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Bircher John McManus – a “Constitutionalist” – Advocates “Scrapping” the Constitution

Alex Constantine - October 5, 2009

Re Helena, Montana: Tea Party Hosts Fascist Propagandist McManus, Birch Society President

"Webmaster" writes: "You apparently have no idea what facist means."

Fascism = Unbridled Corporatism. This is how Mussolini defined it, and he conceived of fascism as a bulwark against the left (like the Birch Society, and it is done with blatant lies) so Il Duce gets to define it any way he pleases.

The Birch Society is a fairly well-known fascist front, and its purpose is to destroy the left with fascist machinations and propaganda. They are are offended by democracy ("America is a republic!"). They boast of engaging in "covert operations," supposedly aping the fanstasy "communist" straw men they rail against to push the country further to the right (Nazis are covert operators). Members have been known to mingle with former SS officers and Party Nazis. Early funding came from Nelson Bunker Hunt, a domestic Nazi who funds far-right (fascist) fronts. Birchers took up Joseph McCarthy's mantle and drove the anti-communist hysteria of the early '60s. Birchers founded Western Goals, a highly illicit surveillance front, to spy on hundreds of thousands of liberals in Southern California. The Society has been a magnet for anti-Semites and racists. They were instrumental in the murder of John F. Kennedy. Anti-liberal fantasist Glenn Beck is one of their better-known current "mainstream" media shills ...

"Webmaster": "[Birch Society leader John] McManus is a constitutionalist. He believes in LESS GOVERNMENT not more like you liberal scumbags."

A "Constitutionalist?"

John McManus Advocates "Scrapping" the Constitution

images - Bircher John McManus - a "Constitutionalist" - Advocates "Scrapping" the ConstitutionFrom: "Darwin refuted and disputed at John Birch Society meeting"
By Coley Michalik

WEST ROXBURY - Members of the John Birch Society believe in protecting the U.S. Constitution from what they consider to be wavering while maintaining its integrity. ...


From: "The Rasmussen Reports Poll: Loading The Roll Of The Dice
The article discusses inaccuracies of a recently released Rasmussen Reports poll concerning the Constitution"

by Bill Walker
June 15, 2009

... Only groups from the extreme political right, such as the John Birch Society, have ever advocated the Constitution can be scrapped. In their opposition to an Article V Convention one of their major arguments is a convention may write a new constitution. To arrive at this conclusion means JBS accepts the premise the Constitution may be "scrapped" in the first place. ...


Birchers are, beneath the jingoistic facade, domestic Nazis, like "Constitutionalist"
John McManus.

The Constitution is no more than a prop used to dupe the ignorant.

They have also advocated scrapping the Bill of Rights.

Webmaster: "You must be the product of the public schools."

LOL. Then I would be in deep trouble - fascism is not taught on campus because if it was, students would catch on that they live under fascist rule. I'm self-taught on this topic and have been writing about it for two decades. I know it like the back of my hand - and that's about all you'll ever get from me.

BTW, "Scumbag" is as a scumbag does ...

- AC

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