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Britney Spears’ Multiple Personalities to Blame for Bizarre Behavior

Alex Constantine - February 6, 2008

Britney Spears rel - Britney Spears' Multiple Personalities to Blame for Bizarre Behavior"The captains of industry want our heads": Dissociative identity disorder, the induction of multiple personalities - a core factor in CIA mind control programming - is trauma-based and generally occurs during childhood ... Someone has worked Spears over physically and emotionally if there is any substance to these allegations, and hypnosis would be involved - there are simple tests for this. Someone has their hooks into her. One report notes: "Those who have traveled in her inner circle say Spears often switches into another personality referred to as 'the British girl." This is the one the media are calling "Princess Di." "The thing is Britney doesn't remember what happens when she goes British." I've seen this too often before - in intelligence-cult programming (yes, it's real - workaday American "reality" is NOT). "Sources say Spears switched to 'the British girl' the day of she didn't show up for her deposition in court, and Britney claims she doesn't remember a thing." This smells of control. Someone knows how to trigger her, possibly Sam Lufti, her controlling appendage (see biographical data below).

- AC

britneymultiplepersonalities - Britney Spears' Multiple Personalities to Blame for Bizarre BehaviorJanuary 19, 2008
Entertainment Gossip News

Britney Spears bizarre behavior recently may be the result of a multiple personality disorder. According to the Daily Mail, sources have revealed that Spears is suffering from dissociative identity disorder, which leads suffers to take on various personalities to dissociate them from reality.

Britney has reportedly taken on four distinct personalities: "The British girl", "the weepy girl", "the diva", and "the incoherent girl".

Those who suffer from dissociative identity disorder taken on the personalities to help deal with severe stress, something that britney spears5240 - Britney Spears' Multiple Personalities to Blame for Bizarre BehaviorBritney Spears has not been lacking in recent years.

Reportedly, when Britney comes back from one of her episodes, she has no recollection of what she did or said during the time as her assumed personality.

In the past few weeks, Britney has been heard speaking in a British accent. This personality seems to have emerged following her hooking up with British paparazzo boyfriend Adnan Ghalib.

Earlier this week when Britney was due in court to give her deposition in her child custody battle with ex Kevin Federline, she allegedly became the "British Girl". Brit showed up four hours late to court, and upon arriving was scared by the crowds and drove off. It is now claimed, however, that Britney has absolutely no recollection of Monday's events.

If the rumors are in fact correct that Britney suffers from multiple personalities, then it is no wonder that her family and friends wanted her committed so that she could deal with these problems and get treated. Mental health problems run in the Spears' family, with Britney's grandmother having committed suicide as a young mother.

wenn1653283  oPt - Britney Spears' Multiple Personalities to Blame for Bizarre BehaviorWho is Sam Lutfi?
Sun, 12/02/2007 - 00:06 — BritneyBash

Sam Lutfi was born August 16, 1974 in Los Angeles. This makes him a 33 yr old Leo. A Leo is defined as “Stubborn yet impulsive. Showy, dramatic and sometimes vain. Have a sunny demeanor and love to be the center of loved ones' adoration. Make a great actor.” astrology.com

Name: Sam Lutfi
AKA: Osamah Lutfi, Osama Lutfi
Born: August 16, 1974
Hometown: L.A.
Title: Producer

According to IMDB, he was the producer of a few movies we never heard of a few years ago, Crossing Cords (2001) (associate producer), Circles (1998) (executive producer), Bug Buster (1998) (producer). These are obvious failures. His film “career” seems to end in 2001.

He did get an “extra special thanks “ for Underworld (2003) and Underworld: Evolution (2006) … whatever the hell that means. I am pretty sure it means… friends to the director or producer, or coffee boy, etc. but no actual involvement in the production. Those are successes he wasn’t really a part of.

MSN lists him as producer for SFX: Life Behind Bars (2001) a 48 minute movie about dirt biking.

His LinkedIn claims he is an "Independent Media Production Professional", has 8 connections and says he went to USC. He is currently interested in contacts for “consulting offers”, “new ventures”, “expertise requests”, “getting back in touch”.

No one ever really heard or talked about him before October 2007 when he went to the DMV with Britney to get her Cali driver’s license and now he’s known as “Britney Spears Friend”, “sidekick”, “cling-on”, “Howard K. Stern”, and sometimes “producer”. FOX Sources say he was introduced to her by her mother, Lynn. According to public documents, he’s had numerous tax liens and a couple of lawsuits brought against him. FOX also says his real name is Osamah Lutfi.

In 2000, he lost a judgment of $34,246 when a San Francisco cleaning company sued him and his partner, D-movie producer Ted Collins (aka Edward W. Collins III). According to records, the judgment has not been satisfied. They worked together on two failures Circles and Bug Buster.

At the end of October, there was a rumor that he had stolen Britney’s diary and was trying to sell it to the tabloids for some $2 million.

Sam Lutfi’s Quotes About Britney:

Regarding the pregnancy rumor: “It’s BS. Don’t know who made it up. J.R. doesn’t even know what’s up. It’s fake. Completely fake. Just wrapped her music video. Going home to sleep.”

Regarding the X17 charity auction: “It’s something Britney wanted to do to counterbalance all the rumors and negativity in the press. All she can do is be herself, love her kids and do small things like this to help people.”

Regarding trying to sell Britney’s diaries: "Britney doesn’t have any diaries."

Regarding losing custody of her sons: “She is doing okay, it has been a rough day. But she is feeling very optimistic about the future.”

