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Reckoning with a Solidly Right-Wing America

Alex Constantine - June 5, 2012

By Frank Balsinger

Scholars & Rogues, June 5, 2012

Damn Right Wing Mobs 300x238 - Reckoning with a Solidly Right-Wing AmericaA week ago, Glenn Greenwald performed an excellent dissection on a New York Times articleabout President Obama’s secretive anti-terrorist “death panels.” When Greenwald finished peeling back the skin, he aptly pinned a great many horrible hidden things with descriptive tags to help us see the inner blood and guts more clearly.

There is more pull-quote material, each quote more galling than the last, in the Greenwald article than one can shake a scalpel at. Just read it.

When the right wing of our fake political spectrum feels that Romney isn’t far enough to the right;

When the current Commander-in-Chief earns praise from his far-right predecessors for continuing their bloodiest policies;

When President Obama not only continues those policies, but amplifies them beyond his predecessors’ wildest dreams;

When President Obama governs far enough right of center to favor Wall Street over Main Street while giving us toothless regulators who only seem to find their dentures when attacking medical marijuana states;

When all these things are the case, and when the Establishment Left throws its weight behind him;

When a recent poll shows an Obama/Romney split of 47%/45% (8% undecided);

Then all I can see is a nation that has become 92% right wing, 8% undecided.

Throwing the occasional bone to the nominal left does not a liberal make. Hell, raining bones down on them while he continues his raw red meat policies of death and plutocracy doesn’t make him liberal. No amount of renaming this blood-red rose will make him anything other than one thorny prick of a Bush.

What truly distinguishes this administration from the previous? Bush/Cheney tried boiling the American frog too quickly and it kept jumping out of the pot. Obama/Biden just turned down the heat so that we’ll boil more complacently and more completely.


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  1. Omigawd, the fascist monster is upon us; like any screwed up social manifestation, it has it’s weak points. I Remember the book Women, Floods, Bodies, History on how it was that fascists were more than a little hung up with bodily fluids or the lack thereof.
    Further, people find out that living under fascist rule is just not fun, and fun is really what it is all about; that life is both meaningful, but also beautifully human, rich in cultures and color and the warmth of shared kindnesses. And really is that not what we are missing now? The time to pull out and pull back; to get a perspective and even more, a restful realm to nurture oneself; in order to be oneself in what one is placed. That can be such a lonely pursuit; where would we be without the milk of human kindnesses? I think we are fast finding out in this increasingly loveless world.

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