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Introduction to the Buffett Farish Hunt Axis

Alex Constantine - May 27, 2008

020807mic911fc1 - Introduction to the Buffett Farish Hunt AxisAlso see: "The Path to 9/11, Part One: General Electric, ChoicePoint - Key Interlocking Fascist Directorates - and Kenneth Langone"

By Alex Constantine

This syndicate often interacts with the Bass Family of Texas and its business interests. W.S. Farish III and his well-heeled connections in Lexington, Kentucky bring another dimension to 9/11 research, and that is barely touched upon in this entry. The section closes with an examination of ES&S and other companies involved in voting technology. This series began with ChoicePoint, and the strategic acquisition of key companies detailed below illustrates that the 9/11 group was bent on controlling the election process before executing 9/11 and turning the government over to private sector contractors in the name of national security. Also, note the first appearance of Coca-Cola (Warren Buffett began accumulating stock in the company in 1988, and was a major shareholder by 2001) - the company will reappear in connection with Black Tuesday with some frequency. The same can be said of Science Applications International Corp. (SAIC).


" ... Bear Stearns, which is now broke, was linked to [W. Buffett's] American Insurance Group (AIG) and PRE 9/11 put options placed on the New York and Chicago financial exchanges 72 hours before the September 11th attacks. ...



" ... From the beginning of Gulf Resources, there was always a representative on its board of New York's Bear Stearns firm ... "



ON THE BOARD of Gulf Resources sat George A. Butler, CEO of Houston's Post Oak Bank. Butler represented W. S. ("Auschwitz") Farish III, American inheritor of Auschwitz fortunes. Farish was the founder of Post Oak Bank.

The Hunt family had controlled some 15% of Gulf Resources shares. In 1977, the Hunts appointed GHW Bush executive committee chairman of the First International Bank in Houston. Ray Hunt subsequently signed a lucrative oil deal with the ruler of North Yemen - under the aegis of Vice President Bush.


RayHunt6 - Introduction to the Buffett Farish Hunt AxisRay Hunt


Sidney Adger ... had two sons--John and Stephen. John was a business partner of man named Robert Corson. ... Corson's ex-father-in-law was Walter Mischer, whose son, Walt Jr. was a fraternity brother (Kappa Sigma) of Stephen. Mischer Sr. was a friend of Bush Sr.--a neighbor in the exclusive area of Houston.

In 1972 Sidney Adger was a director of the Bank of Texas along with Robert

H. Allen and William C. Liedtke, Jr. The Bank of Texas later merged into

Walter Mischer’s Allied Bank [Pete Brewton writes that "Coca-Cola and Walter Mischer provided Oliver North his Contra training facility on 700,000 acres in Belize." Mischer purchased the training ground in Belize with Coca-Cola's CEO, Charles W Duncan. Very coincidental: "Next door to Hilliard's Huffman Flying school in Venice Florida is Duncan Aero, which traces back to the Duncan's in Texas. Source: http://austinist.com/2005/08/23/in_the_news.php]. George A. Butler was "chairman emeritus" of Allied Bank in 1983-84, while Jack T. Trotter was chairman of the Board of the bank and Walter Mischer was chairman of the Board of Allied Bancshares, Inc., the holding company.

George Butler and Robert H. Allen were directors of Gulf Resources, which had a role in providing part of the funds which were found in the Miami bank account of Watergate burglar Bernard Barker, through Houston's Republican campaign for Nixon's CREEP, William Liedtke, Jr. Allen was the financial officer for CREEP. Butler was also chairman of the Post Oak Bank in Bush's wealthy neighborhood. ...




Walter%2BMischer - Introduction to the Buffett Farish Hunt AxisWalter Mischer, Sr.

Walter Mischer is a secretive "shot caller" in Texas with clear connections to "The Company", which simply include the Bush family rather then emanating from his relationship with the Bush family.

