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FBI, DOJ Refuse to Investigate Charges of Judicial Corruption

Alex Constantine - December 6, 2009

By Barbara Hollingsworth
Examiner Columnist | 12/03/09
Re: “SEC IG looks into United Airlines bankruptcy,” Nov. 24

For three years, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice have refused to investigate material evidence of a nationwide criminal racket that has allegedly infiltrated state and federal courts and is unlawfully manipulating and exploiting litigants in bankruptcy, family and probate courts.

According to court documents filed in Chicago, the FBI and DOJ turned a blind eye to retaliation against citizens who attempted to expose the corruption, including

kidnapping of children, false incarceration after being ‘framed’ by criminal elements in civil and criminal authorities, impoverishment, coercion under duress, and serious physical injury up to and including death.”

Wedoff opt - FBI, DOJ Refuse to Investigate Charges of Judicial CorruptionReagan appointee Judge Eugene R. Wedoff

The 2006 affidavit claims that “multiple judges and lawyers are aware of and/or involved in alleged criminal acts,” but have not reported wrongdoing to authorities in violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct. It specifically mentions four federal judges, including Eugene R. Wedoff, who was appointed chief bankruptcy judge of the Northern District of Illinois in 1986.

Judge Wedoff presided over the 2005 bankruptcy of United Airlines, in which 20 large unsecured creditors lost nearly $18 million. The airline also defaulted on $3.2 billion worth of pension obligations for over 134,000 United employees –the largest pension default in three decades – while its top executives walked off with millions in exit bonuses.

ds 07070 05 nws v6 - FBI, DOJ Refuse to Investigate Charges of Judicial CorruptionDan Hanley, public spokesperson the Whistleblowing Airline Employees Association (www.airline-whistleblowers.org) and a former United 777 captain who was forced out of his job, alleges that United management fraudulently withheld information from the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, which took over their pensions, and that PBGC never conducted the federally mandated analysis of the United pension fund before agreeing to its termination. The Securities and Exchange Commission has recently agreed to look into the matter.

The court affadavit also accuses Wedoff, who recently suffered a mysterious fractured skull, and other allegedly crooked judges of squirreling away $40 million in bribes at LaSalle National Bank in Chicago, Wells Fargo and Northern Trust Bank in Arizona. The affadavit further claims that payoffs to Wedoff eventually wound up in the ERW Living Trust, which purchased Lot 114 of Greenfield Place in Maricopa County, Arizona. The signature of ERW trustee “Richard E. Williams” is allegedly identical to Judge Wedoff’s.

The affidavit further charges that the criminal racketeering enterprise headquartered in Phoenix hacked into INSLAW, a court software program, and “through the systematic code-based creation of fraudulent documents and identity theft,” illegally hijacked it to funnel stolen private and government funds into two trusts – Omega and Anchor Pure Trusts – which ultimately dispersed the hot cash into personal trusts such as ERW, which then used fake mortgages for property that had already been bought with cash to further launder the money.

Multiple lawyers of prominent law firms are allegedly members” of the racket, which uses phony federal marshal credentials to gain access to the Federal Court Building in Chicago, according to the affidavit.

Another signed affidavit, filed by court qualified document examiner Sidney Perceful, accused Wedoff of allowing a bankruptcy trustee to confiscate and destroy records and transfer “large sums of money” to his account at La Salle, which she called “highly irregular and illegal.”

These allegations, if true, point to a massive criminal infiltration of the federal court system. But so far, neither the FBI nor DOJ have bothered to look into them. The big unanswered question is: Why not?



