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Alex Constantine - May 14, 2010

Anne Vidalie | paolosilv.wordpress.com | 04/07/2010

1aaaaaaMartin Sandberger 09924 - OBIT.Former SS Colonel Martin Sandberger, sentenced to death at Nuremberg after the war and released in 1958, died March 30 last. Without expressing the slightest regret.

According to historians, he was the last high-ranking Nazi officer still alive Sandberger Martin, 98, a former SS colonel sentenced to death at Nuremberg in 1948, died peacefully March 30, 2010, in his small two- parts of the residence for elderly Augustinum, Stuttgart. Released in 1958, this outstanding lawyer, an ardent devotee of the National Socialist ideology, had remade his life without justice is no longer interested him. Or less. His destiny, as the traces a fascinating article in the weekly Der Spiegel, a demigod in green, puts Germany meet its contradictions. Why was a man responsible for killing thousands of Jews, Gypsies and Communists in Estonia between 1941 and 1943, he managed to sink peaceful days in his country while a criminal court judge currently Bavarian Ukrainian John Demjanjuk, accused of having served as a guard in the Sobibor extermination camp (Poland)?

Why did you let him sleep in peace chief killers and masterminds of the Holocaust? Why pick today to their minions, the Hitler regime was recruited from Ukrainian, Baltic or Romanians? Sandberger embodied to perfection the zealous servant of the 3rd Reich. Brilliant law student, the son of one of the leaders of the chemical company IG Farben, by 1931 it puts the brown shirt of the SA, the paramilitary organization of Nazi Party before joining the SS four years later. Soon he was spotted by the father of the Final Solution, Reinhard Heydrich, the head of the secret police. In 1941, Sandberger moved to Riga (Latvia), where he became head of the commando 1A intervention group A – one of the Einsatzgruppen charged with liquidating the supposed enemies of the Reich in the occupied territories of the East.

In December, he was promoted to chief of the secret police to Estonia. “I was not very committed, has dropped the old man Spiegel, have very few memories of that period.” However, Estonian business earned him being sentenced to hang in 1948 for war crimes and crimes against humanity at the end of the Einsatzgruppen trial before the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg. A barely four years later commuted to life imprisonment, that Sandberger not flush. He regained his freedom in 1958, by decision of the Parole Board composed equally of representatives of German and Allied forces. Thanks, also, the mobilization in favor of several major figures of German politics: Theodor Heuss, president of the Federal Republic and a friend of his father Carlo Schmid, Vice-Chairman of Parliament and former professor at Tübingen Sandberger; Gebhard Müller, Minister President of Baden-Wurtemberg.Après his release, Sandberger is hired as a lawyer for the company Lechler spray technology specialist, he became one of the leaders. It ended with Justice. In 1970, the National Center for investigation of Nazi war crimes in Ludwigsburg attempts to reopen his case. In vain: the Sandberger lawyer, Fritz Steinacker, the former defender of loss Josef Mengele, the Auschwitz doctor, argued that his client has already been tried and sentenced. The opening of archives in the countries of Eastern Europe in the 1990s and the discovery of new elements will not change anything .Martin Sandberger has never expressed the slightest regret. He felt shame, after all these years, asked Spiegel? Answer: “I prefer not to talk.”






This man is one of those in charge of the mass murder of Estonian and Latvian Jews. This man only stayed in prison under ten years for the orders to murder thousands. This man was alive as of August 2008! Showing that not enough has been done to prosecute these people. Why has the world forgotten the Jews of Estonia and Latvia? Over 70,000 Latvian Jews were killed. *(corrected)

“According to Klee, Ernst (2005): Das Personenlexikon zum Dritten Reich, S. 519 Sandberger was released on 05.05.1958. In case his dead does anybody know his date and place of death?”

Greetings from
–, Germany

Hence, Sandberger spent 10 years in prison total for his role in the deaths of thousands of Jews in Latvia, particularly in Riga. From 1958, then till 2008, unless he is dead, he has been free, although I think he would have had to register for some kind of parole board in Germany.

Sandburger was there giving orders at Riga, Latvia. His alibi is classic Nazi double talk: we were concerned about the abherrations from legality .. blah blah blah. He confuses the Soviet communists with all Jews of Riga. He claims he couldn’t believe Hitler would order such a thing, and that it would be revoked. Total nonsense.

Another Nazi involved in the Holocaust in Latvia: Eduard Roschmann, shown in the film, “The Odessa Files” with Jon Voigt. Roschmann’s dead , Paraguay 1977. http://www.absoluteastronomy.com/topics/Edward_Roschmann#encyclopedia

SS Martin Sandberger is mentally alert as he talks about his years in the SS, while other residents of the retirement home make their last rounds of the afternoon with their rolling walkers in the park outside his window. As soon as the issue of racial fanaticism and genocide comes up, he says, unswervingly and without hesitation: “I wasn’t heavily involved in all that.”



Sandberger was guilty “of the murder of the Estonian Jewish population “: Ruth Bettina Birn. He died a few weeks ago.


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  1. I doubt he or his kind will be missed, now he has gone so the last bits of the stigma will die with him.

    My father did not talk about his time in the German Parachute regiments, all he would say would be it’s war, but if anyone run down his regiment he would say nothing but the look was enough.

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