Mischer has helped the CIA over the past several decades with their operations in Central America by purchasing remote areas of jungle and turning them into clandestine landing strips used to move drugs and guns. No politician in Texas has any hope of getting elected to any office beyond dog catcher without Walter Mischer's approval.

Ask Mischer about any of this -if you can get in touch with him- and he will deny he knows anyone you ask about, even when there are documented business and personal relationships between Mischer and the subject of the inquiry.

Mischer's modus operandi is not to ally himself with either political party, but to purchase influence with both parties so that whoever wins the election means that Walter Mischer can celebrate with the winners, and by extension so can Mischer's friends such as the CIA and Mischer's associates in organized crime.



Enter Election Systems and Software (ES&S) (RECALLING THE 9/11 CONNECTIONS OF CHOICEPOINT in Part Three of this series)

Founded in Omaha, Nebraska, under the name “Data Mark Systems” by brothers Todd and Bob Urosevich, the company soon changed its name to American Information Systems (AIS). In 1984, the Uroseviches obtained financing from William and Robert Ahmanson, whose family piled up a fortune in the savings-and-loan and insurance industries. Howard Ahmanson Jr., a younger cousin of the AIS financiers, has parlayed his fortune into extremist right-wing politics, pushingthe agenda of the Christian Reconstructionist movement, which openlyadvocates a theocratic takeover of American democracy. William and Robert Ahmanson appeared to be more moderate than Howard Jr. and invested money in theater and public broadcasting. In 1987, they sold their direct shares in the voting-machine company to the Omaha World-Herald (which took a 45 percent stake inthe company) and the McCarthy Group (35 percent.

The Ahmansons sold their stock in American Information Systems (AIS) to the McCarthy Group and World Herald Company in Omaha, Nebraska.

"Republican Senator Chuck Hagel disclosed in public documents that he was the Chairman of AIS and claimed between a $1 to 5 million investment in the McCarthy Group. In 1997, AIS purchased Business Records Corp. (BRC), formerly Texas-based election company Cronus Industries, to become ES&S. ONE OF THE BRC OWNERS WAS [CAROLINE] HUNT of the right-wing Hunt oil family, which supplied much of the original money for the COUNCIL ON NATIONAL POLICY. In 1996, Hagel became the first elected Republican Nebraska senator in 24 years when he did surprisingly well in an election where the votes were verified by the company he served as chairman and maintained a financial investment.

"In both the 1996 and 2002 elections, Hagel's ES&S counted an estimated 80% of his winning votes. Due to the contracting out of services, confidentiality agreements between the State of Nebraska and the company kept this matter out of the public eye. Hagel's first election victory was described as a 'stunning upset' by one Nebraska newspaper. ...

"Bob Urosevich was the Programmer and CEO at AIS, before being replaced by Hagel. Bob now heads Diebold Election Systems and his brother Todd is a top executive at ES&S. Bob created Diebold’s original electronic voting machine software. Thus, the brothers Urosevich, originally funded by the far Right, figure in the counting of approximately 80% of electronic voting in the United States.

"Like Ohio, the State of Maryland was disturbed by the potential for massive electronic voter fraud. The voters of that state were reassured when the state hired SAIC to monitor Diebold’s system. SAIC's former CEO is Admiral Bill Owens. Owens served as a military aide to both Vice President Dick Cheney and former Defense Secretary Frank Carlucci, who now works with George H.W. Bush at the controversial Carlyle Group.

"ROBERT GATES, former CIA Director and close friend of the Bush family, also served on the SAIC Board. Wherever Diebold and ES&S go, irregularities and historic Republican upsets follow. Alastair Thompson, writing for scoop.com of New Zealand, explored whether or not the 2002 U.S. mid-term elections were 'fixed by electronic voting machines supplied by Republican-affiliated companies.' The scoop investigation concluded that: 'The state where the biggest upset occurred, Georgia, is also the state that ran its election with the most electronic voting machines.' Those machines were supplied by Diebold."



