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Family Security Matters Praises Nazi Spy Reinhard Gehlen

Alex Constantine - July 25, 2009

japan surrenders world war 2 ends 3 - Family Security Matters Praises Nazi Spy Reinhard GehlenCIA Nazi Recruit and Knight of Malta, Reinhard Gehlen

I've noticed that CIA hangouts are less limited these days ... as we approach open fascist rule. Family Security Matters, the ultra-con opinion-formation teet, is even praising notorious CIA Nazi recruit Reinhard Gehlen (who has everything in common with the far-right propagandists at Family Security Matters) - and looking down its nose at demonic liberals who quibble over death squads, torture, a long history of political assassinations, violent coups waged against democratically-elected leaders and the installation of fascist military dictatorships in their place ... So what if Gehlen was responsible for an untold multitude of American deaths during WW II? Liberals are a threat to programmed Christian (Nazi) families everywhere and must be crushed beneath our respectable heels ...

July 22, 2009

When Political Games Trump Security Concerns
By Lance Thompson
Family Security Matters

“It is the nature of an intelligence service that it must receive encouragement and support from the government of the day; if the government lacks interest in or expert understanding for its intelligence service, not even the best service will succeed in overcoming external prejudices against it.” These are the words of [Nazi] Reinhard Gehlen, chief of the German federal intelligence service, the BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst), in 1971, in his excellent memoir, The Service. (English edition: World Publishing, New York, 1972). Gehlen brought invaluable intelligence assets [Nazis] to the United States regarding Russia after World War II, and founded the BND which continues its important work to this day.

Gehlen’s wisdom is alarmingly relevant today, as the American foreign intelligence service, the CIA, is battered by politically motivated attacks by Democrats and the Obama administration. The CIA, whose mission is to inform our leaders about the capabilities and intentions of our adversaries and allies, has always been a favorite target of liberals. ...


PS: Back in 1967, American oil companies wanted land that belonged to Indians in Guatemala. The Indians refused to negotiate for the land, so the CIA sent planes in to napalm the tribal land-holders. No more Indians. The Guatemalan government, already beholden to the US government, sold the land to the oil companies cheap. (Source: Cry of the People, by Penny Lernoux.)

This is the sort of thing that riles nitpicking liberals. "Conservatives," of course, could give a fig about a tribe of brown-skinned Indians burned alive to fuel American cars. "Conservatives" have their priorities straight, and evil liberals should be rounded up, put in camps ...

Now, remind me: Why is our precious Warfare State - with its massive military propaganda machine - foundering? ...

- AC

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  1. Holy s#!t, these freaking fascists were the ones openly calling for Geo. “Moron” Bush jr. to create a military dictatorship in the USA. Now we learn that they are supporters of Nazi subversion? Nuremberg Nooses for these numbskulls!

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