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Comair Crash Major 9/11 Connection

Alex Constantine - September 23, 2006

Two key names here:

1) Massachusetts State Police Troop F
2) Massport Fire Captain Don Collins

Monday, August 28, 2006

Logan dispatches team to study Comair crash

Logan International Airport officials dispatched a three-person "go team" to the site of a fatal Comair plane crash in Lexington, Ky., hoping to gather information and intelligence for handling any future aviation accidents at the Boston airport. Robert J. Donahue, fire chief for the Massachusetts Port Authority Fire Rescue Department, which serves Logan, said the team includes Sergeant George Chiason of the STATE POLICE TROOP F, which covers Logan; MASSPORT Fire Captain Don Collins; and Ron Stella, an operations shift manager at Logan.


Mass State Police lose plastic explosives

I saw this in the Boston Globe. Massachusetts State Police Troop F ... were conducting training exercises with bomb sniffing dogs at Logan Airport in Boston. Apparently they hid 8 ounces of Semtex plastic explosives under the bumper of a truck belonging to the airport. An airport employee got in the truck and drove about a mile and a half. Police were still looking for the explosives.

Bruce Schneier said on his blog that “It’s only eight ounces of the stuff, but still….”.

I really hope he is kidding. ...
Massport and 9/11

ewing2001 (3251 posts)
Jun-20-02, 05:06 AM (ET)
911-the final dots for LIHOP?


Massport, who is the security unit of Boston Logan, where some of the hijackers departed on September 11th?

Massport is represented by counsel Susan Prosnitz and consultant Doreen Frasca of Frasca & Associates, who was hired for $275,000.

Frasca served as financial advisor to the NYS DOT on the Stewart Airport privatization, the first to be leased under the FAA’s Pilot Privatization Program. Ms. Frasca is also financial advisor to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey on the Terminal 4 Project.

Frasca & Associates are also co-financial advisor to Los Angeles World Airports, financial advisor to Myrtle Beach International Airport. Frasca & Associates has also advised AENA (the Spanish airport operator in its successful bid for 12 airports in Mexico, as well as for its bids in Costa Rica and Peru), the Puerto Rico Ports Authority, the Massachusetts Port Authority, the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority and several private developers of airport facilities.

Some of Ms. Frasca’s other prior airport financing experience included Miami International, Dulles International , American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and USA, Inc.


The FBI had many connections with Massport, among them agent Barry Mawn, another friend of John O'Neill, who also knew about his stolen briefcase with these documents and later convinced him to start a job at the Twin Towers, too.


Mawn tried to get a job as a security director at Massport in March 2002.
Barry Mawn, was the FBI agent who classified the passpord in the twin towers rubble by Satam Al Suquam.



Mawn was former investigator in the EgyptAir-990Crash.

But Mawn also decided against an investigation in the NBC-anthrax case.


While Mawn in November 2001 even was a candidate to become assistant director at the FBI in NYC, he was retired for unknown reasons from the FBI in March 2002.


In a White House press conference on 7 Nov 2001 with Tom Ridge revealed, that Mawns retirement had maybe something to do with his accusation, that the Anthrax "was produced in the U.S."


However Mawn obviously also didn't get a job at Massport.

It is still unclear, if Massport had prior knowledge about an attack, too.
Is it possible, that Massport received a warning by the FAA, who knew about possible attacks?

Maybe someone should ask James Hopkins, who was the whistleblower at the FAA and later was fired for that.


Hopkins could not be reached for comment so far, same to the FAA.
What is the role of Massport anyway?

We don't know yet.

On September 27, 2001, Governor Jane Swift established the Special Advisory Task Force on Massport to conduct a top to bottom review of the agency in the aftermath of the tragic events of September 11, 2001, but this report was never made public.

The report revealed already that time, that the Director of Security of Massport had to be fired.

Why? How much did Massport know? Was it also only a buraucratic communications problem with the warnings of the FAA?

The FAA has cited Massport for misplacing keys to secure areas and that Logan lacked video cameras in passenger screening areas of the terminals.
But at least the FBI received a video copy of main suspect Mohammad Atta.


How strong was the communication between Massport and Logan Airport?
Why the executives of Massport haven't been asked in the 911-hearings yet?
What about a testimony with former Executive Director Virginia Buckingham or CEO Craig P. Coy?

And what is the son of Antonin Scalia (she was one of the justices on the Supreme Court who gave the election to Bush) working out with Massport in "any future litigation", like hearsay said?

After September 2001, former commandant John DiFava, took over the position as the Interim Director of Public Safety at Logan Airport, but went back to the MIT, where he was already chief of the Campus Police Department. DiFava was then replaced by Captain Thomas Robbins.

Logan has been managed by five different operators: the U.S. Government, the City of Boston, the Commonwealth’s Department of Public Works, an Airport Management Board set up by the Commonwealth in 1948 and, beginning in 1959, the Massachusetts Port Authority.

Then we have the ties between Logan and Westfield Holdings.

With Westfield begins the long list of people, which is speculated on various newszines, who had probably insider knowledge about an attack. Westfield signed a lease with the Twin Towers only two weeks before the attack.

But westfield is also connected with all three airports, where the hijackers departed from.

They manage the retail concessions at Boston-Logan International Airport, Newark International and Washington-Dulles.

In Boston they have leasable Retail Space of 16,000 square feet.
Now on June 18th 2002, AP reported, that the report on security at Boston airport was altered.

The Globe had reported in March that the consultant, Counter Technology Inc., significantly watered down its initial report before making its final submission to Massport, which runs the Logan Airport. Massport said in a statement that at no time did it require CTI to "either reach or avoid certain conclusions."

CTI's chief investigator, Michael Beairsto, indicated he changed his report after meeting Nov. 7 with the airport's general counsel, billing the agency for "revisions."

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  1. What ripple of fear, resulted in these planes going down?

    Was it the Rolling Stone article by RFK Jr?

    What events, preceded these political murders?

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