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Comair Crash One of Many Intelligence Connections

Alex Constantine - September 23, 2006

Another passenger on the doomed Comair flight:

REBECCA SMITH, Intergraph Corp.


Sep. 05, 2006

... Rebecca Adams, 47, of Harrodsburg was one of 49 people who died Aug. 27 when Comair Flight 5191 crashed on takeoff from Blue Grass Regional Airport.

... senior project manager for INTERGRAPH Corp. ...


Building on more than three decades of spatial information management expertise, Intergraph’s Security, Government & Infrastructure (SG&I) division provides software and integration services that help our customers make sense of an increasingly complex world. We focus on four core industries, including federal, military, and intelligence; public safety and government; transportation; and utilities and communications. Through spatial software and integration services, Intergraph SG&I provides security, government, and infrastructure organizations worldwide with the power to see and understand vast amounts of complex data as comprehensible visual representations, enabling them to make better and faster operational decisions.


As a leading global provider of spatial information management (SIM) software, Intergraph Corporation (NASDAQ: INGR) fuses spatial capabilities to security, helping some of the world’s largest government, military, and industrial organizations in more than 60 countries better manage their operations and safeguard their infrastructure.

Intergraph Employee Receives 2005 USGIF Military Achievement Award

Intergraph Corp. -

Intergraph Corporation today announced that Captain Chip Carr, Executive Account Manager, Intergraph, recently received the prestigious U.S. Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) Military Achievement Award, presented at the 2005 GEOINT Symposium in San Antonio, Texas.

Carr was recognized for his work as a geospatial analyst and team lead for a joint task force, US Army Geospatial Intelligence Special Operations Command to Iraq. As an Army reservist assigned to the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), Carr volunteered to deploy to Iraq and introduced geospatial intelligence into the team's established intelligence cycles.

Ben Eazzetta - President, Security, Government & Infrastructure Division, Intergraph Corporation.

Ben Eazzetta is President of the Security, Government & Infrastructure division at Intergraph Corporation. He joined Intergraph Corporation in 2001 as Executive Vice President of its Process, Power & Marine Division. In 2004 he was named President of Intergraph Public Safety. As part of the Company’s realignment in 2005, Mr. Eazzetta was promoted to Chief Operating Officer of the Company’s newly formed Security, Government & Infrastructure division before being named to his current position of President in 2006.

Before joining Intergraph, Mr. Eazzetta managed business and software engineering operations for Industria Solutions, where he was Vice President and a co-founder. His background includes 12 years at Exxon with extensive experience in plant economics improvement programs, technical initiatives, refinery operations, and maintenance. In addition to serving on the board of directors of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) he is on the board of directors of NetGuru, a publicly-traded technology company.
Mr. Eazzetta holds a Bachelor's degree in nuclear engineering and a Master's degree in mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech University.

Stock Holdings of National Security Director Brent Scowcroft
Halliburton Company, Hanson, Hewlett Packard Co., IBM, Intergraph Corp. ...

Tuesday, August 29. 2006

Intergraph Employee Killed on Comair Flight 5191

The Huntsville Times reported this morning that Rebecca Adams of Intergraph's SECURITY, GOVERNMENT AND INFRASTRUCTURE DIVISION, was killed in the crash of Comair Flight 5191 that originated from Lexington, Kentucky on the morning of August 27th. Ms. Adams was a project manager on her way to support the startup of a computer aided dispatching system for the police department in Elk Grove California. Ms. Adams was 47 years old and the mother of three adult children. I wish to extend my condolences to the relatives of Ms. Adam's and the Intergraph family.

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