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Former CIA Agent Publishes Book on Harassment by Agency, Cover-Up

August 28, 2013 0

While working as a senior officer on a secret government base, Shipp and his  family were subjected to severe toxic exposure. They were bleeding from their  noses, vomiting, had bruising all over their bodies, were bed-ridden with severe headaches requiring morphine, lost their short-term memory and suffered from strange rashes on the exposed areas of their skin. Doctor's diagnoses and environmental tests showed exposure to poisonous toxins. The house was quarantined while workers in hazmat suits boxed up all of the family's belongings, including the children's toys.

Their home was broken into, the family was spied on and followed, documents  were altered and Shipp's career was threatened. He and his family filed a personal  injury suit against the CIA. The CIA signed a court ordered mediated  settlement. Two days later, the CIA refused to abide by the agreement, threatening that if the family did not accept a lower settlement they would  invoke the State Secrets Privilege.

After coercing a federal judge, the CIA used the privilege to shut the case  down in a secret court and placed a seal on it. No one, not even his or her  Congressman and Senator, could have access to the evidence. The family was threatened with jail if they discussed the case with anyone.

Chapter 26 of Shipp's book discusses the ensuing cover-up. The CIA blacked  out the majority of the chapter. The book was reviewed by the CIA and approved  for publication. Shipp built a code into the manuscript revealing the cover  up.

For more information contact Ascent Publications, LLC at (813) 500-0397, or  e-mail.

Kevin Shipp, decorated CIA agent has revealed the CIA's use of secrecy to  cover up negligence and Constitutional violations. In the critically acclaimed  book From the Company of Shadows, he uses an embedded code in the  manuscript to expose sections of the book blacked out by the CIA, which details  his family's toxic exposure and the subsequent CIA cover up.

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