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Shameless Film Plug All Power to the People on the Murder of the Black Panthers

Alex Constantine - February 11, 2008

51A3DCQX7XL 1. AA240  - Shameless Film PlugI caught the finished production of All Power to the People, and though I was interviewed for the film, even I found it a little scary ... but highly informative. As one blogger observed, "its a long film and every minute of it is a revelation." - AC

See the movie - it's one of the best political documentaries I've ever seen. Viewers logging into IMDB rate it A+.

IMDB Entry

Find out more about Black Panthers

YOU LOVE AMERICA??? Maybe you get a bad feeling from reading this, because you were brainwashed and CONDITIONED to feel repulsion when contemplating this. You will argue that there are half-truths and propaganda mixed with truthful reports of occasional misdemeneanors in this film. Sorry. My feeling is that this was so widespread that this film, if anything, is understating the true extent of the racism and conspiracies that was going on.

The racism has been reduced somewhat, but the mind-control is working better than ever. My proof: Why are you US-americans vehemently rejecting the words that I am writing here. Can it be that I touched the taboo? Raised the unthinkable? Put the needle in the lobotomised part of your brain?

If you just now thought: the bastard you are affected by mind-control (for the want of a better word). If you just were bemused, you are alright.

All Power to the People

Producer: Lee Lew-Lee
116 minutes
Director: Lee Lew-Lee
Co-Producers: Kristin Bell
Nico Panigutti
Camera: Lee Lew-Lee
Interviewer: Lee Lew-Lee
Editor: Ruby Yang

Special Thanks: Grace Li-en Lew, Anne Even/ZDF, Mel Stuart, Carole Dean, Thorin Grey Allen, Haskell Wexler, Gordon Parks, George Spiro Dibie, Enos McIsaac (Duke City West), Paul McNulty (Channel Zero), Alden Kimbrough Archives, Roger Steffens Archives, Barbara Trent (Empowerment Project), David Kasper (Empowerment Project), The Kaplans (John Murray - Lauren Singer - Roger Guenvere Smith), Emory Douglas, Rev. Canon Harold R. Landon, Mark Kondo, IFFCON, Film Arts Foundation, Association of Independent Video and Film Makers, International Documentary Association, IATSE 600 (Cineatographers), National Association of Black Journalists, Philip Agee, Wes Swearingen, Ronald Freeman, Roland Freeman, Mumia Abu Jamal, Bobby Seale, Kim Holder, William Turner, Leonard Peltier, Johnnie Cochran, Thoas McCreary, Somaza Moore, Michael McCarty, Frank Wilkenson, Alex Constantine, Michael Zinzun, Donale Freed, Dr. Mutulu Shakur, Nobuku Miyamoto, Myra Ming, Jim McCluskey, Ramsey Clark, Safiya Alston Bukha

Footage Credits: ABC News Videosource, Chuck Banner, Antonello Branca, Budget Film, Wayne Goldwyn (Time Lapse), Mike Gray, Mark Kitchell, J. Fred MacDonald & Associates, Gordon Parks, Barry Parker, Mel Stuart, Third World Newsreel, The Empowerment Project, UCLA Film and Television Archives, Agnes Varda (Cine Tamaris), Danny Schechter (Global Vision)
Post Production Facilities: Santa Monica Video, Pacific Ocean Post
Motion Control Camera: Phred Tinampay (Kappa Video)
"Boy, you gotta watch this film. Its a long film and every minute of it is a revelation."

It was broadcast on ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, the second german goverment channel) on 6/7 July 1998 very late at night.


Black Panther

Mumia Abu Jamal
Dr. Mutulu Shakur
Emory Douglas
Kathleen Cleaver
Leonard Peltier

In respectful memory of those killed

Louis Allen
Welton Armstead
Attallah Ayubbi
Steve Bartholomew
Fred Bennett
Jeanette Bissonette
Willie Brewster
Alprentice Carter
Planiyan Ali
Anna Mae Aquash
Kuwesi Balagoon
Sylvester Bell
Benjamin Brown
Pedro Bissonette
Jimmy Carr
Cesar Cauce
James Earl Chaney
Mark Clark
Addie Mae Collins
Johnathan Daniels
Byron BeSersa
Roman Ducksworth, Jr.
Medgar Evers
Ahmed Evans
William Christmas
Nathaniel Clark
Vernon Dahmer
Jancity Eagle Deer
Frank Diggs
Willie Edwards, Jr.
Mark Essex
Ralph Featherstone
Frank Fields
Woddy Green
Samueal E. Hammond
Danny Hayashi
Henry Hezekiah
John Huggins
George Jackson
Jonathan Jackson
Andrew Goodman
Paul Guihard (Reporter, Paris Match)
Fred Hampton
Masai Hewitt
Rory Hithe
Bobby Button
Jimmie Lee Jackson
Popeye Jackson
Wharlest Jackson
Joe Killsright
Jeffrey Kinoshita
Buddy Lamont
Herbert Lee
Tommy Lewis
Emmett Louis
Denise McNair
Robert F. Kennedy
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Bruce Klunder
George Lee
Robert Lawrence
Viola Gregg Liuzzo
James McClain
Deland H. Middleton
Sidney Miller
Oneal Moore
Arthur Morris
Sandra Fall
Richard Oaks
Mack Charles Parker
Alex Rackley
Charles Eddie Moore
William Moore
Twyman Myers
Michael Nathan
Evelyn Okubo
Che Payne
Walter Pope
Sam Napier
John Earl Reese
Carole Robertson
Johnny Robinson
Julio Roldan
Bill Sampson
Michael Schwerner
Henry Ezekial Smith
Sandi Smith
Rev. James Reeb
Larry Robertson
Walter Rodney, PhD
Harold Russell
John Savage
Zayd Malik Shakur
Lamar Smith
Willian C. Sullivan (FBI)
Sally Bowe
Ruben Salazar (KMEX)
Billy Kochiyama, Jr.
Melvin X
Huey P. Newton PhD
John F. Kennendy
Fay Slender
Michael Taylor (KPFK)
Michael X
Lt. Col. Lemuel Penn (USA)
Dr. Martin Sostre
Brent Takeuchi
Emmett Louis Till
Virgil Lamar Ware
Cynthia Wesley
Ben Chester White
Akemi Yoshihiro
Mtayari Sundiata
Clarence Triggs
Jimmy Waller
Robert Webb
Anthony White
Spurgeon Jake Winters
Samuel Younge
Malcom X (El Hajj Malik el Shabazzi)

and one thousand others

Producer/Director/Camera/Interviewer: Lee Lew-Lee
Co-Producers Kristin Bell, Nico Panigutti
Editor: Ruby Yang

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