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Kwanzaa A CIA Creation to Promote Racial Separation

Alex Constantine - November 24, 2010

" ...Africans must stop generalizing about the loyalties and motives of Afro-Americans, including the widespread suspicion of black Americans being CIA agents. ... ” - Ron Karenga

Kwanza RonKarenga - KwanzaaOn December 12, 2003, the CIA's Ron Karenga celebrated Kwanzaa - at the Rochester Institute of Technology - a holiday that some African Americans, aware of its origins in the intelligence sector of government, understand and reject.

Mae Brussell on Ron Karenga, Originator of "Kwanzaa."

Black leader of the US Organization. In December, 1967, Detective Sergeant R. Farwell recruited Donald DeFreeze to work for the Public Disorder Intelligence Unit, of the CCS (Criminal Conspiracy Section, LAPD). Its purpose was to monitor black political activities in California. Karenga worked with DeFreeze and the LAPD, as part of a "fuck-fuck unit," running guns to various black militant groups, hoping to set off a gang war between the Black Panthers and the US Organization.

US member Melvin Cotton Smith helped set up Black Panther busts for the police. The Steiner brothers, working with Karenga and the LAPD, killed Panther leaders John Huggins and Alpretnice Carter at UCLA.

Members of Karenga's group were at Vacaville with DeFreeze.



"In 1971 Karenga, Louis Smith, and Luz Maria Tamayo were convicted of felony assault and false imprisonment for assaulting and torturing two women from the United Slaves, Deborah Jones & Gail Davis. [5] A May 14, 1971 article in the Los Angeles Times described the testimony of one of the women: "Deborah Jones, who once was given the Swahili title of an African queen, said she and Gail Davis were whipped with an electrical cord and beaten with a karate baton after being ordered to remove their clothes. ... "

kwanzaa - KwanzaaTHE INTELLIGENCE ORIGINS OF KWANZAA By Brother Sekhem—2006


This is the season known as Kwanzaa, and at this time, I believe it's necessary to reveal the origin of this holiday that was given to us. Our enemies love Kwanzaa, love to see us engaged in its practice and have no qualms in promoting it bigger than life throughout the media. TV news shows around the United Hates… oops, I mean States, go out of their way to advance Kwanzaa, not because they want to, but because they’ve been instructed to. No other festivity or pro-Afrikan day is promoted this way except for Martin Luther King Day. Why is that?

Why do these media propaganda venues need us to believe in it so badly?
Why does the anti-black sociopath Bush and every other president from Reagan on, take the time to acknowledge Kwanzaa every year?

The answers might be that they want Christmas to be a largely white event, and want to take it back for themselves. But that would be self-defeating for them economically, and they are slowly losing their own economic base in Christmas, due to outright greed and over commercialization. So the answer must reside in the fact our enemies want to:

A) Market a new commercial endeavor called Kwanzaa that acts as a black Christmas to siphon money from Afrikan people during a critical time of year of resource consolidation for the enemy.

B) Promote an American agenda that ultimately serves their interests, and props up a long-standing asset while internally subverting genuine Afrikan goals and aspirations through their loyal dog Ron “Maulana” Karenga.

C) Enable corporations to make millions of dollars off greeting card sales, books, candles, gifts and assorted Kwanzaa accessories, that we see neither a dime, nor benefit as a people from.

In the process of exposing this, I want to proclaim in advance, my support for the progressive Afrikan principles of Kwanzaa. As I do believe that they can be very transformative, and of critical use towards the advancement of global Afrikan unity and liberation. What I have a serious problem with, is it's amalgamation of Christmas and Hanukkah into a "new" holiday that perpetuates a financial war against our people. As the funds gained during this time are gathered in a war chest, destined for use in campaigns and initiatives to enslave, murder and destroy our objectives of Afrikan progression.


