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Medical Malpractice and Healthcare Corruption Query

Alex Constantine - March 26, 2008

Dear Alex

I saw the article you posted about Physician abuse.

Our son is a victim of Medical Risk Management, his illness was covered up and concealed. At age 10 in 09-2005 he became ill and has been left to continue to suffer a chronic illness of creating a meningitis/encephalitis. His ability to obtain the medical care his illness requires has been purposely destroyed for the sake of malpractice and litigation avoidance.

You appear to be an advocate against injustice and we are looking for assistance in getting the truth out so that maybe someone will step forward and help him, and that others can become aware about what is really going on with our Healthcare. That our healthcare is dictated by Risk Managers and Attorneys that are employed by Medical Institutions and Physicians.

The story of what has happened and audio proof is at a web site we created at:


We are hoping to find some people who can help us as we are up against an organization that is overwhelmingly powerful.

Carrie Halvorson
4495 Enchanted Lane
Mound, MN 55364

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