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Ranking Fascists Demand Apology from Al Franken for Speaking Honestly about Sam Alito and Nazi Collaborator Ronald Reagan

Alex Constantine - November 5, 2008

reagan - Ranking Fascists Demand Apology from Al Franken for Speaking Honestly about Sam Alito and Nazi Collaborator Ronald Reagan"Conservative" spokemen continue to hoax the citizenry with perception management cons, this time claiming that one of the most corrupt presidents in American history - over 100 appointees in his adminstration were forced out in scandal during Ronny's first term, ie. before Iran contra even reared its ugly head - was some kind of paragon of virtue, not the grotesque fascist figurehead and Nazi collaborator that the historical record actually reflects. - AC

Al Franken Called Upon to Apologize for New Slur Calling Supreme Court Justice Alito 'A Racist and a Sexist'
Nov. 1, 2008

WASHINGTON, Nov 01, 2008 /PRNewswire-USNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Former Reagan Officials Slam New Hateful Gaffe Where Franken Proclaims:

"A Racist and a Sexist Was a Good Calling Card for the Reagan

Following up on MSNBC reporting - http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/27447321/ - in which comedian Al Franken slandered [sic] Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and by implication all who served under Ronald Reagan, nine former Reagan Administration officials have issued a statement blasting Franken's latest hateful, divisive gaffe [sic]- which was reported on MSNBC's website, and which merits follow-up discussion and reporting, the officials maintain.

Statement of former Reagan Administration Officials:

Yesterday it was reported that Democratic Senate Candidate Al Franken called former President Ronald Reagan and anyone who served in his Administration "a racist and a sexist."

Those of us who served Ronald Reagan and the nation find these outrageous comments to be highly offensive and hateful.

Al Franken must immediately apologize to the Reagan Family and all those who served in the Reagan administration.

As reported by Tom Curry of MSNBC, Al Franken, in criticizing Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito, said: "being a racist and a sexist was a good calling card for the Reagan administration."

Ronald Reagan was a man of great compassion and generous spirit [sic], who deeply believed the American dream [sic], should be available for all - regardless of sex, creed, or color [sic ... ].

There is nothing more despicable than injecting sexism and racism into a campaign for public office. It is particularly offensive when it is done to revile the name of a deceased former President who faithfully served and those devoted members of his administration.

Al Franken owes an immediate apology to the people of Minnesota, to the American people, and to Nancy Reagan and her family.

Al Franken owes an apology to Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito and his family.

Al Franken also owes an apology to all of us who dutifully served our nation in the Reagan administration and don't deserve to be subjected to Al Franken's vile and malicious slurs.


AB Culvahouse, Counsel to the President
BJ Cooper, Deputy Press Secretary to President Reagan
Thomas Collamore, Assistant to the Vice President
Michael Baroody, Deputy Assistant to the President
Mark Sullivan, General Counsel, Dept of Treasury
Mike Lake, Staff Assistant to the President
Chriss Winston, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Labor
Charles Powers, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Treasury
James Lake, Special Assistant, Department of Labor




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  1. Hey, G.H.W.Bush stole elections for reagan; remember october surprise? Then tried to kill him as vice president so he could move it on up. Remember John Hinckley? Bush oil business partner. Kinda nuts, maybe programmed for hit too. See Control of Candy Jones for more on programming second personas based on repressed emotions from originating personality.

  2. Reagan-era budget cuts and massive peacetime militarization (banks running .5-2% asset to debt ratio to fund buildup at expense of economy at home. Budget cuts caused recession and crisis opened way for cocaine trade to hugely increase, just like mexico today. cut budget, create poverty crisis, inject massive amounts of cocaine into society; blame the victim. See jest like a nazi and that’s what Raygun was.

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