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Brooklyn Jewish Group Protests Neo-Nazi’s Internet Propaganda in his Own ‘Hood

Alex Constantine - October 20, 2010

Group to Gravesend: Get rid of the Nazi next door

By Alex Rush
YourNabe (NY)| October 20, 2010

stormfront - BrooklynStormfront.org

A radical Jewish organization is trying to rally Gravesendresidents against a white supremacist living on West Street, but locals don’t seem phased about the extreme views of their neighbor, Allen Rouse.

“I’ve never even seen the guy come out of his house,” said Doug Montelbano, who lives across the street but didn’t learn about Rouse’s controversial stances until Jewish Defense Organization members distributed fliers accusing Rouse of running a “neo-Nazi headquarters” out of his basement apartment. “He definitely hasn’t tried to recruit anybody or spread his views around here.”

But Jeff Klein, a spokesman for the Jewish Defense Organization, a national group with chapters in Flatbush and Borough Park, said Rouse is netcasting a racist show out of his apartment, between Avenue U and Gravesend Neck Road.

“This neo-Nazi pig needs to be evicted!” said Klein, who also protested the anti-Semitic Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church during its rally in front of a Midwood Jewish school last week.

Rouse says that he does promote white power, but denies that he broadcasts his views from his home.

“I’m a white nationalist, meaning that I am a proud white person who wants to preserve the white race,” Rouse said. “But I don’t have a radio show.”

The Jewish Defense Organization refutes his claim and says it has evidence to prove it, citing an e-mail it obtained in which he owns up to it.

In the e-mail, Rouse confirms to author and Holocaust denier David Irving that he hosts a weekly program on Stormfront Radio, part of the online forum for white supremacists, Stormfront.org.

The e-mail came from the same address that Rouse gave to the Courier during an interview.

Rouse did say he attended a November, 2009, lecture in Manhattan given by Irving. Klein said that the organization discovered that Rouse was living in Brooklyn because someone had hacked into Irving’s website, which contained the names of all the lecture’s confirmed attendants.

Rouse did not answer a request to confirm the validity of the e-mail.

But despite all the legwork, Rouse probably won’t be leaving Gravesend anytime soon.

“I’ve lived here for more than seven years and have never had any problems with the landlord,” Rouse said.

Landlords can’t evict tenants just because they believe them to be racists. According to New York City law, a tenant can only be evicted if he doesn’t pay rent or violates lease terms, which usually don’t include racial tolerance. But that seems just fine with most residents.

“There’s no reason for him to be evicted from the block if he’s keeping to himself,” said a man who gave only the name Nick. “I really don’t care what he thinks as long as he doesn’t hurt anybody.”

Rouse’s landlord could not be reached for comment.


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