During the era of 1969-1972 a large-scale politicization of prisons throughout the U.S. flourished, particularly in California, and was causing the enemy no end of problems. Led by the writings of Malcolm X, George Jackson, Eldridge Cleaver, Huey Newton, Marcus Garvey, Che Guevara, Mao Tse Tung and Ho Chi Mihn, Afrikan prisoners in particular, were becoming conscious of themselves as prisoners in a larger war against our race. As a result the imprisoned Afrikans began to organize, study and compose creative pro-Afrikan ideas, writings and works assert their natural human rights, unify as a force and drop systematic self-destructive behavior. This widespread organization was the beginning of what was to known as the powerful Prisoner’s Rights Movement. The success of this Prisoner’s Movement began to spread like wildfire throughout prison systems in the U.S. and as far as the UK. It even crossed racial lines, as Latinos, Native peoples, Asians and even whites started to support and emulate this bold new dynamic and to target our common enemy.

In response to this perceived threat, the CIA, FBI and coordinated military intelligence groups (Office of Naval Intelligence and Army Intelligence in particular) and engaged in several operational initiatives of murder, sabotage and destruction. Jonathan Jackson and his brother George were set up and murdered, prison race gangs (Black Guerilla Family, Aryan Brotherhood, Mexican Mafia, La Nuestra Familia, etc.) were encouraged, assisted and fostered to target and kill political prisoners, and progressive groups within the prisons. These elements were funded and used to spread death, drugs and criminal mayhem as a move to destroy the gains of the Prisoner’s Movement. Snitches and all manner of provocateurs were cultivated, trained and inserted amongst the revolutionary prisoners and groups. Division Five in concert with other departments of the FBI, specifically set-up and bad-jacketed/snitch-jacketed targeted prisoners for inmate incited hostilities and murder. Later, in the case of the revolutionary Attica uprising, the Prisoner’s Movement was violently suppressed on personal orders from Nelson Rockefeller, with scores of prisoners brutally beaten, tortured and murdered as examples to others in and out of the penal system.

The strength of the Prisoner’s Rights Movement was born out of imprisoned Afrikans consciously transforming themselves into revolutionary Afrikan warriors to serve the people. Their successes were noted and the CIA, in concert with Division Five of the FBI, the Stanford Research Institute, the California Bureau of Prisons, and the LAPD’s CCS (Criminal Conspiracy Section, organized a project known as The Black Cultural Association (BCA). The BCA was a specific behavior modification and psychological experimentation unit housed within the California State Prison and Medical Facility at Vacaville. Funding and direction for the BCA came from the CIA via the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) as well as the LEAA (Law Enforcement Assistance Administration of the U.S. Department of Justice). The cover story was "the development of black pride" for the Afrikan prisoners. Heading up this department was a psychotic house **** by the name of Colton Westbrook. Westbrook came from a U.S. Army background as a specialist in Psychological Warfare and Terror Ops for the CIA's Phoenix Project in Southeast Asia. Westbrook provided logistical support for CIA’s Phoenix Program and his particular job was the indoctrination of assassination and terrorist cadres also known as synthetic terror groups or pseudo-gangs. The Phoenix Project was a sustained policy of political assassinations, rigged elections, outright terror campaigns against civilians, political imprisonment in American-made tiger cages, torture and Psy Ops propaganda by CIA agents. CIA Director William Colby promised at his Senate confirmation hearings in July 1973 that he would curb the CIA's activities at home and abroad. Instead, he has imported the Phoenix Program directly into the United States.