  1. I am asking for your help on behalf of a 10 year old child. I truly believe the reason no one will help is due to our lack of clout or money. We are law abiding people & have played by the rules our entire lives & as you will read below, the ones that have never given, but have chose to take from society ALL their lives are the very ones the courts cater & show preference to. Please read this in it’s entirety & you will see this is not about guardianship, it is about corruption at the expense of a 10 y/o child. My name is Lynn Fentress & I am asking for your help on behalf of my 10 y/o niece, Annie Young. If you cannot expose this injustice, could you give me the name of someone politically connected that cares about the welfare & future of all children, or advice on how to put an end to this injustice? I have contacted anybody I could think of in Indiana & Washington DC. The Washington County, Indiana Circuit Court & Debbie Ponder, DCS should be investigated for corruption, & Annie is the one suffering because of the corruption. Annie is the victim of a child molester, the Washington County (in)justice system and nearly every adult involved in her life, and the ones trying to help Annie are prevented from doing so by the adults that failed Annie in the first place. My niece, Tonya Caves (Annie’s mother) (Father unknown) is in the Indiana Department of Corrections. The mother HAS NOT had her parental rights terminated. When Tonya was arrested, she was married to Richard Caves, he had been with Tonya since Annie was 6 months old. Tonya’s family thought Richard loved Annie. After Tonya went to jail, Richard also went to jail & talked Tonya into signing temporary guardianship of Annie to a “nice” couple he knew & after he served his sentence he would get Annie back. After she signed the papers,(hoping her mother would not find out she was in jail) Richard filed for divorce, served his 90 day sentence, & never returned for Annie. Annie’s family found out where Annie was & went to get her & the people that have her are NO RELATION at all to Annie & refused to let us see Annie or talk to her. Tonya, upon realizing what a huge mistake she had made, signed sole guardianship & power of attorney over to Annie’s maternal grandmother. The grandmother hired an attorney & filed the paperwork on 08 FEB 2010 to terminate this couple’s guardianship & has yet to see the inside of a courtroom. The couple that have Annie are known career criminals, he served 12 years of a 25 year federal sentence after being busted by the FBI, ATF, ISP and the Sheriff of Salem, Indiana, that resulted in the recovery of over 300 hundred thousand dollars in stolen vehicles, weapons, & contraband & he is listed as an ARMED CAREER CRIMINAL. Both served time in the IDOC for burglary & theft. She was bonded out on that charge, & ARMED HERSELF WITH A HANDGUN & went to the Ripley County, Indiana jail & demanded his release. Her name at the time was Marlene Joyce Leach,(her name at the time she abandoned her own children) His name at the time was Cavanaugh. (It is extremely disturbing that convicted felons abandoned her birth children, yet claim to want to raise a complete strangers only granddaughter). He entered Federal prison in the mid 90’s under the name Cecil Ray Cavanaugh & was released a mere 12 years later (21 JAN 2009) under the name Cecil Ray Faulkner. He served only 48% of a 25 year federal sentence. (one ten yr. sentence, one fifteen yr. sentence) At the time they filed the guardianship paper’s, he had been out of prison less than 5 months. The guardianship papers they filed were NOT notarized (I have a copy) & Judge Curtis Eskew granted the guardianship, in spite of the fact that no background was conducted, the paperwork was not notarized, & the grandmother (Diane Bush) was not notified. (Her name, relationship to Annie, address & phone # were on the paperwork.) Diane has no criminal history. Their attorney at the time, (Douglas Leatherbury) notarized the paperwork at a later date. He notarized the signature of someone he has NEVER met. An attorney told me Doug Leatherbury planned it to have Judge Eskew brought to the Washington County Court because he knew the Judge would sign the paperwork without reading it. Judge Eskew is 69 years old & a judge in Harrison County, Indiana. (Harrison County is currently under investigation at the Federal level for numerous violations, Washington