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Nazis Patrol the Border … What Could Go Wrong?

Alex Constantine - June 22, 2010

by Ed Brayton | scienceblogs | June 21, 2010

arizona montage 575 - Nazis Patrol the Border … What Could Go Wrong?The Phoenix New Times has a frightening article about a group of neo-Nazis in Arizona who are heavily arming themselves and going out to patrol the borders in that state. Wonderful idea. What could possibly go wrong?

As I blogged back in May, Ready and fellow neo-Nazi Harry Hughes have been going on illegal alien "patrols" in Pinal County's Vekol Valley, dressed in camouflage and armed with assault rifles.Now Ready has announced a "Border Ops" alert for this Saturday via his profile on the white supremacist New Saxon site, inviting participants to "bring plenty of firearms and ammo."

"Camouflage or earth tone clothing [is] preferred," according to the announcement. "Bandanas, balaclavas, or other identity concealing items are permissible and encouraged."

It gets worse:

I called Ready to ask him if he had informed law enforcement about his operation, which he says will involve other NSM members and include an "incursion" into Mexico. He said his group has a law enforcement liaison flying in, but it didn't sound like he'd run any of this stunt past the local gendarmes."Our statement to law enforcement is to support us," said Ready. "With choppers...with SWAT teams and so forth. We're telling them to come down.

And it's entirely possible that they were already responsible for killing someone who had crossed the border.

As if the police don't have enough to worry about down there, now they have to be on the lookout for amateur weekend warriors with automatic weapons on the hunt for dark-skinned people. This can only end badly.


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