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S.M. ELLIOTT: A Mole’s Blog

There is a blogger on the Net – S.M. ELLIOTT – a gleeful participant in the “Satanic Panic” disinformation campaign, a media virus that covers up intelligence community involvement in cults. This is a game that has gone of for about 20 years to discredit victims of abuse related to CIA mind control activity, many of them children. Elliott, a debunker, claims that ritual abuse claims are “exagerrated.’ S.M. Elliott’s is propaganda for the uninformed – opinion formation. For full documentation of satanic crimes, many unreported due to media censorhip, see: http://alexconstantine.blogspot.com/2007/07/satanism-and-ritual-abuse-case-by-case.html Elliott also claims that aspartame is safe to ingest. This blogger is a cog in the media’s grinding on against “conspiracy theorists,” Judge for youself. Elliott posts here: http://blueapples85.blogspot.com/ – AC PS: Question – how many CIA blogs are out there disinforming us and molding opinions with flagrant lies? Who wouldn’t want to know?

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