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Nazi Nightmare U.S. Parents who Teach their Children to Idolize Hitler

Alex Constantine - May 10, 2010

By Daily Mail Foreign Service | 9th May 2010

article 0 097E2501000005DC 958 468x428 - Nazi NightmareCynthia Keene and her children Brad and Ariana are members of the National Socialist Movement - a racist group with idolises Hitler and denies that the Holocaust ever happened

Smiling proudly as she wraps her arms around her two children, Cynthia Keene's family paint a happy picture. But as they roll up their sleeves to reveal dozens of swastika tattoos it's clear there is nothing average about their lifestyle. Because the Keenes are just one of a growing number of Nazi families who have joined the racist group, the NSM (National Socialist Movement).

They idolise Hitler, believe the Holocaust never happened and want all non-white people deported from America.

Black people are banned from entering their family home and the younger siblings are already learning if they don't follow in their white supremacist footsteps they will likely be outcast.

'All-non white people in America should be sent back to where they came from, and me and my kids will fight to make that happen,' said Cynthia speaking from a motel room in Los Angeles where she and two of her children, Brad, 23 and Ariana, 17 were preparing to attend a Nazi rally.

'I'm proud of my children and what they believe in.' 

The unemployed activist has five children by three different men, and she hopes all of them will share her radical racist beliefs.

'I know my other children will become members of the NSM one day, and I will teach them what they need to know,' revealed Cynthia, who is also mother to Chelsea, 18, Raven, 14, and Arien 12.

And Cynthia is not the only Nazi parent encouraging her children to follow in her racist footsteps.

Scott Clarke, 37, who lives in Northern California, said: 'I've been part of the movement for 22 years, since I was 15-years-old.

'I became a skinhead first which I think is a very good way to start. I believe the races need to be separated and that we need to stop this 'mongrelisation' of our nation.

'I wasn't brought up this way. But I now raise my children to be racially conscious.

'I have three children, a 20-year-old, a 15-year-old and an eight-year-old. They all support the NSM.

'My daughter in particular is extremely racially conscious.

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Heavily-tattooed Scott Clarke has been a member of the NSM for 22 years and greets fellow group members with a 'heil Hitler' salute

'I'm very proud of her. Where we live there are a lot of Hispanics and blacks and she has nothing to do with any of them.' 

Nearly every inch of Clarke's body is covered in tattoos and he is proud to show them off.

A self-confessed football hooligan, he makes no attempt to hide his distain for non-white races. He greets his fellow NSM members with a 'heil Hitler' salute.

Despite the fact that mum of five Cynthia has never been in the forces she is referred to as Sgt. Cynthia Keene with others earning ranks such as commander and chief.

'It's to give us a feeling of community and something to work towards,' she said.  

'That is also why we wear uniforms.'  Rallies are attended by thousands of people waving swastika flags, giving the Hitler salute and preaching racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic propaganda.

And youngsters are welcomed to the events.

The Keene's drove non-stop for 26 hours from their home in Springfield, Missouri, to attend the rally in Los Angeles.

Sporting a partial skinhead and swastika symbol on her t-shirt, Cynthia talked about banning non-whites from her home and the disgust she has for mixed race people, as both Brad and Ariana nodded in approval.

'In the very unlikely situation that my kids were pro-mixed culture, I would deal with it if they kept it at school,' she said.

'But if they tried to bring a black, Mexican or Chinese friend home, I wouldn't have that.'  Her eldest son refuses to even comprehend the idea.

'I don't think we really have to think about what would happen if my other sisters or brother decided to accept non-whites,' said Brad, who has been a member of the NSM for nearly four years.

'If it did, that would be their choice. But I would have no part of it. I would disassociate myself with them. But I know it wouldn't happen.' 

The NSM claim they are a non-violent group but Cynthia admits she does worry about the safety of her children.

'I have had people giving me the finger and spit while I am clearing litter off the streets,' said Cynthia who works at weekends clearing her local highway of rubbish.

'I do have concerns for my daughter's safety especially at some of the rallies, like this one in LA. But I worry about the safety of everyone in the group.' 

However Clarke added: 'All my children can handle themselves. I've taught my children how to use firearms.

'I take a lot of pride in my daughter because she has taken to this lifestyle so well.

'I'm proud to have her by my side when we are at rallies.

'And if she didn't have school she would be out there waving the flags right now like everyone else.' 

Very young children are not allowed to be members of the NSM but that doesn't blinker them from their parent's racist attitudes.

High School student Ariana has only been with the NSM for two years but is already the director of the NSM's, Viking Youth Corp, for 14-18-year-olds. 

'I would honestly be very hurt if my siblings didn't share my views,' she said.

'For them to go out and takes sides with someone else would be awful. I don't think I would be able to accept them and that part of the family.

'If they had a mixed race child I couldn't look at that child and say, 'what a beautiful baby'. Knowing that was my niece or nephew, I just couldn't do it.

'I couldn't look at them the same way.' 

Cynthia and extremists like her shockingly believe they have to protect the USA from becoming a completely black nation and say whites are in danger of being wiped-out.

She has taught her children to hate Jews and they see nothing wrong with saluting Hitler. They now even talk of the swastika as an 'ancient symbol of love.' 

'I have read a little bit about their religion and a lot of it is very damaging to people,' she said.  

'The Jews are definitely the worst race in America.' 

Ariana has clearly picked up on her mum's beliefs often using the exact same terms and phrases.

They even laughed together when asked if they believe in the Holocaust.

'It's a myth,' they both said. 'There is no evidence.' 


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  1. So many people died,to preserve the freedom this country has.It’s a matter of respect and honor,to these fallen heroes that this garbage is even allowed to even exist to this day-

  2. I know it is against the law in Germany to carry the swastika and salute Hitler… I’m sure there’s a reason for that.
    I suppose the real question for me is what are these ‘Racially conscious’ people really afraid of? Perhaps their sense of self is so weak that the only thing they can relate to is the colour and shape of their own bodies… It must be awful to be suspicious and hateful of the world one lives…
    They say it’s mongrelism mixing races… However I’m sure if they went back far enough into their own heritage they would find a few surprises their the wood pile…

  3. Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.

    This is a quote from Hitler. It describes how our government and the Jews are lieing to you. You live in a shit hole world where the poor have no rights and the rich herd you like cattle. Hitler was making a beautiful country where this could never happen. Those who truely believe they are free when they are not are hopeless. Long live National Socialism. Long live NSM

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