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As I Say, Ward Churchill is an Agent Provocateur

Alex Constantine - August 6, 2009

Who will tell Amy Goodman ...


Thought you might be interested in this:

I had a professor who worked at the University of Colorado at the same time Ward Churchill was there. My professor was very active in Latin American solidarity movements, and is Latin American himself. Because of his support for groups like the Sandinistas and the FMLN in El Salvador, Churchill eventually threatened his life. The reason behind it was the treatment of the Miskito Indians, who didn't want to be part of the Sandinista state. The interesting thing is that according to this source Churchill was networking with neo-cons to get weapons to the Miskitos, specifically that he was on the phone to Elliot Abrams about it.

It makes you wonder which side he's really on, considering that he's one of the few people out there to unambiguously advocate violence.


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  1. Unsourced comment from who knows who on the internet. If you can’t sign the comment, then I think you are a liar working for the right wing. I have all kinds of nutjobs out there saying all kinds of things about me because they are too weak to deal with the issues I raise. Rather than deal with the issues I raise, they just trash my character and spread lies about me being violent and then try to make false claims about me because I do not support the slow mass kill policies of the criminal right wing of the US. In other words, no signature, no credibility because any old lying nazi can make up anything about anyone and post it on the internet. If Churchill is so wrong, why put so much attention on him by pushing this crap. Even if his scholarship is flawed, which I don’t believe, he is making the right points on a brutal, disgusting,and repressed history.

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