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Indonesia is a Fascist Paradise

Mass Murderers are Ruling Indonesia, A Proudly Nazi Nation? by ANDRE VLTCHEK Indonesians have voted and what votes they have cast! Either they have chosen

“My Lunch with a War Criminal”

October 24, 2013 One of the most important lessons I learned from listening to renowned diplomat Henry Kissinger talk (at a luncheon that cost guests $1,5

America’s War Criminals

By JONATHAN POWER www.gulf-daily-news.com November 24, 2009 Someone, somewhere, has to say it and thus confirm what the Pentagon always feared would happe

The Gorbachev Foundation

http://www.sfweekly.com/issues/1995-05-31/news/feature2.html From sfweekly.com Originally published by SF Weekly May 31, 1995 ©2004 New Times, Inc. All r

Kissinger’s Machiavellian Path

" ... The minutes of a secret 1975 U.S. National Security Council meeting attended by President Ford, reveal Henry Kissinger grumbling, 'It is an act of in