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Child Molester was FBI Infiltrator of Environmental Group

Alex Constantine - April 11, 2008

fbi list 070907 ms - Child Molester was FBI Infiltrator of Environmental GroupFrom: Welcome to the Machine – Science, Surveillance, and the Culture of Control, by Derrick Jensen and George Draffan/submitted by Martin Koe):

I had lunch with someone who spent time in prison for committing an act of sabotage against a major corporation. Her environmental group had been infiltrated by one FBI undercover agent and one informant. These federal “assets” had worked for a couple of years to gain the trust of those in the group. The informant even began fucking one of the environmentalists (all things considered, it would be inappropriate to say he started a relationship with her, or that he made love with her, or even that he had sex with her: in fact, you could make the argument that using the word fuck is generous, since sex under false pretenses is rape). Eventually the two feds suggested a target for sabotage, supplied the materials, and did everything but commit the sabotage themselves. Oh, or get arrested and sent to prison.

I knew all that before lunch. But I learned something new.

The woman I had lunch with said, “You know how the feds get most of their informants, right?”

I was pretty sure I did, but I wanted to hear her say it.

She continued, “They catch someone committing a crime, and then blackmail the person into cooperating. If the person doesn’t inform on others, it’s off to prison. If the person does inform, it’s off to the bank for payday.”

Sticks and carrots, I thought. Carrots and sticks.

She asked, “Do you know what crime they were using to blackmail this informant?”

“Drug abuse, wasn’t it?”

“Oh, he was an abuser, all right, but that isn’t what they got him for.”
“I never heard of anything else.”

“That’s because it was never allowed to be spoken of in court, nor was it ever allowed to be reported. But someone did mention it once, before the judge ordered it stricken from the official record.” She stopped, then continued, “Striking it from the official record is not the same thing as striking it from my memory. Do you know what he did?”

I shook my head.

“He’s a child molester.”

“They set a child molester free to try to catch environmentalists?”
“Not catch,” she said. “Set up. Those are their priorities, And I’ll tell you something else. Many of us in the group they infiltrated had young children. You do the math.”

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  1. My company was infiltrated by gangster corporations in league and in collusion to invade and dominate their targeted marketplace, which is media/entertainment. After they robbed the assets of my company lock, stock and barrel, they drugged me and used several pedophiles, which included a pedophile doctor who had lost his license for pedophilia, to execute biological rape against me to neutralize me for a long period of time, several years, so they could establish the assets from my company in the marketplace. The pedophiles weren’t blackmailed. They were paid substantial sums of money. Who but deviants would commit such heinous acts? The gangster corps have since made my life hell. Gang-stalking, asset-stripping, viral slander, breaking and entering into my home, office and car. There is not much they haven’t done to me. Poisoned me multiple times. They have stolen the last decade of my life with bio-rape and terrorism. I have written a Documentary Record and a glossary entitled, “The System of Gangster-Terrorism Against Civilians in the 21st Century”. The glossary using terminology that I created and applied terminology from other systems describes the techniques used in the methodology of their system. The perpetrators attempted to convince me the bio-rape executed against me was done by aliens. These are very dangerous and criminal people, but they’re powerful and rich. What I have experienced would be unfathomable for anyone who has not experienced this kind of attack. They sent an army after me. The gangster corps have defacto armies. The cops get bought and everybody gets paid while independent business owners are ripped off and ruined financially, socially, psychologically and biologically. Should you wish to discuss this further or if you know anyone who has experienced something similar, please contact me at RAPIERSTRIKESAGAIN@gmail.com
    This country has been taken over by equity firms run by gangsters. What they did to me represents in microcosm what they have done to this entire country – which is raped it from shore to shore. They’re truly evil. Their time of rule won’t be too long. Evil is always self destructive, but until then they continue to inflict intentional harm on people to line their pockets, dominate and control. They’ve made us into a country of drones dominated by trash food, the for profit medical industry and they did it by sleight-of-hand stock manipulations, cheating, lying, stealing and murdering. Americans have been taken to the cleaners and most are not even aware that a coup has taken place.

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