A career CIA man, Westbrook worked under cover with A.I.D. (the Agency for International Development). Handling undercover black ops assignments throughout Cambodia, Thailand, India, Japan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Okinawa and Soviet Union. He later went on to supervising the CIA’s drug operations throughout Asia before finally being summoned to establish and direct the BCA at the California Medical Facility at Vacaville (a psychiatric state prison) in California. The California Medical Facility at Vacaville in actuality housed the Maximum Psychiatric Diagnostic Unit, or MPDU. This MPDU’s function was to receive and “treat” the worst "troublemakers" from prisons throughout the state. Westbrook adopted the name "Yajiuma" as part of his cover and then inserted his "pro-Afrikan" group, the Black Cultural Association into the inmate population. Westbrook/Yajiuma set about creating the BCA as honeypot to attract Afrikans who fit a specific psychological profile under the auspices of a cultural haven and pro-black self-development center. Under Project MKSEARCH, the Stanford Research Institute and CIA Research and Development programs worked with drugs such as Librium, and Magnesium Pemoline, which were administered illegally to certain BCA members at the California Medical Facility at Vacaville. Westbrook's assignment in the Black Cultural Association behavior modification unit was to recruit future agents for CIA domestic intelligence programs. Seemingly random killings, assassinations, and operations such as the Zebra murders in San Francisco, are linked to this prison control and training, through the imposition of mind-altering drugs, psycho-surgeries, chemo-surgeries, use of electric shock and electrode implants, and mind control programming such as Clear Eyes assassin training. The code-named "Zebra" killings (so-called by police because the crimes involved black on white crimes) took place in San Francisco during a six-month period from 1973 to 1974 and occurred during the time of CIA/FBI involvement in Vacaville and COINTELPRO operations in California. The murder spree involved shootings, stabbings, and hackings with machetes and was running roughly concurrent to the time that the SLA (Symbionese Liberation Army) was active. The crimes were allegedly perpetrated by so-called American Black Muslims motivated by "revenge on the white race". Given the history of such tactics as the use of disinformation and smear campaigns against "subversive" groups, it is possible that this was also part of a CIA/FBI project to discredit the Muslim movement in America, and that the murders were said to have been committed by whites in black face make-up. For a 179-day period, the "Zebra" killers brutally assaulted, robbed, and sodomized a total of twenty-three persons, leaving fifteen dead. Also running concurrently was the string of occult connected murders attributed to a so-called maniac dubbed the Zodiac Killer. Compelling new evidence reveals that this too was a coordinated part of the U.S. intelligence agencies’ synthetic terror operations, and that the “Zodiac Killer” was actually Team Zodiac. A terror squad composed of satanic cult organized killers and patsies, very much like the ones they established within the Manson Family and Son of Sam terror teams.

Colton Westbrook, working with the LAPD's CCS (Criminal Conspiracy Section) and Division Five of the FBI, used certain newly "Africanized" and modified recruits to set up two primary synthetic terror groups known as the Us organization with police agent Ron N. Everett a.k.a. Ron Karenga; and the SLA, or Symbionese Liberation Army with police informer and provocateur Donald DeFreeze. According to CCS police snitch and provocateur Louis Tackwood, Ron Karenga and his Us (later known as the United Slaves) organization were funded by the Ford Foundation, the LAPD and his good friend Mayor Sam Yorty through municipal funds. Financing to the tune of over $50,000 per year, plus two offices and five apartments, as indicated in the September 6, 1969 edition of the Black Panther newspaper. The Wall Street Journal revealed that Karenga “Maintained close ties to the eastern Rockefeller family” and that “A few weeks after the assassination of Martin Luther King… Mr. Karenga slipped into Sacramento for a private chat with Governor Ronald Reagan, at the governor’s request. The black nationalist also met clandestinely with Los Angeles Police Chief Thomas Reddin after King had been killed.”

Louis E. Tackwood was the liaison man between Karenga and DeFreeze and LAPD's CCS division. Aptly named, the Criminal Conspiracy Section's sole purpose and agenda was to target and destroy black militants and their organizations, through conspiracies involving informers, agent provocateurs, programmed assassins and set-up men. As well as "militant" synthetic terror groups to sabotage and discredit the Afrikan liberation movement in general. Through Tackwood, Ron Karenga and his United Slaves (we should've known they were punks by their ******* name alone!) were given their assignments to "Work in opposition to other Black groups within the Black community, which attracted large numbers of Blacks." Karenga was directly ordered to “Curtail the Panther Party’s growth, no matter what the cost, and that no rang-a-tang (CCS slang for US members) —that’s what we called his people— would ever be convicted of murder.” Tackwood also stated that he provided Karenga with assassination orders from the FBI to kill Panther leaders Elmore Geronimo Pratt, and Alprentice “Bunchy” Carter.

Why target Carter?

The Southern California chapter of the Black Panther Party was formed in 1968 by Alprentice "Bunchy" Carter. Carter was the former head of the 5,000-strong Slauson gang and its hard-core unit, the Slauson Renegades, and was known in the area as "the Mayor of the Ghetto". While spending four years in Soledad prison on charges of armed robbery, he became a Muslim and a follower of Malcolm X. In 1967, Carter met Black Panther Party Minister of Defense Huey Newton and immediately became a Panther on the spot. Newton recognized Carter's formidable organization and leadership skills and tasked him with forming and leading the Southern California BPP chapter. In early 1968, he was given the revolutionary position of Deputy Minister of Defense.