" ... the allocation of Iraqi petroleum rights ...will be going, in part, to the Hunt Oil Company of Bush associate Ray Hunt. Heir to ultra-rightwing billionaire H.L. Hunt, Ray Hunt sat on George W. Bush’s foreign intelligence advisory board, a position that gave him immediate access to the most sensitive intelligence documents about Iraq and other matters. ... "


ALSO SEE: "Bush Oil Buddies Divvy Up Iraq (Money Doesn't Talk, It Swears)":

"This news from last week didn't generate nearly enough buzz but is surely a big deal: Hunt Energy of Dallas has signed an oil production-sharing agreement with the grand poobahs of northern Iraq's Kurdistan region, in apparent defiance of the central government in Baghdad, which has questioned its legality. ... "


Moving the Bush Bubble to the Big D

Media Transparency

June 4, 2007

One month after 9/11, Bush honored his friend Ray Hunt with a seat on the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB), and he was re-appointed in January 2006 (Bryce, 2005). According to the White House, this board operates to offer the president "objective, expert advice" on the conduct of foreign intelligence (Wolffe and Bailey, 2005b). Hunt, with international business interests, has access through PFIAB to intelligence that is unavailable to most members of Congress. This group is privy to the most current and sensitive information gathered by the Central Intelligence Agency, the National Security Agency, the military intelligence organizations, and several others sources (Bryce, 2005). PFIAB operates in complete secrecy. According to Salon magazine, members of this oversight board "are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act and unlike other public servants who work for the president, there is no public disclosure of the PFIAB members' financial interests" (Bryce, 2005).

Several experts are persuaded that Hunt's position at PFIAB could easily benefit both Hunt Oil's worldwide energy interests and Halliburton, which has been awarded billions of dollars worth of no-bid, cost-plus contracts in Iraq by the U.S. government (Bryce, 2005; Wolffe and Bailey, 2005). Hunt has been on Halliburton's board of directors since 1998, when Dick Cheney was running the company and serving as an SMU trustee (1997- 2000). Interestingly, soon after Hunt joined the Halliburton board, he was placed on its compensation committee, where he helped determine Cheney's pay package (Bryce, 2005). In fact, in 1998 Hunt's committee decided that Cheney deserved a $3.78 million bonus (Bryce, 2005), and in 2000 he got $33.7 million award when he joined the Bush campaign (Bryce, 2000).




ES&S is “the largest company in the world focusing solely on automating the election process.” The company “provides specialized systems and software to automate the entire election process for local, state, and national governments worldwide.” ES&S is a reorganized company that was given a new name in November 1997 after combining two of the largest election machine companies: Business Records Corp. (BRC, formerly part of Cronus Industries) and American Information Systems, Inc. (AIS).

ES&S is a privately held company owned by unknown investors and headed by Aldo Tesi, who refers to the democratic franchise as “the election industry.” The company is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska and supplies “thousands and thousands of machines being used across the country” to more than 2,200 U.S. jurisdictions in 49 states.



Only the Paranoid Survive


Eva Sion on the Christian reconstructionists and their faith-based electronic voting machines:

Theonomic Reconstructionism is a belief that the only true authority is God's, that allegiance to biblical laws trumps that of civic law and that the Kingdom of Heaven needs to be built on Earth before Jesus will come again. In addition to that, homosexuals should be put to death, women should be banned from civic office, apostates and heretics should be stoned to death and there is a great need for more Christian politicians.

Not content to philosophize about such things, the TR movement sprang into action. Funded by billionaires such as Howard Ahmanson and the Coors and Hunt families, Reconstructionists formed think tanks such as the Chalcedon Institute and the Rutherford Institute (the friendly guys that funded Paula Jones' lawsuit against Clinton) to give the Christian Right a philosophical base to draw from, and political action committees to finance their elections....

