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Controlling the Brain with Light

Biomedical Optics & Medical Imaging Controlling the brain with light Ed Boyden | SPIE Newsroom | 10 June 2010 Ed Boyden is an assistant professor of

Kitty Mind Control

House Cats Know What They Want And How To Get It From YouScienceDaily (July 13, 2009) — Anyone who has ever had cats knows how difficult it can be to get

Unlocking the Power of the Mind

Unlocking the Power of the Mindmedia.www.theticker.orgVriti SarafIssue date: 10/6/08 Section: ScienceThe field of neuroscience is quickly expanding and eme

Mind Control by Cell Phone

May 7, 2008Scientific American in Mind & BrainBy R. Douglas Fields "This was a completely unexpected finding," Horne told me. "We didn't suspect any effect