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You-Tube Video David Horowitz & “Islamo-Facism” Shut Down at Emory University

Alex Constantine - November 4, 2007

103105horowitzdavid - You-Tube Video
Stinkbug Horowitz shut down at Emory.

Call for anti-Islamic hatred on campuses falls flat

By Caleb T. Maupin
Nov 2, 2007

When the right wing announced it would attempt to hold an “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week” from Oct. 22 to 26 on college campuses throughout the United States, the left responded.

The founder of this “awareness week” was none other than David Horowitz. He has founded his own “freedom center” devoted to the removal of leftists from college campuses. He has published a book called “The Professors,” which reads like a document of the House Un-American Activities Committee, listing 101 college professors he sees as “traitors” and as “un-American.”

Horowitz has in the past claimed that Black people should be grateful for being enslaved, a blatantly racist statement if ever there was one.

It has now been proven that Horowitz inflated the number of schools participating in his hate week. He listed Harvard and Yale as participating, but both schools reported no events in accordance with his campaign.

On the campuses where they did occur, the students responded to Horowitz with a great amount of disapproval. At Emory University, when Horowitz spoke, the audience was full of students who turned their backs on him as he spoke.

Horowitz’ vicious anti-Islamic statement, which contained great falsehoods, was met with laughter from the audience. The student audience frequently challenged him, engaging in a shouting match with a pundit who sought to remove their leftist professors from classrooms.

Soon the repressive state stepped in to silence them. A security guard declared that all students who were standing up with their backs turned on Horowitz should sit down or be “escorted out.” At this point, dozens of students then stood up in defiance. The event was declared over; Horowitz was escorted off the stage as chants of “Racist, Sexist, Anti-Gay, David Horowitz Go Away!” were heard from students who had shut down a bigot from spewing his hatred.

At Columbia University, Horowitz was called out strongly by the Black Student Organization, which was appalled by his comparisons of the treatment of Republicans to that of African Americans. “We find it particularly reprehensible,” Tiffany Dockery told the New York Post.

At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Horowitz responded to a student’s question by accusing her of being anti-American. The student, a young woman, responded very proudly “Please don’t insult me. I’m not an idiot!” This drew massive applause from the audience, who clearly disapproved of Horowitz’s style of childish insults toward dissident students, a style he was frequently reduced to throughout the week.

When Ann Coulter spoke at the University of Southern California, as part of the “awareness” week’s efforts, 150 people protested, while only three hundred attended the event.

In short, this hateful well-known right-wing columnist got half as many protestors opposing her as she did people wanting to hear her views, according to the L.A. Times.

At Penn State University popular student outrage forced the college to demand that the name of the week be changed to “Terrorism Awareness Week.” When Rick Santorum, the recently defeated bigoted senator from Pennsylvania spoke, he was met with protests including the displaying of anti-war placards during his speech.

Horowitz called on his conservative student followers to hold sit-ins in Women’s Studies Departments in an attempt to force them to take more anti-Islamic and pro-imperialist stances. As of yet, not a single report of such a sit-in occurring has been released.

Students have proudly sat in to protest the war in Iraq. The Sept. 15 and 29 protests in Washington, DC, were full of radical youth. The right wing was totally unable to rally youth to its cause on U.S. college campuses Oct. 22-26. Horowitz and his right-wing ilk were able to organize just a few speakers who were challenged at every turn since support for their cause of war and repression on college campuses is very hard to find in this modern age.


Horowitz Finds Tough Go for Islamo-Fascism Week?
Tuesday, October 30, 2007 - FreeMarketNews.com


David Horowitz’s "Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week" was apparently a tough go. He was booed off the stage at Emory University this past week, and received rocky welcomes elsewhere. Fox News reported on the Emory incident, and indicated that the Horowitz had a difficult time of it on at least some other campuses.

See YouTube video of Emory booing here:

FMNN reported on the Islamo-Fascism campaign here:

Horowitz claimed that for his ongoing "Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week" he "organized events on well over 100 campuses across the country."

But many students seemingly want the war to end, and have come to believe that the war is at least as much the fault of the West as “Islamo-Fascism.” This conclusion has probably spread a great deal beyond the “leftist” elements, a likely reason why Horowitz may have run into more resistance than he expected.

The Inter Press Service reported on Horowitz's Thursday night speech at Washington University as follows:

Welcome to "Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week"

Horowitz's speech Thursday did not reflect a coherent policy towards the perceived threat. Instead, it overflowed with insults, sweeping generalisations and hyperbole that were aimed at smearing his political enemies -- mostly liberals, whom he described as "leftists" -- giving him ammunition for his fundraising drives.

Horowitz focused much of his speech on the personal attacks he had received, repeatedly alluding to violent threats, and describing the fiasco as a "national hate campaign" against him, as if a "target had been placed on" his back. The day earlier, he said, he was shouted down and was unable to finish a planned speech at Emory University in Georgia. Horowitz's website, Frontpagemag.com, called the students "brownshirts", an allusion to a Nazi paramilitary group in fascist Germany.

Horowitz sent a solicitation email to DHFC supporters in anticipation of the week asking for additional contributions "toward the expenses of providing security" for speakers. Donors of 50 dollars or more receive two booklets -- "What Americans Need to Know About Jihad", by Robert Spencer, and "The Violent Oppression of Women in Islam", by Robert Spencer and Phyllis Chesler. On Thursday, he appeared on stage with a large bodyguard constantly scanning the crowd. Journalists were barred from asking any questions.


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