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Nazi Collaborating Farish Family: Wikipedia Compared to AC’s Blacklist

Wikipedia, the “public” encyclopedia, is monitored and controlled to favor fascists in power, play down state crimes, etc. Anyone who doubts this …

Compare Wiki’s entry on William Stamps Farish III …


With my own …


In the past, whenever I’ve tried to correct the record with real data (as opposed to slipshod, controlled, status quo “mainstream” misreporting), a Wiki editor soon deletes the edit, and – chastising me in an academic tone – misinterprets a technicality to cite me for some ludicrous “violation” or other (eg. “Wikipedia’s rules do not permit linkage to a blog unless you are an authority – I do not consider a conspiracy theorist [sic] to be an authority” – note that accuracy is not a consideration when weighed against condescending appeals to “authority”), as If I’m guilty of something, restores establishment spin to the entry, Orwell-style, and blatant lies are perpetuated with a “public” blessing.

With Wiki, we can all live in the dark and sustain the pretense of democracy a little longer.

BTW, you don’t want to pay these Orwellian farm animals to lie to you. Ignore Wiki’s appeals for donations (?).

– AC

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  1. Mark August 1, 2010

    You are entirely correct, I am not sure who is running Wikipedia but they are guilty of historical revisionism and promulgating falsehood and only versions of history that they desire.Maybe a sign of the times?


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