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Perjury (Part Five) Ward Churchill’s “Sourcing” for his Smallpox Blankets Claim

Alex Constantine - April 7, 2009

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Churchill's courtroom comments on the introduction of smallpox-infected blankets to the Indians by the U.S. Army: "I've been hearing this all my life from traditional sources and mainstream sources. It's enshrined in songs and oral traditions specific to the Mandan." ... Churchill said he's attended several speaking engagements since the misconduct allegations arose and people are stunned when he tells them that he is accused of making up facts about smallpox being introduced by the Army, something he considers common knowledge. ... "

Churchill considers the smallpox blanket story to be "common knowledge" - yet resorted to inventing sources to document it, despite his sworn misstatements:

"... Churchill cited Evan S. Connell's Son of the Morning Star: Custer and the Little Big Horn and Russell Thornton’s American Indian Holocaust and Survival but neither book says anything about the army playing such a role. ... "


Re: “Jury to have last word on Churchill’s suit vs. CU,” March 9 news story.
Denver Post

I am a retired teacher with a master’s degree in American studies focusing on outdoor museum management, more than 60 graduate hours, and many hours of study and experience as a volunteer at such sites as Bent’s Old Fort and Fort Laramie. Ward Churchill is an embarrassment to all who strive for accuracy and truth in Western American history.

For example, the canard regarding the distribution of smallpox-infected blankets to the Indians by the Army was refuted years ago, as Mr. Churchill should have known had he been an adequate student and researcher. Couldn’t he find a more original lie?

If Mr. Churchill wanted to make his mark, why didn’t he pursue the yet-to-be-written history of some of our forgotten Western citizens — women, the Hispanics who actually built Bent’s Old Fort, the Native Americans/Indians/First Americans (take your pick) who kept commerce flowing there, even Dick and Charlotte Green, William Bent’s slaves — instead of masking his arrogance and lack of scholarship in the guise of academic freedom?

Dan McCrimmon, Littleton



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  1. Ward Churchill is using whay are called in the journalism business “primary sources”. Do you like to recognize the truth about how horrific the largest continuous mass slaughter in history. If it is a tribal story that is passed down through the generations is it any less valid than the writng of it in a book? Whether it was intentional or “accidental”, the truth is our germs killed their people and we didn’t care because us nice white gentiles said they were “savages” and so it was OK for us nice white anti-christians to let them die or kill them off, which really is what we did because we wanted their lands. They offered us the option of co-existing with them and shared with us what they had. We or you at least chose instead to steal what they had and kill them off. I side with Churchills’ very comprehensive recent history of that ongoing slow mass slaughter. See article Volume 23, #6 pp. 1159-1179 on use of biologicals in 6 provinces of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe during the civil war there in the 80’s. The actual spreaders of those bugs will always say the spread of the bug was accidental when actually it was very intentional and very well planned out. You validated my theory about Hatfill the anthrax spreader first getting his start in Rhodesia. Simple principle; a nazi will seek to kill off what he feels is a threat or what he/she doesn’t understand. Hatfill was a sophistictaed nazi, a real good liar too, protected by Bush another nazi. See http://www.sunshine-project.org achived on google for more on that.

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