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Nazi Collaborating Farish Family Wikipedia Compared to AC’s Blacklist

Alex Constantine - November 26, 2008

Wikipedia, the "public" encyclopedia, is monitored and controlled to favor fascists in power, play down state crimes, etc. Anyone who doubts this ...

Compare Wiki's entry on William Stamps Farish III ...


With my own ...


In the past, whenever I've tried to correct the record with real data (as opposed to slipshod, controlled, status quo "mainstream" misreporting), a Wiki editor soon deletes the edit, and - chastising me in an academic tone - misinterprets a technicality to cite me for some ludicrous "violation" or other (eg. "Wikipedia's rules do not permit linkage to a blog unless you are an authority - I do not consider a conspiracy theorist [sic] to be an authority" - note that accuracy is not a consideration when weighed against condescending appeals to "authority"), as If I'm guilty of something, restores establishment spin to the entry, Orwell-style, and blatant lies are perpetuated with a "public" blessing.

With Wiki, we can all live in the dark and sustain the pretense of democracy a little longer.

BTW, you don't want to pay these Orwellian farm animals to lie to you. Ignore Wiki's appeals for donations (?).

- AC

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  1. You are entirely correct, I am not sure who is running Wikipedia but they are guilty of historical revisionism and promulgating falsehood and only versions of history that they desire.Maybe a sign of the times?

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