Regarding the missed drug tests that count as failures: "There were scheduling conflicts and some errors in communication as to times and places for drug tests, etc., but they're all squared away now."

It’s amazing how two people can only be friends for like two months and basically live together. It’s also amazing how someone with utter failures can still call himself a “producer”. Maybe his latest producing project is Britney. Only problem is that he produces unsuccessful horror and sports flicks, not exactly the production qualities a pop star needs. Oh well. I don’t know him but his resume sucks. I wouldn’t hire him to clean my apt nevermind anything more important. God, why does she like these losers?

JAN 08 UPDATE: New Details from Blender 6. The wingman

When Sam Lutfi met britney last year, they were both going through transitions. She had begun distancing herself from all of her old intimates; he had been barred by a restraining order from contacting Danny Haines, a 29-year-old man from Orange County who had been his close friend for two years.

There are at least two other outstanding restraining orders against Lutfi. Documents for both cases demonstrate his violent temper. This third case, however, raises deeper and more chilling questions about Lutfi’s character, and about his relationship with Britney.

Danny Haines, who spoke exclusively with Blender, met Sam Lutfi on MySpace in the fall of 2005. Haines was at a low ebb when they met, he says. The bare outlines of his situation bear some resemblance to Britney’s: His professional life was adrift, his relationships with old friends and family were in disrepair and he had some secrets that he didn’t want anyone to know.

Lutfi was fun to be with. He claimed to be friends with celebrities from Kate Beckinsale to Roseanne Barr, and he seemed to know every nightclub bouncer in L.A. With Lutfi, Haines says, “it seemed like you could break all the rules.”

Their fun was fueled by long, confessional conversations in which Haines described his unsatisfying, distant relationships with his family. Lutfi’s account of his own background—he grew up in a tight-knit family in Woodland Hills, California, where his mother reportedly owns several gas stations—sounded ideal by comparison.

Haines says Lutfi wanted to know everything about him—­every secret, every problem—and Haines complied. It seemed that nothing shocked Lutfi, even when Haines, who is straight, told him about some X-rated, homoerotic modeling he had done for a photographer he’d met online.

Haines remembers the night when Lutfi offered to straighten out his life: “He said, ‘I can help you. I can help your parents. But you need to be honest with me. If you’re lying to me about anything, I’ll know.’”

To Haines’s fractured ego, Lutfi’s social skills and emotional intelligence were magnetic. He encouraged Haines to “stand up for myself” and at the same time worked to become indispensable to him. Lutfi ingratiated himself with Haines’s family, acting as a go-between and informal counselor.
Haines says their relationship was not romantic or sexual but that Lutfi was more jealous than a lover. He could be supportive one day and vicious the next, leaving voicemails tracing extremes from “You’re a worthless motherfucker” to “I love you, man. I love you to death.” He says that although Lutfi also made some feckless gestures toward an old-fashioned con job—Haines claims Lutfi borrowed about $18,000 that he did not pay back, though Lutfi’s mother finally settled much of the debt—Lutfi reserved most of his energy for emotional blackmail and extortion. “Everybody hates you,” he wrote to Haines, suggesting that Haines should just kill himself: “Seriously, sleeping pills, LOTS of them … ” (Lutfi declined to comment for this story.)

When Haines finally cut the cord, Lutfi humiliated him. He ­e-mailed naked photographs of Haines to his family, friends, colleagues and employer. Then he texted and called incessantly, telling Haines he hoped his sister would be “raped to death,” according to the restraining order. In an e-mail about Haines’s mother (“that Mormon bitch”), Lufti wrote, “I hope Satan devours her flesh and bones,” and said he looked forward to the day when he would “piss on [her] burial.”

Such communications moved Haines to seek the restraining order, which also protects his mother from being contacted by Lutfi. A few months later, Haines says that Lutfi called his brother-in-law to say he’d met a celebrity whom he wanted to set Haines up with. Later, Haines saw photographs of Lutfi with Spears in the tabloids. In those pictures, Lutfi was wearing a bodybuilding shirt and baseball cap that he had taken from Haines.

Haines, whose relationship with Lutfi was the subject of a few obscure blog comments after Lutfi’s other restraining orders were reported in December, says that he subsequently received an e-mail from Lutfi’s sister’s address, which he read as a warning: “One of your friends is writing to some magazines about your history with my brother … I don’t think that’s wise for him to do.” The warning came with what sounded like a threat: “Those pictures and your history isn’t so positive either and I’m sure you wouldn’t want that to be public as well.”

Informed of the details of Haines’s relationship with Lutfi, Jamie and Lynne Spears, who declined to discuss Lutfi on the record, both expressed grave concern to Blender about his ongoing involvement in their daughter’s life and have encouraged Haines to go public with the story.

“If Sam’s not doing anything wrong with Britney, if he’s not ­worried about being exposed,” Haines asks, “why would his sister be saying, Don’t talk about my brother and his past?”

Britney showed at least a glimmer of sanity when, on Saturday, January 5, she reportedly ignored “Dr. Phil” McGraw, the TV therapist who surprised her at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, then spoke about the visit to Entertainment Tonight. But even he would have been an improvement on Lutfi, who, Haines says, described himself as an “unlicensed counselor” in the court hearing that led to the restraining order.

The symbiosis between stars and sleazebags is as old as show business. The story rarely has a happy ending (see Anna Nicole Smith), and talent alone saves no one (see Judy Garland). Lutfi’s personal history adds a frightening element to the unsavory task of forecasting Britney’s fate.

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