On January 17, 1969, Jerome Huggins, 23 and Alprentice “Bunchy” Carter 26, were gunned down by Karenga’s men, George P. and Larry Joseph Stiner, Harold Jones, Donald Hawkins and the triggerman Claude "Chuchessa" Hubert. Larry Stiner was wounded in the shoulder from a shot squeezed off by Alprentice Carter, and three of them made their way back to the get-away car driven by their FBI handler Brandon Cleary also known to them as Control One. According to a police agent code-named Othello (most likely either D’Arthard Perry, a.k.a. Ed Riggs or Louis E. Tackwood), Cleary drove three of the assassins back to the FBI building in Los Angeles, where they met in a 14th floor office for debriefing. The FBI then facilitated gunman Claude Hubert’s escape as Hubert was subsequently transferred to an east coast office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in New York City. Hubert has never been apprehended and is believed to be currently living under Bureau cover. As for the Stiner brothers, they were ordered to turn themselves into police whereupon the Bureau would assist them when things quieted down. After their reported surrender, the Stiner brothers were tried and convicted of the murders of Carter and Huggins. They were sentenced to San Quentin, a maximum-security prison. Four years later, as "model prisoners", the two were transferred to the minimum-security section of the prison. The FBI made good on their promise and facilitated their escape in 1974, during a conjugal visit arranged for both. Aided by a black prison guard the two were literally allowed to just walk off, and their handlers in the FBI assisted in providing them safe transit and haven in Guyana, South America. One has to wonder what Larry Stiner knows, and if his services were utilized further in nearby Jonestown, as he was in Guyana during that time. His brother George eventually left Guyana, and his current whereabouts are an FBI secret. Larry however, changed his name to Watani, married, and moved to neighboring Suriname. After civil conflicts threatened his family and great new life, he called his handlers with a request to return to the United States in exchange for granting political asylum for his family. This scumbag traitor and FBI snitch returned in 1994 and was double-crossed by his masters, who arranged for him to finish out his life sentence.

Who was Othello?

Depending on sources, he was either D’Arthard Perry, a.k.a. Ed Riggs, or Louis E. Tackwood. From 1968 to 1975 he was a paid undercover operative for the FBI and committed many of the crimes that the congressional committees and the Justice Department failed to uncover. Othello was the code name given to him by the FBI, who ultimately became so pleased with his performance they gave Othello $2,400 a month in cash payments and expenses, making him one of the bureau's highest-paid (and therefore one of its most valued) operatives. As FBI documents released under the Freedom of Information Act years later revealed, there were at least 295 FBI operations against black groups up to year 1971; of that total, 233 were specific operations launched against the Black Panthers. The Bureau wound up spending an estimated $7,400,000—much of it on operatives like Othello—and informants and undercover men to wreck the organization. That amount is about double what the FBI was spending to obtain information about organized crime.

Meanwhile back at California Medical Facility at Vacaville …
A covert mind control unit with funding from the CIA channeled through the Stanford Research Institute (SRI). These Menlo Park behavior modification specialists experimented with psychoactive drugs administered to members of the BCA. Black prisoners were programmed to murder selected black leaders once on the outside. The CIA/SRI zombie killer hit list included Oakland school superintendent Dr. Marcus Foster, and Panthers Huey P. Newton and Bobby Seale, among others.

Working with some white CIA associates; Westbrook was now very busy mobilizing his BCA hypno-soldiers into a violent para-military synthetic terror group known as the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA). Amongst them a pathetic loser named Donald DeFreeze stood out. From 1967 to 1969, he worked as a police informer for the Los Angeles Police Department, under Detective R. G. Farwell, Public Disorder Intelligence unit. At the time, the LAPD was supplying weapons to independent black agents and the United Slaves (US), hiring them to specifically kill Black Panthers. DeFreeze worked closely with police agent provocateur Ron Karenga, head of the US organization. Later, other members of Karenga's group were programmed at California Medical Facility at Vacaville with DeFreeze. DeFreeze stated that at Vacaville in 1971-72 he was the subject of a CIA mind-control experiments. He described his incarceration on the prison's third floor, where he was corralled by CIA agents who drugged him and said he would become the leader of a radical movement and kidnap a wealthy person. Prior to Vacaville, nothing in DeFreeze's background indicated a political consciousness while he worked as a police intelligence informer. Shortly after his arranged escape from Vacaville (an exit door was left unlocked for him), that's exactly what he did, following his programming on cue.

