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Former GOP Candidate for Mississippi State Rep. Charged in Ricin Mailing Case — AND for Child Molestation

Alex Constantine - April 27, 2013

The Poison Pen Letters

Feds charge Mississippi man in case of ricin-laced letter sent to Obama

Fox News (abridged), April 27. 2013

A Mississippi man was charged Saturday in connection with sending ricin-laced  letters sent to President Obama and two other public officials, according to  authorities. Everett Dutschke, of Tupelo, Miss., faces federal charges including the  possessing, developing and stockpiling the biological toxin and a delivery system to use as a weapon.

The 41-year-old Dutschke is a martial arts instructor. He was arrested  Saturday morning by FBI agents at his home, then turned over to U.S. marshals  who took him into custody. Dutschke is scheduled to appear Monday in a federal court in Mississippi and  faces a maximum penalty, if convicted, of life in prison. ...

Judge Sadie Holland, who was allegedly sent a letter, is a common link  between the two men who have been investigated, and both know Wicker. Holland was the presiding judge in a case in which Curtis was accused of  assaulting a Tupelo attorney in 2004. Holland sentenced him to six months in the  county jail. He served only part of the sentence, according to his brother.

Holland's family has had political skirmishes with Dutschke. Her son, Steve Holland, a Democratic state representative, said he thinks his  mother's only other encounter with Dutschke was at a rally in the town of Verona  in 2007, when Dutschke ran against him as a Republican. Holland said his mother confronted Dutschke after he made a derogatory speech about the Holland family. She demanded that he apologize, which Holland says he did.

Steve Holland said he doesn't know if his mother remembers Curtis' assault case.

Wicker spokesman Ryan Taylor declined to comment, citing the ongoing  investigation.


Why He Lost the Election

After failing in his Mississippi state representative bid, Dutschke blamed Black voters

Writing in his blog, Dutschke lamented ...

What on earth was I thinking?!?

I have been crunching the numbers for the past 30 hours and I have realized it was fruitless except to point Holland out for who he is.

There is great truth to the statement that a Republican can never win in Dist-16 for the House. I refused to believe it and trudged ahead anyway

But now, after seeing the numbers, I have seen what is really going on.

It is very simple. Black voters all vote as a block. When you look at the exact recapitulation for House-16, for each precinct (East Heights, Old Union, Tupelo 4 North, Tupelo 4 south, Brewer, Shannon, Plantersville, Tupelo 5, Petersburg, Nettleton, Kedron and Verona), you can see that 80% of all black voters in Lee County are in THAT House District.

If House Dist 16 had its way, Eaves would be Governor-elect right now. (Barbour only got 40% in House-16)

I dont know how to get through to those people, but they will always ONLY vote for whoever has a (D) by their name...

Every time, without fail. I had often wondered why no one had ever run against Holland. Now I know. It is so bad that in my House District that even Shawn O'Hara was elected as Treasurer.

The ONLY way for Holland to be beaten is in the Primary by another Democrat... and It would have to be a Black Democrat.

But you know what... My chance of winning if I DIDNT run would have been much less.

J Everett Dutschke

GOP Connections & Child Molestation


"A Myspace account linked to Dutschke shows his campaign posters and photos of him with other politicians including former President George W. Bush, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, and Sen. Roger Wicker (R-MS), who received one of the ricin-tainted letters. Dutschke also posted political statements on a YouTube account where he used the same internet alias that appears in his email address."

Almost all news outlets have identified Dutschke as a karate instructor, and fail to explore his short-lived political career or GOP connections. But any political aspirations he may have harbored are dust after his arrest for mailing ricin to Obama, and all.

And, of course, there is this minor blemish on his police record:

Karate instructor charged with child molestation

By Julee Brown

WTVA (Tupelo, Miss.), January 22, 2013

TUPELO, Miss. (WTVA) -- A Lee County judge set bond at $1 million Tuesday for a man arrested last week on child molestation charges.

James E. Dutschke,41, owns Tupelo Taekwondo Plus.

Law enforcement said based on their preliminary investigation, there could be more victims.

Tupelo police said their investigation started with an anonymous complaint.

seven-year-old girl complained she was touched inappropriately by Dutschke.

"We contacted the city to let them know because this particular business was inside the city of Tupelo, and that's when they informed us that they were investigating a very similar situation," said Lee County Sheriff Jim Johnson.

On Tuesday, sheriff's investigators searched his business, his home and his car and recovered a computer and a cell phone.

Based on city records, Tupelo Taekwondo Plus has been in business since 2005. It's now located on Rankin Extended, but the business also shows a past address on West Main Street.

Johnson said knowing that Dutschke has had contact with a number of kids over the years, there could be more victims.

"That's pretty normal for kids to keep quiet. But once the ice is broken and one of the children talk, it's not unusual for others to come forward," Johnson said.

But Dutschke said these accusations have been blown out of proportion.

"This very small molehill has been blown way out of proportion and has become a mountain of insurmountable proportions. I'm very eager to clear my name," said Dutschke as he was leaving Lee County Justice Court in handcuffs after his appearance.

If Dutschke is able to bond out of the Lee County Detention Center, he can not go near his business or make any contacts with students or their parents.


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