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The Lexington Comair Crash, Part 22 Return of the Bluegrass Conspiracy – Hard Rain in the Balkans, Black Clouds Over D.C. (A)

Alex Constantine - January 14, 2009

By Alex Constantine

A whale of a scandal threatens to swallow some half-dozen governments around the world.

scape1 - The Lexington Comair Crash, Part 22The English and the Saudis are already having fits over it. The latter have actually gone so far as to threaten the termination of all diplomatic relations with the UK if investigators there expose certain ... inconvenient facts. The story is monopolizing front pages in the Empire ... but the American press isn't particularly interested.

284156 - The Lexington Comair Crash, Part 22
They said scandal was represented by some of the passengers of doomed Comair Flight 5191.

crash 600x311 - The Lexington Comair Crash, Part 22
This morning's London Times reported: "Saudi Arabia is threatening to SUSPEND DIPLOMATIC TIES with Britain unless Downing Street intervenes to BLOCK AN INVESTIGATION into a £60m 'slush fund' allegedly set up for some members of its royal family." There is no equivocation, coded language or diplomatic mincing of words here: "A senior Saudi diplomat in London has delivered an ULTIMATUM to Tony Blair that unless the inquiry into an allegedly corrupt defence deal is DROPPED, diplomatic links between Britain and Saudi Arabia will be SEVERED."150

In the end, the hardest hit – should it all spill out – will be the Bush administration, which is up to its corpulent chins in unreported Saudi-related scandals. The press doesn't find these especially newsworthy. The Saudis aren't threatening Bush, though – exposure has been effectively blocked in the U.S. (so the desert royals needn't worry) – by dint of some supernatural agency? Baleful spirits? Satan? The Invisible Supermen of Tibet? ...
2746 - The Lexington Comair Crash, Part 22
Murdoch the Magic Mockingbird, who is treading lightly and not pecking too hard at the scandal?

Seismic upheavals in political history can hinge on a minor slip-up. If not for a piece of tape, whither Nixon? If Eugene Hassenfuss hadn't crashed a plane, those Tow missile sales to Iran might have been an obscure footnote found in a draft by Peter Dale Scott.

gates - The Lexington Comair Crash, Part 22The Bush administration is relying on an old windbreaker to take the edge off – Robert Michael Gates . This brings up a sore (and redundant) subject in this investigation ... vote-rigging ... (see part 17)


" ... Gates was on the board of directors of VoteHere, a strange little company that was the biggest elections industry lobbyist for the Help America Vote Act (HAVA). VoteHere spent more money than ES&S, Diebold, and Sequoia combined to help ram HAVA through. And HAVA, of course, was a bill sponsored by convicted ABRAMOFF (part 17, etc.) pal BOB NEY [R-OH] and K-street lobbyist buddy Steny Hoyer (D-MD), odds-on favorite to become the new House majority leader (Tom Delay's old job).

"HAVA put electronic voting on steroids."151

ss 050804 votingrights tease.300w - The Lexington Comair Crash, Part 22

arte cia 9179 - The Lexington Comair Crash, Part 22Richard Kerr

Gates was CIA director under George HW Bush (12/91-1/93). Gates's immediate deputy was RICHARD KERR – currently an outside director at BAE – who resigned four months (11/91-3/91) after his appointment. Kerr will surface again soon at the heart of this scandal. He was an intelligence analyst at the agency, 1966-1974, stepped up to the staff of the National Security Council, 1974-79, then returned to the Agency. He was since remained in the intelligence sector in some leadership capacity or another.

The "piece of tape" of this instance was a box of police uniforms, purchased by Yuri Montgomery-Malinkovski from Phillip Galls & Sons on Polumbo Road in Lexington, Kentucky, carelessly shipped to Syria, among other countries on the federal export-denied list. This illicit shipment was one of a dozen such exports – of electro-shock weapons, tear gas, double-lock handcuffs, military helmets, etc. – tracked by the Department of Commerce.

