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Christian Bozo Revelation The Catholic Church – A Hive of Nazi Collaborators – Blames Genocide on Atheism

Alex Constantine - April 13, 2009

The latest media report on intimate connections between the Nazi regime and the Catholic establishment:

" ... March 14, 1939 is the day when the wartime Slovak state, a puppet of Nazi Germany led by Jozef Tiso, a Roman Catholic priest, emerged. There have always been historians and politicians who tried to camouflage the rotten core of this part of Slovakia’s history, when according to historical sources, some 70,000 Slovak Jews were sent to concentration camps. ... "

Yet as many ranking Catholics see it ...

Top Bishop Connects Atheism to Genocide
www.thelocal.de/13 Apr 09

18607 - Christian Bozo RevelationOne of Germany’s most senior Catholic bishops has caused outrage by attacking atheism and implying a connection between non-belief in God and the worst crimes of Nazism and communism.

Walter Mixa, Bishop of Augsburg said in his Easter Sunday sermon, “Where God is denied, or opposed, soon Man and his dignity will also be denied and disregarded.”

Mixa, who is also the Catholic church’s military bishop in Germany, added, “The inhumanity of practiced atheism has been proven in the last century in the most terrible way by the godless regimes of National Socialism and Communism with their punishment camps, their secret police and their mass murders.”

He also claimed that Christians and the Church had been particular victims of those regimes. ...


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  1. Well its the ever blackened pot flinging mud around while scrupulously covering up the many vatican crimes.

    Sexual abuse of the children is nothing new and goes back to the very formation of the christian church as a hierarchy.

    But more topical here are some youtube videos(Not span Mr.Constantine) detailing the vaticans very own holocaust..
    Pt. 1

  2. In the soviet union, the Orthodox had a state church that replaced the really godly churches; this transition also occurred in the US with people like myself persecuted and systematically excluded when we came up with good information on the new nazi heros in our government. Look for more hugely delusional misattributions for the causality of mass murder from church bodies misinformed and/or searching for obfuscations. Latest one? liberals are responsible for huge increases in incarceration and police state tactics in US; diverts attention away from consistent history of republicans driving incarceration of targets as way to divert attention away from truth; republicans did it for the last 40- 300 years consistently. Think huge profits from drug war misery; economy now foundering under economic weight and social destruction of way too many wars/crimes against humanity; war/police expenses wrong investment; fee and forfeiture thefts a crime against humanity and another factor destroying middle and lower classes socioeconomic viability.

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