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“Conservative” Dick of the Month TODD BLODGETT

Alex Constantine - October 24, 2009

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Todd Alan Blodgett

blodgett - “Conservative” Dick of the MonthClaims to fame: Son of Iowa state Republican assemblymember Gary Blodgett; protégé of GOP dirty-trickster Lee Atwater; Bush/Quayle election committee domestic policy adviser; Council of Conservative Citizens lackey; neo-Nazi/neofascist white supremacist; alleged john

Moral apex: Implicated in the Franklin Credit Union Child-Sex Ring Scandal (q.v.).

Oh, yeah, and then there’s the neo-Nazi thing:


[T]here they were, National Alliance leader Dr. William Pierce at a table along with two Skinheads and his host Todd Blodgett, a former Reagan White House staffer, GOP strategist and associate of national socialists, finalizing Pierce’s takeover of the most lucrative white supremacist enterprise in North America: Resistance Records. …


Pierce and Blodgett’s high-dollar dealing in the exclusive environs of Washington’s University Club was the culmination of what began more than six years earlier in a suburban Ontario bedroom with a young Skinhead’s dream of an Aryan rock ‘n’ roll empire. …

Padded by a wealthy Republican father, Todd Alan Blodgett has been a free-range hustler inside and out of the Washington Beltway since he served as a staffer in the Reagan White House.

The 39-year-old son of Republican State Rep. Gary Blodgett of Iowa, Todd Blodgett was a protégé of the late Lee Atwater, a key GOP campaign strategist of the time. Fresh from Drake University journalism school in 1983, Todd Blodgett went to work for since-retired Republican Sen. Roger Jepsen of Iowa.

Within a year, he was enjoying the run of the Reagan White House as a staff editorial assistant. Then it was on to the Bush/Quayle election committee as a domestic policy adviser.

But by 1995, Blodgett also had slipped into the anti-Semitic arms of Willis Carto. Splitting his time between GOP strategy and marketing Carto’s anti-Semitic tabloid The Spotlight, Blodgett was soon operating a number of Carto’s financial shells, including one that later held Resistance Records.

Late in 1998, Blodgett was a glad-handing fixture at the functions of various racist groups, including American Renaissance, a magazine run by white separatist Jared Taylor that focuses on alleged biological differences between races; the Council of Conservative Citizens, a white supremacist group with ties to many politicians that long has tried to portray itself as a mainstream conservative organization; and the neofascist British National Party.

By early spring 1999, having already reached out to Pierce, Blodgett was knocking back drinks with National Alliance middle managers, white supremacist Hammerskins [Hammerskin Nation] and assorted Klansmen.

Resistance Records LLC was incorporated in the District of Columbia on April 26, 1999. The names on the incorporation papers read William Luther Pierce and Todd A. Blodgett. The magazine initially was supposed to appear in June. The Resistance catalogue and inventory was supposed to be relocated from California to Washington that same month. …

During Pierce’s annual Labor Day weekend “leadership conference,” Blodgett delivered a brief report on the Resistance project. He was not well received. …

To cap off his weekend humiliation at the hands of Dr. Pierce, Blodgett managed to get himself punched out in a bar near Hillsboro by an irate West Virginian who took offense at his attentions toward a local young lady.

Mistrusted by veteran Skinheads, especially those in the militant Hammerskin Nation, Blodgett was flogged by white nationalists via the Internet and faxes. In a “Movement Warning” flyer from one of Todd’s former Skinhead gofers, Blodgett is described as “a parasite” and “a class ‘A’ horse’s ass.” The screed lambastes Blodgett and Jason Snow for allegedly bleeding the assets of Resistance for their personal gain.

But Blodgett appears oblivious to such attacks. He is now moving into the fresh green pastures of the Council of Conservative Citizens, where he and Aryan Nations crony Chris Temple expect to pull a few hundred thousand dollars out of CCC bosses Gordon Baum and Tom Dover in return for upgrading the Council’s publication and fundraising efforts. …
"Money, Music and the Doctor"
Southern Poverty Law Center



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