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The Return of Charles Murray, ‘Bell Curve’ Champion of the Master Race – And WaPo’s Got Him!

Alex Constantine - October 29, 2010

WaPo Features Racial Eugenics Author’s Theory of NASCAR-Ignorant Elites

October 25, 2010

MURRAY 07 - The Return of Charles Murray, ‘Bell Curve’ Champion of the Master Race – And WaPo’s Got Him!(ChattahBox Political News)—What’s up with the Washington Post purposely providing a forum to discredited bigoted and homophobic cranks? Earlier in the month, the once respected Op/Ed page published the shameful racist rantings of Dinesh D’Souza, the author of the debunked Forbes Magazine screed calling President Obama a Kenyan “anti-colonialist” who is carrying out the Socialistic ideologies of a “Luo tribesman from the 1950s.” On the heels of D’Souza’s made-up dog-whistle birther nonsense, comes a piece on the Ivy League elites tea party members love to hate. And the Washington Post chose Charles Murray, author of the debunked tome of racial eugenics, “The Bell Curve” to tell us ‘I told you so,’ that the more intelligent white folks have segregated themselves in a “bubble of privilege.” ...

After reading Murray’s article on the “New Elite” and their clustering “in a comparatively small number of cities and in selected neighborhoods,” wherein they watch “Mad Men” on their televisions sets, instead of “The Price is Right,” or “Oprah,” it all sounds plausible. But just because Charles Murray, the hero to White Supremacists, says it’s all true, doesn’t make it so.

Remember his Bell Curve pseudo-science piece of clap trap? Murray argued that blacks and Latinos are genetically inferior to white people. And he suggested the U.S. is wasting its money on welfare programs to prop up minorities, because they are mostly incapable of succeeding on their own.

Now Murray is once again promoting his highbrow version of racial eugenics as he educates us all on the “New Elite” Master Race. “The New Elite marry each other, combining their large incomes and genius genes, and then produce offspring who get the benefit of both,” says Murray.

So, wealthy privileged people marrying other rich people is a news flash?

It gets better. Murray, points out that President Obama somehow made it through the ranks into the “New Elite,” but assures us it’s an anomaly.

“We are watching the maturation of the cognitive stratification that Richard J. Herrnstein and I described in “The Bell Curve” back in 1994.” [...]

“The more efficiently a society identifies the most able young people of both sexes, sends them to the best colleges, unleashes them into an economy that is tailor-made for people with their abilities and lets proximity take its course, the sooner a New Elite — the “cognitive elite” that Herrnstein and I described — becomes a class unto itself.”

And the New Elite and the teapartiers in Sarah Palin’s “real” America are to be forever separated, because the New Elite have “never read a “Left Behind” novel (65 million copies sold) or a Harlequin romance,” and they “are unlikely to know who Jimmie Johnson is (the really famous Jimmie Johnson, not the former Dallas Cowboys coach), and the acronym MMA means nothing to them.”

If you say so, Charles Murray.

Media Matters asks the question we all want to know. “Why is the Post publishing this guy? Surely they could have found someone else maybe a tad more credible to discuss issues of education and class.” Indeed.

Both Murray and D’Souza are fellows with the conservative think tank, the American Enterprise Institute. The Southern Poverty Law Center has criticized AEI for intentionally mainstreaming bigotry using “the standard tools: prejudice, fear, disdain, misinformation, trivialization, patronizing stereotypes, demonization and even scare-mongering conspiracy theories.”

The Washington Post is apparently smitten with the American Enterprise Institute’s thinly-disguised “scholarship” of bigotry. But why?


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  1. They are looking to justify and rartionalize that which is a patently un- and anti-scientific worldview; a delusion related to their presumed superiority based upon their privileged position in society, a society that rewards those who lie the right way, rather than fulfill their true christian responsibilities as leaders of a multicultural democracy. Remember, economic empowerment is an essential component of any real diversified democracy. The liars of the rightwing in stating that our nation is a constitutional republic omit the bill of rights; the constitution was ratified with the understanding that the bill of rights was part of the legality of the constitution. This is the legal foundations for protecting entitlement programs that were upheld in the 60’s Warren-Mazrshall supreme court decisions. I consider all supreme court appointments since then especially those done under illegal criminal Bush-Reagan fascist rule (election thefts four times) to be illegitimate since both the appointments done by illegitimate leaders are illegal, and the decisions are many times also sseriously corrupted away from the basic legal standards set out by both the constitution and bill of rights.Even Kagan and Sotomayor have demonstrated a significant subversive fascist and pro-business bias in their decisionmaking before being appointed to the supreme court by Goldman-Sachs tool, Barack Obama.

  2. In a Kakistocracy, only the stupid rise to the top. I am living proof of that. Only a person who signs on to believing the elite corporate tripe of the time is going to rise to the top of a propagandistically affected culture/subculture; this proves that once again Charles Murray has sold the nations’ elites more completely pseudoscientific hocus-pocus a’ la eugenics and racist pseudoscience. What crap like Murray and his ilk believe also severely cripples the educational experience of those not arbitrarily classified as “cognitive elite” material. Genius sometimes proliferates laterally and is missed by existing “tests”; remember, the racist/classist ones vetted by the new nazi overlords. Hey, wow, I smell a serious educational crisis in the offing if these idiots run the show (into the ground–again).

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