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Arizona's Rep. Schweikert Compares Unions to Nazis

June 13, 2015 1

Among the many things that Arizona Republican Rep. David Schweikert should know is that an American politician (or anyone else) must never, ever, EVER compare Americans (or anyone else) to Nazis. ...

The congressman's comments were reported online by The Washington Post.

Speaking on the House floor during a debate over President Obama's Pacific Rim free trade trade deal, which is opposed by many unions, Schweikert said, "Some of the crazy things I'm seeing put out in the media by big labor, the willingness to make up stories, to make up facts -- Goebbels would be proud of them."

Would he really?

Goebbels, as you probably know, was the Reich minister of propaganda in Nazi Germany.

Schweikert is wrong about Goebbels. For saying something so ugly and inflammatory I'd guess that the Nazi propaganda minister would have much more reason to be proud of ... Schweikert.

Unlike his constituents in Arizona.

The National Jewish Democratic Council condemned the comments in a statement that reads: "The name 'Joseph Goebbels' has no place in the important policy debates facing our nation. To invoke the man responsible for some of Hitler's most heinous anti-Semitic propaganda in discussing the millions of hardworking American union workers is simply outrageous. Rep. Schweikert owes the labor community and the American Jewish population an apology, and we strongly suggest he reconsiders his choice of words in the future."

Lyle Courtsal June 14, 2015
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This braindead idiot and Duck Dynasty,s Phil Robertson’s must be
sharing notes. But wait these guys both will support budget cuts for
poor people that would kill them, not the unions. See, another
conspracy site blocked me after people linked the bushies to massive
killer drug trafficking and mass murder ops. Isnt that criminal. And don’t forget those poorly tested prescription drugs
out there that kill so many. watch those nasty side effects.

Erica Walker
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