MSNBC has evoked fascism, or used the term "fascist," 1,614 times this year alone as critics believe the network is "attempting to divide" with polarizing rhetoric.

Since the start of 2022 through Oct. 23, the word "fascism" was uttered 627 times on MSNBC and "fascist" was mentioned a staggering 987 times, according to a search of transcripts using Grabien Media. The total includes reruns.

MSNBC’s obsession is strong enough that the totals jump off the page compared to CNN, which has used "fascist" or "fascism" 491 times over the same period. Fascism is a far-right, authoritarian ideology most notably employed in Nazi Germany and Italy leading up to and during World War II.

Fox News has said "fascist" or "fascism" 1,113 times on air, but an overwhelming majority of the mentions are during discussions about the left using the rhetoric.

President Biden attempted to label some Republicans as embracing "semi-fascism" during a late-August fundraiser, a comment that sparked widespread media conversation and criticism. More than half of Fox News’ mentions of the terms came in discussion since Biden’s Aug. 25 remarks.

MSNBC’s use of "fascist" or "fascism" also saw an uptick following Biden. However, MSNBC figures have been throwing around the term on a regular basis, and they were mentioned on the network 160 times in June alone, well before Biden put the "semi-fascists" zinger in the zeitgeist.

Our America, which describes itself as an organization dedicated to promoting patriotism and fundamental American values, doesn’t appreciate so many Americans being labeled as fascists. Barrington Martin II, the group’s co-national director, admits "there are negative actors within our nation and yes, there are those who possess extreme views within this country," but they are a miniscule group.

"The constant fear-mongering rhetoric that MSNBC puts out is not meant to inform or educate Americans on the issues but to influence, indoctrinate, and radicalize Americans towards radical leftist ideology. Contrary to what MSNBC would have you believe, America is a good country, and they should stop constantly attempting to divide us," Martin II told Fox News Digital.