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Extradition Plea to Israel for Convicted Death Squad Trainer

Alex Constantine - February 1, 2011

YAIR KLEIN - Extradition Plea to Israel for Convicted Death Squad TrainerMorning Star.co.uk | January 28, 2011

Colombia urged Tel Aviv on Thursday to extradite former Israeli army Lieutenant Colonel Yair Klein, who was convicted by a Colombian court of training death squads in the late 1980s and sentenced in absentia to nearly 11 years in prison.

Interior Minister German Vargas said the formal request had been made in Tel Aviv by Colombia's embassy there.

"The evidence against Klein is conclusive," Mr Vargas stressed, adding: "It is essential that this sentence is completed and that this citizen clarify his participation in the organisation and training of these groups."

The Israeli embassy in Bogota declined to comment on the extradition request. Colombia lacks an extradition treaty with Israel.

Mr Klein was convicted of criminal conspiracy in Colombia in 2001 for organising training by Israeli mercenaries in "military tactics and techniques," including bomb-making, for gunmen employed by wealthy ranchers and drug-traffickers.


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  1. remember guatemala 1981-1983; Rios-montt murdered off nearly 200,000 mostly indigenous guatemalans in the way of nazified “progress”. Reagan was prohibited by US law from killing them himself, so he used israeli military police software and personnel to assemble deathlists and kill them off that way. See January 2007 Z magaine article by Arturo Jiminez on stages of operation condor mass murder programs. Remember Rwanda ’94; kissingers finest hour. I jest cain’t figger out why no one trusts us anymore.

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