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Op-Ed The Rising Threat of Far-Right Terrorism

Alex Constantine - November 27, 2012

November 25, 2012

Police authorities in Poland have recently foiled a major terror plot in their country, a plot that had planned on bombing the Polish parliament. The recent case is not something unique, but is fast becoming the norm in the rise of far right extremism.

Two men were arrested in the Polish plot, though both men were not connected to any actual far right parties, they themselves were motivated by far right principles and agendas.

In Sweden recently, serial shooter Peter Mangs, was sentenced to life in prison for attacks in the southern city of Malmo. Mangs had gone on a shooting spree that spanned a year, targeting mainly immigrants or foreign looking people, injuring several, and killing two.

In Germany, Beate Zschaepe, a member of a neo-Nazi cell that he helped found, has been charged for murdering 10 people, most of whom were immigrants. Zschaepe and his group had carried out the murders over a span of 10 years, before police had finally uncovered the cell, and the motives behind the murders.

In Norway, a major terrorist attack struck the nation in the summer of last year. Seventy seven people were killed when far right terrorist Anders Breivik carried out two separate attacks. His first attack targeted Government buildings with a major car bomb, this attack was then later followed by his massacre at a summer camp. Both attacks were the worst terrorist attack to have hit Norway. The attack in Norway has thus far been one of the most sophisticated attacks to be carried out by the far right.

In the United States, six people were shot dead at a Sikh temple in the summer of this year. The shooting attack was carried out by Wade Michael Page, a far right white supremacist, and member of his own neo-Nazi rock band.

All of these events and arrests have taken place within a short span of time of each other, illustrating the fact that the threat of far right terrorism, is not something unique, or a one off. It is rather showing itself as a persistent growing threat.



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