County is much worse) He is notorious in Harrison County for signing almost anything put in front of him without reading it. (why was he in Washington County Circuit Court that day?) The attorney also told me the reason this case is being handled the way it is, is to try to shield the Washington County Court from litigation. We want Annie back. She has been LEGALLY KIDNAPPED! I never thought this could happen in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, especially to a 10 year old child!. It is time this case focused on Annie, not on how much money this case can generate. Please help us to bring Annie home, it is the right thing to do. I will be glad to provide the links to Marlene & Cecil’s life of crime upon request. Marlene’s known names to date: Marlene Joyce Albertson/Leach/Cavanaugh/Faulkner…Cecil’s known names to date: Cecil Ray Cavanaugh/Leach/Faulkner…
    It has come to my attention via phone call that Debbie Ponder, DCS is telling anyone contacting DCS in hopes of helping Annie that “one” of us (Annie’s family) hurt Annie by jerking or pulling her arm. I went to Washington County, Indiana DCS on 15 JAN 2010 & spoke with Debbie Ponder hoping to have Annie removed from Marlene & Cecil. I heard NOTHING from DCS & again went to their office on 03 MAY 2010, but Debbie Ponder wasn’t in. On 05 MAY 2010 Debbie Ponder called me at home & after I voiced my concerns again, she told me she saw the “marks” on Annie’s arm where “one” of us had hurt Annie. I said, What do you mean? She said Cecil had told her that “one” of us had hurt Annie after grabbing her arm. I said, that is not true & explained that myself & another aunt (Angela Kissel Weightman) had gone to Cecil & Marlene’s house on 23 DEC 09 to see Annie, Annie came FLYING out of the house, threw her arms around me, shouting, aunt Lynn, aunt Lynn. She then did the same with Angela. I put my arm around Annie’s shoulder’s & told Annie I was taking her to see her Nana. Marlene began screeching, Cecil, Cecil, they are trying to take Annie. Cecil grabs Annie’s arm & shoved Annie & Marlene into the house & gets in my face & starts screaming. We got into a screaming match, & Angela called 911. An undercover Detective (Brent Miller, Washington County, Indiana Sheriff’s Office) showed up & after talking with us, we left & took Annie to see her Nana, with the stipulation to have Annie back the next evening by 6:00 pm. (Det. Miller alluded to the fact he would have us arrested if we did not return Annie). Debbie Ponder said she spoke to Annie & Annie told her”one” of us had hurt her arm & that she believed Annie. (Cecil has intimidated Annie into saying this) I asked Debbie Ponder twice which”one” of us was it & she did not answer me. I went to DCS on 15 JAN 2010. DCS went to Cecil & Marlene’s sometime after that (they would not give me the date). If Annie was “hurt” on 23 DEC 2009 & DCS did not go to Cecil & Marlene’s until sometime after 15 JAN 2010 & if the “marks” were still on her arm, it would seem to me the “injury” was bad enough that Annie should have been taken to the ER at the time she was “injured”. If she had been hurt on 23 DEC 2009, Detective Brent Miller would not have allowed Annie to leave with us & “one’ of us would have been arrested for child abuse. If Debbie Ponder saw the marks sometime after 15 JAN 2010, where are the photos & why wasn’t “one”of us arrested? In this same phone conversation, Debbie Ponder made several false accusations against Annie’s family & defended Cecil as if he were the 2nd coming. I am outraged that Debbie Ponder is telling others I had hurt Annie. I am also outraged that Debbie Ponder is making other false statements. If you contact DCS & are given negative statements about myself or Annie’s family, please give us the chance to respond. I assure you the negative statements are false. No matter how competent & thorough DCS thinks Debbie Ponder is, in this case, she is not! Why is Debbie Ponder siding with known career criminals? She should remain neutral. DCS will usually jump into a situation where the welfare of a child is involved, yet in this case, they haven’t gotten involved at all. When I spoke to Debbie Ponder on 23 Dec 09, I asked her: If a background had been conducted on these people, do you think Annie would be living with them? She said, well a background isn’t always conducted. I said, you did not answer the question. I asked