barbara, CA 93102

Anacapa offers a variety of programs designed to train investigators, analysts, and people who run investigative units in all the techniques required to successfully investigate and prosecute complex crimes.

While not limited to law enforcement personnel, much of their catalog certainly leans in that direction.

Selections include such things as analytical investigation methods (five- days of link analysis, event and commodity flow charting, financial profiles and case development), criminal intelligence analysis, financial manipulation analysis, advanced intelligence analysis (this course uses computers and highlights the analytical skills using the computer network analysis method.) Anacapa holds its courses on a worldwide basis and falls into the medium ($400 - $1,000) price range.


Some of the agencies and organizations that Anacapa Sciences, Inc. has recently conducted business with on-site:

Arizona DPS/RMIN
Barbados Financial Intelligence Unit
Department of Homeland Security, Vermont Service Center
Drug Enforcement Administration, Puerto Rico
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Customs Service
Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Police Department
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Financial Information Center (FinCEN)
Florida Department of Law Enforcement
Georgia Bureau of Investigation
Henderson, Nevada, Police Department
Jamaica Ministry of National Security
Louisiana State Police
New Mexico Investigation Support
Pierce County, Washington, Prosecutor's Office
Pittsburgh Police Department
Singapore Police Department
Sioux City, Iowa, Police Department
South Carolina State Police
Suffolk County, New York, Police Department
Tennessee District 2 Homeland Security
Trinidad and Tobago Special Anti-Crime Unit
United Nations (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
United States Army CID
United States Drug Enforcement Administration, Puerto Rico
United States Embassy (Cyprus)
United States Embassy (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania)
United States Internal Revenue Service
United States Marshal Service


LINK to Anacapa Sciences, "Completed Navy Operations"

Includes "Navy surveillance systems,"  "Design of topside combat systems," "Requirements for small anti-submarine warfare ships," "Tactical visualization aids for integrated electronic warfare," "Special Operations," etc.

Law Enforcement and Intelligence Analysis

INCLUDES: Crowd Management Research and Development. " ... funded by the military ... " Computer-aided intelligence analysis. "Developed the Criminal Network Analysis (CNA) program desktop computers. The program produces network diagrams and flow charts from fragmented information inputs, in response to specific analytical requests of users." Nuclear weapons security. (Navy Personnel Research and Development Center) Development of intelligence systems. Developed criminal intelligence systems for the U.S. Department of Justice (Immigration and Naturalization Service) and for the U.S. Department of Treasury (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms)  Critical Thinking Training for Intelligence Analysis.  (Air Force). Techniques for investigation and intelligence analysis. (California Department of Justice and Anacapa Sciences, Inc.)Intelligence analysis techniques for Singapore Police. (Republic of Singapore Police) Intelligence management. Developed management techniques for commanders of law enforcement intelligence units (California Department of Justice), etc.


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