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Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth Yet Another UFO/Cult Mind Control TM Connection

Alex Constantine - May 14, 2008

grandmarquee - Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 TruthBy Alex Constantine

In four parts:

1) Richard Gage on 9/11
2) Richard Gage and Unity Church
3) Unity Church-Sponsored UFO Symposiums
4) The Unity Church Mind Control Cult

1) Richard Gage on 9/11

Architects Investigate World Trade Center’s Collapse
May 8, 2008
Nicole Dial
City News Reporter

Richard%2BGage%2B220%2BJPG80 - Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 TruthConspiracy theorist or skeptic Richard Gage believes that something other than terrorists brought down the World Trade Center on Sept. 11. His story involves specially timed explosives, a team of experts and a well-orchestrated cover-up by our own government.

As part of a group called Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, Gage traveled to Santa Cruz on May 2 to present “9/11: Blueprint for Truth,” a PowerPoint and film presentation that contests the official story of what brought down the towers. ...

2) Richard Gage and the Unity Church

Gage was a donation counselor for the Unity Center of Spiritual Learning in Walnut Creek back in 2005.

Nothing to do with 9/11 claims, but sheds more light into his background. Some nice to know info.

Unity Church of Walnut Creek’s catalogue of courses offers some very.. well.. interesting courses. To name a few:

Find Your Purpose through Shamanic Journeys
Mayan Prophecies, Rites and Rituals
Healing Yourself & Healing the Earth
Healing Teachings & Techniques

3) Unity Church-Sponsored UFO Symposiums

Unity Church UFO Symposiums

MK-Ultra/Mind Control

Written by OSP
Jun 10, 2007

Unity Church, a ‘Christian New Age’ tax exempt organization, with locations in numerous communities across the United States, hosts many A Course In Miracles seminars on a weekly basis, and might include the information contained in the book as part of their regular ‘church services.’

I spoke with a woman named ‘Mxxxx’ at the Unity Church in Eugene, Oregon, via telephone on Friday, May 25, 2007, and she stated Unity Church holds seminars in A Course In Miracles twice a week. I requested documentation from her to this effect via regular mail. She claimed that she would comply with this request; and, I might add, she seemed quite happy and joyful to mail me any and all material made available from the church.Unity Church also sponsors or hosts UFO seminars with titles like: ´UFOs: Earth’s Cosmic Watergate´ and ´Flying Saucers ARE Real.’ These seminars espouse a ‘spirituality’ similar to those found in UFO cults such as the former Heaven’s Gate in San Diego, California and the Church of Scientology.

Usually, the ‘information’ disseminated at these UFO seminars claims that a giant, invisible UFO mother ship, containing the spirits of deceased humans, famous leaders from history and supernatural beings—such as angels or even Jesus Christ himself— is hovering just above the earth’s atmosphere. ...
4) Unity Church and Mind Control

... I see that Unity and even Religious Science churches have now fully embraced channeled books like A Course in Miracles, Conversations with God, and the Abraham-Hicks books, and given free time and space to book study groups, precisely because these books allow them to do what their own teachings won't, and that is to control people.

Channeling (such as in these books) claims a "higher" or more "perfect" voice or "wisdom" source, thus taking away choices and responsibility from people and handing it to the book, group, or group leader. These books also shame and attack any who don't agree with their theology. This kind of authoritarian manipulation allows the churches who use these books to meet their financial needs, thanks to the weak, gullible people who willingly hand over the reins of their will to the churches and leaders.

While Religious Science and more "generic" New Thought churches used to reject channeling and channeled books, they and their ministers now wholeheartedly allow, accept and even teach directly from this kind of authoritarian material. Both of the Religious Science monthly magazines started offering quotes and passages from rigid, "metaphysical fundamentalist" texts like A Course in Miracles over a year ago.

Unity / New Thought / Religious Science (which teach the same thing, essentially) used to be a refuge for the spiritual free thinker. Instead, they have become yet another cult church movement for the easily-controlled seekers e out there grasping at spiritual straws. ...

Unity is a "Destructive Cult":

Yes, "magical/delusional thinking" is a big part of Unity. Like "manifesting" the right job, friends, business deals, even parking places. And the idea that no matter how terrible an event may be (the murder of a family member, for example) it is your own "lesson" to acept it as "good" and to forgive the murderer, for in Unity you must agree that "there are no victims" no matter how horrible the crime. This is Unity's mush-for-brains excuse for common sense and reasoning.

Being in Unity for several years nearly destroyed my life and the most important relationships in my life. Thankfully, I'm four years free of Unity, and would not return at gunpoint. Unity is indeed a destructive church.

Account of a former church member:

... I did go through Unity's introductory seminar on membership. They showed a video about the founding of Unity and and the life of Myrtle and Charles Fillmore which really turned me off to Unity. In particular, Charles Fillmore believed he would be able to become physically immortal and never die. So I never did become a member, although I still continued to attend the services for a while.

IMO, groups like Unity trade reality for an illusion ...

Cult Conformity of Thought:

if you question or challenge any of this in any way, you are branded as "negative" or lacking in "consciousness" or whatever. In Unity, t
here's a lot of "groupthink" going on, and if you don't blindly follow it, then there's something wrong and you must have "issues" etc. And true, Unity seems to have a tremendous herd mentality. Whatever the hot new age book of the month is, or the big guru of the day, everyone jumps on the bandwagon. So much for free thinking!

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