Ahmanson inherited his money from his father, owner of Home Savings & Loan (during the S&L scandal of the Reagan years, Home's investors, mostly small family investments, lost over $150 million dollars. No one went to jail). In addition to funding PACs and think tanks, Howard Jr. parlayed his fortune into the majority stock of a business called American Information Systems (AIS) started by two enterprising brothers, Todd and Bob Urosevich. AIS later merged with Business Records Corporation (BRC) and became Election Systems & Solutions (ES&S). ES&S is the number one provider of touch-screen voting machines. Their website claims that their products were used in collecting 56% of the national vote in the last presidential elections.

Todd Urosevich is now Vice President of ES&S. Strangely enough, brother Bob moved on to head the second largest computerized vote-counting business, Global Election Systems, recently purchased by ATM and security giant Diebold. (They now have both the Ohio and Georgia contracts.) In a round table swap of incestuous patronage the previous executives of Global moved on to head the third largest vote-counting company in the nation, Advanced Voting Systems. Combined, these three corporations will process nearly 80% of the next nationwide elections.



ES&S and ACS

ES&S (which describes itself as privately owned) and Sequoia are effectively the same company, the company that owns both is called Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) of Dallas, TX. They are apparently also a major player in providing technology services to the US court system, USPS, DOT, FCC, the US Senate, the White House, and several other government agencies.




FROM: "Lexington Comair Crash, Parts 1-5: The Hand on the Data Stream/Teterboro Incident/Darwin's Devolution, CIA Terrorism/Flight Lesson/Teterboro & the CIA," By Alex Constantine

... The founder and chairman of the ACS board is Mr. Darwin Deason, a generous contributor to the Republican Party. Deason's "partner in crime" at ACS, and a ranking company director, is J. Livingston Kosberg - a former S&L thief. Pete Brewton, in The Mafia, CIA and George Bush, wrote: "Gibraltar Savings, whose chairman, J. Livingston Kosberg, was a prominent fund-raiser in Texas for the Democratic Party."

Patriots. And "prominent," too. ...

At Gibralter Savings down in Dallas, there was this nasty business ...

"ROBERT STRAUSS, Dallas attorney; U.S. Ambassador to Moscow and former chairman of the Democratic National Committee; friend of George Bush and former business partner with James A. Baker III; he and his son, Richard, were involved in a number of failed Texas S&Ls, including Lamar and Gibraltar." -


Yes, "CiaScams." Gibralter, like the other S&L heists of the '80s, was a CIA/Mafia operation.

CIA/Mafia, like ACS, with "prominent" friends at the pinnacles of both political parties. ... A little searching on the net turns up another interesting connection to ACS - the destruction of the World Trade Center, or at least the plotline. ACS approved the change in Mohammed Atta's visa status in the US from tourist to student in 2002, according to the testimony of Huffman Aviation CEO Rudy Dekkers, and Tom Blodgett, a managing director at ACS, before the Kean Commission. This was a well-publicized "computer glitch."

How far, exactly, was ACS involved in CIA business? The GovExec website reports, "in November 2003, Bethesda, Md.-based Lockheed Martin Corp. acquired a government contracts division of Affiliated Computer Services Inc., a smaller firm, headquartered in Dallas, with DEEP CONNECTIONS TO THE INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES." The very idea.

The intimate bond was apparent when it emerged that it was an ACS division purchased by Lockheed responsible for torture at Guantanamo Bay.

One week before the Comair crash in Lexington, on August 20, 2006, the Associated Press released a story on the "ACS Bribery and Federal Contract Fixing" scandal: "Affiliated Computer Services Inc., one of the companies negotiating with the Family and Social Services Administration for a state welfare eligibility contract worth an estimated $1 billion over 10 years, formerly employed FSSA Secretary Mitch Roob." But most significantly, "Privately-owned" ES&S and Sequoia voting machine concerns are effectively controlled by the same company - Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) of Dallas, Texas."

And it was an election year ...

