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OpEd Why Opposition to David Horowitzs’ Hate Speech is Not About the First Amendment

Alex Constantine - November 19, 2007

Poor Horowitz. He and his neo-con race gangs are whining about the treatment they received at Emory University, where the Scaife-funded CIA propagaindist was booed of the stage. The Horowitzians claim that the CIA proapganidst's first amendment rights were violated by the rowdy students, cluck their tongues at the "fascist left," a misnomer as ludicrous as the "Islamo-fascist" moonshine sold by Horowitz and his dupes.

The students at Emory booed him as they would David Irving - they obviously have no penchant for manipulative hate speech of the sort that fires up right-wing proles, legitimizing racism and genocidal wars. They spoke up because ...

"Islamo-fascism" is not real. Fascism is unbridled, American-style corporatism - not gender oppression, religious extremism, or even anarchical opposition to the Bush administration - not even when armed.

Fascism is the corporate condition Americans have embraced. What goes around ...

Horowitz isn't real, either. He's a pathetic whine of a human being and a bag of divisive CIA rhetoric, indifferent to human rights, a military-industrial prostitute. The students booed him as they would an incompetent pianist - the tune was off-color, off-key. Horowitz is a liar and the students didn't care to sit back and let him lie to them. They expressed their own first-amendment rights loudly by rejecting a CIA disinformation artist who knowingly deceives his audience with psychological tricks intended to bring about mass bloodshed.

The students at Emory weren't "censoring an opposing viewpoint," they were stopping another David Irving from getting away with murder. That is ultimately what Horowitz and his CIA sponsor wants, on a mass scale.

And he will say anything to bring it about, just as Irving will say anything to make us forget about the Holocaust - and ultimately the true American sponsors of genocide in Nazi Germany.

That blood currently defiles the White House. Maybe Horowitz should start his fascism awareness campaign there.

- AC

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