the question again, and her response was a simple no.I also told (and showed) Debbie Ponder about Cecil buying Annie a padded bra (Annie was 9 yrs. old). Debbie Ponder said: It sounds like he is “grooming her” I said: Isn’t that grounds to remove Annie from that environment? Ponder said: That is a legal matter! Why are these career criminals/convicted felons being catered to & protected at the expense of a 10 year old child? This is an outrage & any caring adult that can help Annie should do so. Why does it take a tragedy before someone will step in & do the right thing? What is done to Annie while she is with these career criminal’s cannot be undone. Annie has been through enough, it is time to reunite her with her Nana. If Annie was related to a judge, a police officer, a”prominent citizen” a family with an endless supply of money, etc. Annie would have been removed from these convicted felons long ago. A guardian ad litem, Johanna Rippey was appointed on or before 02 July 10 at Marlene & Cecil’s request. Ms. Rippey’s retainer was $750.00, of which we had to pay half. We were told that if we did not pay our half the case would go no furthur until the money was paid. This sounds like extortion to me. I feel the reason they requested an ad litem is because they knew it would prolong the case indefinately & it has worked. Ms. Rippey has PROMISED us for the last 3 weeks that she would turn her report in to the judge, as of today, 23 SEP 10, she has not. We cannot get a court date until the judge gets the report. I am paying Ms. Fink’s fee. Every month, 250.00 is taken out of my checking account. Ms. Rippey’s fee is 100.00 per hour & I have no doubt the reason she has not turned her report is, the longer she holds onto the report, the more money she can charge us & no doubt she is going to slam us with a bill we cannot pay. I go further into debt each month that this case is being dragged (milked) out. We have had 2 court dates scheduled & Cecil & Marlene were granted continuances. After getting the continuances, they then requested the ad litem & now we can’t even get a court date scheduled. The facts are: Marlene & Cecil are CONVICTED FELONS, no relation at all to Annie. They continue with a life of crime as of today, ask Brent Miller. Diane Bush is Annie’s maternal grandmother, has no criminal background. This case should have been settled LONG AGO. An ad litem was not necessay in the first place. HOW CAN WE STOP THE INJUSTICE? HOW MUCH LONGER ARE THE COURTS & THE PEOPLE WITH THE RESOURCES TO STOP THIS GOING TO ALLOW THIS TO CONTINUE? THIS IS A 10 YEAR OLD CHILD, FOR GOD’S SAKE! When it comes to a child, it is EVERYBODY’S business.There is a connection between these menace’s to society & Debbie Ponder. Thank You for your time. Lynn Fentress 3451 N. Oak Grove Rd. Marengo, Indiana 47140 812-572-2779
    The above is one of the main reasons Annie NEEDS to be in therapy ASAP. After reading the above & what happened to Annie & what the system put her thru, and continues to put her thru, Annie needs professional help. She has not been to counseling or had any kind of help. This horrific crime was first reported to Washington County DCS & the Sheriff’s department when it happened. I brought this horrible crime up to Debbie Ponder when I went to her office on 23 DEC 09 and she “claimed” to have NEVER heard anything about it. This child molester had been in trouble on meth & various other charges & Washington County & DCS should & probably did know the connection between Tonya & Nunley were drugs. NO ONE, including Tonya bothered to tell any of Annie’s family about this. I found it out accidently. Certain people in this document are referred to by their initials. TC- Tonya Caves, Annie’s mother, RC- Richard Caves- Annie’s former stepfather & the one that left Annie at these convicted felon’s house. AY- Annie Young, MY WONDERFUL LITTLE NIECE & the VICTIM of a child molester, the (IN)JUSTICE system & nearly every ADULT involved in her life! I am WEEPING, not just crying for Annie. Annie has been failed by nearly every ADULT in her life. Annie has been thru more than I can stand to think about. She needs to be reunited with her Nana. Thank you, Lynn Fentress
    P.S. These creeps/convicted felons have twice asked Annie’s mother (Tonya) to sign adoption papers. WHY are they fighting so hard to keep Annie?


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