While digging about, you will find an anonymous blogger who observes that ACS and ES&S are "a major player in providing technology services to the US court system, USPS, DOT, FCC, the US Senate, the White House, and several other government agencies.... What does this mean? It's an interesting concentration of power. If one controls the datastream of an organization, one has a great deal of knowledge of what it's really doing. Actually, in this case, it would be interesting to know the relationship between ACS and the GOP and/or the Bush family."




Post 9-11 Backdating Issues: The War at Home

A recent lead article in the Wall Street Journal, “Companies Say Backdating Used in Days After 9/11” (March 7, 2007), was an obvious attempt to pluck at the readers’ heartstrings. In my case, it worked.

The article reads, in part,

... the nation’s stock markets were closed from Sept. 11 to Sept. 14. When they reopened the following week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average skidded more than 14%, in the worst full week for the blue-chip average since Germany invaded France in May 1940. Scores of companies rushed to grant options during the market’s trough…. some companies said it was pure happenstance, while others said it was intended to help motivate executives through the difficult period. But until recently none had admitted the award dates reflected improper backdating.

The notion that corporate executives would take personal advantage of a national disaster is outrageous. It is especially disheartening to think that these same business leaders were decrying acts of aggression against our country while performing underhanded acts of financial aggression against their own investors. ...

The nine companies known to have backdated in the fall of 2001 are Affiliated Computer (ACS), Broadcom (BRCM), Brocade (BRCD), Corinthian Colleges (COCO), KLA-Tencor (KLAC), Monster Worldwide (MNST), Progress Software (PRGS), Take-Two Interactive (TTWO), and UnitedHealth (UNH)....



Council for National Policy, Sequoia


Who's behind these private companies? It's hard to tell: the corporate lines--even the bloodlines--of these "competitors" are so intricately mixed. For example, at Diebold--whose corporate chief, Wally O'Dell, a top Bush fundraiser, has publicly committed himself to "delivering" his home state's votes to Bush next year--the election division is run by Bob Urosevich. Bob's brother, Todd, is a top executive at "rival" ES&S. The brothers were originally staked in the vote-count business by Howard Ahmanson, a member of the Council for National Policy, a right-wing "steering group" stacked with Bushist faithful.

Ahmanson is also one of the bagmen behind the "Christian Reconstructionist" movement, an extremist faction that openly advocates a theocratic takeover of American democracy, with the imposition of strict Christian dominion, placing "the state, the school, the arts and sciences, law, economics, and every other sphere under Christ the King." This "dominion" includes the death penalty for homosexuals, exclusion of citizenship for non-Christians, stoning of sinners and--we kid you not--slavery, "one of the most beneficent of Biblical laws." As the movement's leader--and Ahmanson's fellow CNP member--R.J. Rushdoony puts it: "The Christian should therefore not fear laws in support of Christian social goals just because they interfere with personal freedom."

Ahmanson also holds a major stake in ES&S, where he's joined by Republican Senator Chuck Hagel. Before his ascension to high office, Hagel was CEO of an earlier ES&S incarnation. Thus, when he ran for the Senate, his own company counted the votes. Needless to say, his initial victory was reported as "an amazing upset." Hagel still has a million-dollar stake in the parent company of ES&S. In Florida, Jeb Bush's first choice for a running mate in his 1998 gubernatorial race was ES&S lobbyist Sandra Mortham, who made a mint installing the machines that counted Jeb's votes.

Sequoia also has a colorful history, most recently in Louisiana, where it was the center of a massive corruption case that sent top state officials to jail for bribery, most of it funneled through Mob-connected front firms. Sequoia executives were also indicted, but escaped trial after giving immunized testimony against state officials. The company's corporate parent is the UK communications and printing firm De La Rue, which even as we speak is churning out the colonial currency notes for the new Iraq, courtesy of a hefty Coalition contract. De La Rue, in turn, is owned by the private equity firm Madison Dearborn--a partner of the Carlyle Group, where George Bush I makes millions trolling the world for war pork, privatizations and sweetheart deals with government insiders.


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