Direct, the marketing journal, reported that Galls was contacted by agents "of the U.S. Department of Commerce in connection with record-keeping and documentation of certain export sales. Galls is cooperating with the investigation" of said "certain" exports – by SHREDDING DOCUMENTS, according to employees (part 19). "The probe involves [mostly undefined] shipments that had been made over the course of a FEW YEARS [in fact, until 2001, a long time to hang back, an arms transfer flow that continued uninterrupted by the feds] ... Despite the investigation, the company is in full operation and is fulfilling and shipping orders, according to Grow. Galls is a subsidiary of Aramark Corp., Philadelphia."

236856900680 - The Lexington Comair Crash, Part 22The obituaries reported that Comair crash casualty Priscilla Johnson had worked at Galls for 16 years "most recently working with the EXPORT team."152 She was an export auditor. She was sitting directly in the path of the arms scandal that culminated this very week with the aforementioned Saudi threat to Tony Blair. If that investigation goes much further, the American press will have difficulty containing the scandal and it could well blow across the Atlantic.

A proper investigation would include arms and drug smuggling (doubtful that will make it), international vote-rigging, the employment of NATO troops in the training of Balkan "terrorists," trademark CIA Trading with the Enemy Act violations ... and the DEATHS of 49 people in Lexington, Kentucky, among other things. This is one reason the Saudis issued the ultimatum.

Nighttime protest in Belgrade  1.1 - The Lexington Comair Crash, Part 22There have already been casualties. Macedonia was tossed into turmoil by the Malinkovski-Galls affair (part 21). At home, among the first tainted by the scandal was FedEx, based in Memphis Tennessee.

Wood and Peleman: "Federal Express Corporation ('FedEx') of Memphis, TN, agreed to pay a $40,000 civil penalty to settle charges pertaining to a total of five violations of the EAR in connection with exporting on the behalf of [Yuri Montgomery], transporting WITH KNOWLEDGE of a violation of the regulations ... to SYRIA without the required license, and misrepresentations of license code on automated export system record."153

The very idea.

FedEx continued to ship goods to "terrorist" countries for Malinkovski as late as 2001 – two years after his conviction and his placement on the export denial list.

Who at FedEx "with knowledge" considered it imperative to ship banned items to Syria and elsewere – for years – all the while shrugging off proper licensing regulations and falsifying documents to place torture weapons in the hands of the "enemy," seeing as how they could easily be turned on Americans, as Madelaine Albright observed – an act of sedition that the Chamber of Commerce and even some Christlian organizations MIGHT frown upon?

Nighttime protest in Belgrade  1 - The Lexington Comair Crash, Part 22The destabilization of Macedonia – resulting in massive public demonstrations, Mafia-like shoot-outs, ubiquitous "conspiracy theories" – that we have witnessed up close got that way due directly to FedEx shipments to that country.

FedEx is part and parcel of the military-postal-industrial complex.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the private mail service has signed on "for a frontline role in the war on terror." The Bush administration claims that "the struggle against terrorism is an unorthodox fight where information and intelligence is as important as guns and bullets. Information is what FedEx has in spades."154

Some FedEx officers have all-too-interesting histories, including:

224970 TS - The Lexington Comair Crash, Part 22Frederick W. Smith – a Bonesman (Yale class of 1966) – founder of FedEx and its current CEO.157 Smith served four years as an active duty pilot and platoon leader in the US Marine Corps (1966-70). He flew in the Vietnam War, went on to buy a controlling interest in Ark Aviation Sales, an aircraft maintenance service. On June 18, 1971, Smith incorporated Federal Express with $91 million in investment capital and his $4 million inheritance.155

Cento.Juan - The Lexington Comair Crash, Part 22• Cuban-born Juan Cento is president of the FedEx Express Division in Miami. Cento previously worked with Flying Tigers Airline, Inc. – one of the better-known CIA fronts, operated during WW II by Claire Chennault from the OSS, later a heroin transport proprietary of the Agency, etc. – grafted to FedEx in 1989 by corporate merger. Cento is a member of the Beacon Council and The World Trade Center Miami.156


ducker LG.0 - The Lexington Comair Crash, Part 22Michael L. Ducker, executive VP, International, ExpressFreight Services, was appointed by President Bush as one of three business U.S representatives on the Asia Business Advisory Council, an adjunct to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Council (APEC).157

Incidentally, it was a FedEx plane that crashed in Winnipeg on October 6, 2005 with six vials of research viruses aboard. Canadians took to calling it the "Plague Plane." This crash followed an incident in which a FedEx courier truck, involved in a collision in Winnipeg, was found to be transporting ebola, tuberculosis and hepatitis bacilli.158

The deliveries to Macedonia were pre-calculated and had covert sanction. But they were merely drop of the hard rain that has fallen across the country since the fall of the Iron Curtain.

