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Rethinking John Lennon’s Assassination

Alex Constantine - June 6, 2007

John Lennon Biography - Rethinking John Lennon’s AssassinationThe American government murdered this man of peace in cold blood.

John Lennon's fans contend that they adore his memory and his work ... YET ASK NO HARD QUESTIONS ABOUT HIS DEATH ...

If you fit this description, YOU are STILL PEASANTS, far as I can see ... WORSE - UNGRATEFUL peasants whose convictions and passions are shallow, doting celebrity-worshippers on corn syrup with little regard for human life, morally-insane meat (possibly bereft of firing neurons). (Come to think of it, Sean Lennon told the New Yorker, "anyone who doesn't believe that the government killed my dad is INSANE," so he and I are on the same page.) John Lennon is gone ... many others we revere.

Face the circumstances of their deaths ... or live as cowards and peasants who have done nothing to stop the atrocities or protect the people that we LOVE.

- Alex Constantine
The FBI’s War on Rock Stars
By Salvador Astucia
Click for hard data on the FBI's CoinHelterSkeltertelPro war against rock musicians:

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