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Orly Taitz Strikes Back

Alex Constantine - May 14, 2010

Open Wide and Say Ahhhh Crap!:
Dentist-Lawyer Orly Taitz and Pals Are at It Again
By the Staff of the National Law Journal

orlytaitzcartoon - Orly Taitz Strikes BackOrly Taitz, best known for several unsuccessful lawsuits against President Barack Obama on the basis of his alleged ineligibility for office, is running for secretary of state in California. Her opponent is Damon Dunn, a former NFL player and a former Democrat. But a suit filed yesterday in Sacramento Superior Court on Taitz' behalf claims that Dunn is ineligible to run for the GOP nomination because he had been registered as a Democrat in Florida.

The suit was filed by Pamela Barnett, a Taitz supporter and a plaintiff on at least one of the Obama lawsuits filed by Taitz. She also names Debra Bowen and Jerry Brown as defendants, alleging that they have been negligible in allowing Dunn to run.

Taitz had previously filed a complaint about Dunn with Registrar of Voters Neal Kelley, but Kelley said that Dunn has been registered as a Republican in Orange County since March 17, 2009.


The 'birthers' are back with a brand new Obama conspiracy theory
May 14 2010

The quixotic saga of the "birthers," the same bunch of uh, tenacious folks recently rebuffed by the state of Hawaii for pestering government employees there with time-wasting requests for copies of President Obama's birth certificate, continues. Yes, they are back with a NEW Obama conspiracy. Pioneering "birther" litigant Orly Taitz now claims that Obama is actively committing fraud by using multiple Social Security numbers and also by using the Social Security number of a dead person. From the Obama Conspiracy Theories blog:

In her most recent filing Taitz wrote:

I submitted an affidavit from a licensed investigator Neil Sankey, showing  that according to most reputable National databases Lexis, Nexis and Choice Point Barack Obama used as many as 39 different social security numbers, none of which were issued in the state of Hawaii, where he resided. (Submitted as an exhibit with the complaint)

I have looked at various filings available from the courts, and I have not personally seen the list of 39 Social Security numbers. What I have seen is various lists of names similar to Obama, mostly living at Obama’s former Chicago address and all having the same Social Security number. From where I sit, I have no documentation available to me that Taitz’s claim is true, and if it is, I would question the accuracy of these databases, which are essentially credit reporting databases aggregated from various sources usually without any verification. We do not know what matching criteria were used to say that these were our president Barack Obama. It all seems rather far-fetched.

Taitz continues:

The same affidavit contained information, showing that the social security number [Social Security Number redacted, Doc C.], that he used most often, was issued in the state of Connecticut to an individual born in 1890. Since Obama never resided in the state of Connecticut and was not born in 1890, it was a sign of clear violation of Title 42 US Code, section 408(a)(7)(B), misuse of a social security number, which is a federal felony punishable under Title 18 USC by fine or imprisonment of up to five years or both and an evidence of foreign birth and lack of proper citizenship status.

Natuarally, someone in the birther ranks who is just smart enough to use a computer, has decided to make a YouTube video showcasing Tatiz's "shocking" new evidence. Enjoy! 

— Richard Metzger


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