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Blood-Drinking Florida Senate Candidate Barred from Canada Over Neo-Nazi Ties

March 8, 2016 0

A U.S. Senate candidate who previously made headlines for admitting to drinking goat’s blood says he was prohibited from entering Canada.

Augustus Invictus, a Libertarian candidate hoping to fill the Senate seat vacated by Republican presidential hopeful Marco Rubio, said he was blocked from attending a Vancouver speaking engagement because of his affiliation with neo-Nazis, according to

“Canadian Border Service then spent 3.5 hours investigating me,” Invictus complained in a press release. “I was interrogated about my affiliation with neo-Nazis, about the charges of Fascism, and about allegations of racism.”

Invictus, a 32-year-old lawyer, represented the former head of the neo-Nazi group American Front in 2014. His client, Marcus Faella, had been sentenced to six months in jail on domestic terrorism charges.

“I was a politician traveling to give a speech and yet they treated me like a gang member trying to run guns across the border,” Invictus continued. “They said that no good could come of my entry into the country because violence would certainly ensue.”

Invictus claimed that “communists” had threatened the event he planned to speak at. Canadian officials said allowing him into the country could cause violence.

invictus-for-senate-logo“So I was prevented from making a speech because communists made threats of violence against me – and that seems to me to be ass backward. Clearly the Canadian government values the right of violent protest for communists more than they value the right of free speech for all.”

Last year, Invictus admitted to sacrificing a goat “to the god of the wilderness” and drinking its blood. The news broke after the chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida resigned to call attention to his bizarre candidacy.


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