The weapons were shipped to "enemies" of the United States – Syria, Iran, "terrorists" in the Balkans ...

And they were shipped in direct violation of U.S. export law by FedEx (a company founded by a Marine that did, in fact, merge with a CIA proprietary, Flying Tigers, and is on close terms with both the military and the Agency) ...

And none of this has appeared in the public print. Odd. But the pieces lay scattered about the sinking American Empire for any reporter to reconstruct.

39924083 coffin300ap - The Lexington Comair Crash, Part 22
The death of Boris Trajkovsky has been widely blamed on his successor, Branko Crvenkovski, a former Red. Todor Petrov, leader of the World Macedonian Congress, has gone so far as to make the charge publicly, 2746 - The Lexington Comair Crash, Part 22exactly as "reporters" on CIA Mockingbird's Richard Mellon Scaife's payroll blamed Clinton for Ron Brown's 1996 plane crash, also in Croatia.159

But Branko Crvenkovski does not control the area where the plane was disabled and crashed, and the obvious DELAY in "finding" the downed plane was an integral part of the death plot. Elements of SFOR, on the other hand, were practiced at this sort of thing and were secretly in league with extremists in Macedonia. The plane "exploded" seven minutes before it crashed into a mountainous Croatian terrain – in airspace controlled by Croatia's SFOR (a NATA-led Stabilization Force ((as seen in part 21)).160

sb02071b - The Lexington Comair Crash, Part 22The commander of SFOR is Lt. Gen. William E. "Kip" Ward, a hardened American combat veteran.161

sfor - The Lexington Comair Crash, Part 22"SFOR Command Structure – The Stabilisation Force has a unified command and is NATO-led under the political direction and control of the Alliance's North Atlantic Council." Military authority "is in the hands of NATO's Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR). As from 19 February 2001, Allied Forces Southern Europe (AF South) has become Joint Force Commander (JFC) for SFOR, as it has been for KFOR since 18 January 2001."162

Lt. Gen. Ward was the Commander of SFOR (COMSFOR). Jared Israel and Rick Rozoff have written a series of bombshell articles exposing SFOR as back-stabbers and collaborators with Balkan terrorists. The strategy: "KFOR (that is, NATO) bombs Yugoslavia," "KFOR occupies Kosovo," and "KFOR trains 'terrorists who attack the rest of Serbia," then "KFOR detains some of those terrorists" and "out of the kindness of its military heart, KFOR declares an amnesty and forgives - whom? Whom does KFOR forgive? The terrorists it has trained."163

Big - The Lexington Comair Crash, Part 22The BBC has chimed in that NATO trains these forces, ever since the initial assault on southern Serbia.164 The region hasn't forgotten NATO's "humanitarian bombing" campaigns ...

Washington controls SFOR – the Bush administration. It's extremely doubtful that anyone BUT SFOR could have downed the plane, given its military "stabilization" mission in the region it controlled. And it was SFOR issuing the lame excuses that angered Macedonians. The cover-up proves the crime.

Another plane crash to enter in The Encyclopedia.

harrier 06 l - The Lexington Comair Crash, Part 22

British Aerospace Systems, BAE, is one of the firms that has been engaged in wholesale weapons transfers – dove-tailing with the Pepsico/Galls exports– because both were insruments of covert foreign policy. The investigation of BAE and related scandals – PepsiGate – led to the threat Tony Blair received from Saudi Arabia's royal family. This scandal, too, if the Christian God does exist, will one day redound on the Bush adminstration ...

rover - The Lexington Comair Crash, Part 22
... a utopian's dream? ...

[Supplemental Reading: "CIA Arms Smuggling, THE MURDER OF RAFIK HARIRI & the LaBelle Disco Bombing Connection"]

NEXT ...

prince1 - The Lexington Comair Crash, Part 22
Hard Rain in the Balkans, Black Clouds Over D.C. (B)



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