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As Hillary Touts Free Speech, Police Brutalize & Bloody Ray McGovern for Standing in Silent Protest

Alex Constantine - February 17, 2011

Eric Garris
AntiWar.com | February 17, 2011

From David Swanson:

350x - As Hillary Touts Free Speech, Police Brutalize & Bloody Ray McGovern for Standing in Silent ProtestAs Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday about the failures of foreign leaders to respect people’s freedoms, a 71-year-old U.S. veteran Army officer, a man who spent 27 years in the CIA and delivered presidential daily briefs, a peace activist and proponent of nonviolence, the man who famously confronted Donald Rumsfeld for his war lies, the man who drafted our letter to Spain and delivered it to the Spanish Embassy on Monday, our friend Ray McGovern turned his back in silence. As Clinton continued to speak about respecting the rights of protesters, her guards – including a uniformed policeman and an unidentified plain-clothed official – grabbed Ray, dragged him off violently, brutalized him, double-cuffed him with metal handcuffs, and left him bleeding in jail. As he was hauled away (see video), Ray shouted “So this is America?” Clinton went right on mouthing her hypocrisies without a pause.

Ray told Rob Kall at OpEdNews what he had been protesting by standing silently with his back turned:

“Hillary is the driving force, together with a few others, behind the wars in Afghanistan. She’s one of the big hawks in Iran. When I look at her and her husband that they don’t know the first thing about war. I do and so do my fellow Veterans for Peace. I have to make clear that we Veterans for Peace think that her policies are an abomination to the nation, that they are at cross purposes to the country and not everybody should applaud and give her the idea that she’s doing the right thing.” ... CONTINUED


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  1. The thing that Hillary represents to me, is the “careerism” of a whole generation of bright, ambitious Baby Boomers.The top ranks of our Establishment are filled with these Baby Boomers who have been on the fast track all of their lives. They went to the right schools, interned with the right powers-that-be, and got on with the right resume-building organizations. They advanced and advanced, but they never fully became adult human beings. All of their lives, they were “important”. They remain as narcissistic and cruel as spoiled, precocious toddlers. They are the smartasses at Goldman-Sachs who want their big bonuses, while they destroy everyone else. Unfortunately, they also run our Government. especially the Treasury and the Federal Reserve. The Clintons, Obama, GW Bush, are all examples of this group. So bright, so ambitious, but lacking souls.

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