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The Latest Ritual Abuse Whitewash

Click for one more entry in a "mean-spirited campaign," to quote LA Times editor Noel Greenwood, to discredit child victims of ritual abuse and exonerate

Time for Jingoism

A few years ago, I was disappointed that only 15 people in all of Los Angeles turned out for a day-long symposium on "The CIA and Drugs." But that very sam

300 Nazis Still Go Free in America

By ISABEL VINCENT and MELISSA KLEINhttp://www.cjp.org/page.aspx?id=203444NY Post Three-hundred Nazis are living in plain sight in the United States, acco

Ritual Abuse

Ritual abuse, trauma-based mind control of young children, is real enough - but media that quote pedophile advocates and CIA mind control operatives withou

TMZ “Michael Jackson Homicide

This is sketchy, a summation of scattered reports on Dr. Murray. Much more biographical information would be a boon, but it has been coming at a trickle as