Colton Westbrook co-opted the works and revolutionary writings of the genuine Afrikan Prisoners Movement, and incorporated them into the teachings of the BCA. DeFreeze, his star pupil, was even allowed to set up a sub-group called Unisight to refine his programmed leadership role in the Symbionese Liberation Army. Earlier, Westbrook had invented Ron Karenga’s United Slaves logo with the seven-headed cobra, along with accompanying Swahili principles incorporating each head:


You may know these now as the 7 Principles of Kwanzaa.

After Karenga’s conviction and the US (United Slaves) were no longer of any practical military or intelligence use. Colton Westbrook revamped the United Slaves seven-headed cobra and principles, and grafted them onto his new group, the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA). DeFreeze who now changed his name to Cinque, or Cin, would be the leader of the group who consisted of 5 white intelligence assets and negro operative named Thero Wheeler. Wheeler met DeFreeze earlier, when they were both prisoners at Vacaville in 1972, and Wheeler was placed as an inside handler to manipulate both DeFreeze/Cinque and the rest of the SLA. Thero Wheeler was later transferred to San Quentin and to facilitate his activation in the SLA, he too was allowed to just walk away from his imprisonment in August of 1973.

Another unusual development with intelligence connections, was the sudden appearance of a man by the name of Bernard Keaton who was secured as an actual double for Donald DeFreeze. Keaton surfaced in spring, of 1973, after DeFreeze walked away from Soledad and claimed to be Donald DeFreeze. As cover, Keaton moved in with DeFreeze family friend Reverend W. Foster and family, in Buffalo, New York. Keaton's impersonation was so good, that he was even familiar with intimate details of the family history that only DeFreeze could have known about. The only reason for having Keaton as a double was in case law enforcement officers in the Bay area had accidentally picked up DeFreeze during the time between his "escape" from Soledad and the kidnapping of Patricia Hearst. Then if necessary, his double could have taken his place in prison. Three long-years had gone into training DeFreeze for his mission while at Vacaville Medical Facility, and it couldn’t afford to be jeopardized. Later when the FBI was challenged about Bernard Keaton being DeFreeze’s double, the FBI stated they are not concerned or even curious about him and stated that it "isn't illegal."

When the CIA/FBI/CCS decided that the SLA had outlived its usefulness, and DeFreeze's programming was coming apart more and more. Their terror group the SLA needed to be publicly eliminated. Wayne Lewis, an FBI agent provocateur, reported that the FBI had asked him to replace DeFreeze 2 weeks before DeFreeze’s death because "the FBI was going to kill him." The police and the FBI, then carefully arranged for their select operatives Thero Wheeler, Emily and William Harris and Patricia Hearst to be secreted out to safety, and surrounded the SLA’s safe house. As soon as Thero Wheeler and another negro punk made sure the others remained in the house for sacrifice, the clean-up operation began in earnest. Agent Donald Gray of the FBI shot DeFreeze in the back from a position just outside the house. Then a fusillade of bullets were fired into the house and the structure set ablaze on national TV. DeFreeze and 5 other SLA members were calculatingly incinerated, along with any telling and critical evidence. The LAPD did not notify DeFreeze's family of his death for three days. His remains were sent to them in Cleveland, Ohio, with both the head and the fingers missing. I can only imagine that if a proper and thorough autopsy were performed specifically on the brain tissues, it would have revealed evidence of any chemo-surgeries, physical surgeries, psychoactive chemical residue and/or electrode experimentation. It was either that, or the body they had was actually Bernard Keaton the double for DeFreeze. It was alleged that directly after the clean-up operation, the CIA demanded possession of DeFreeze’s head. ...

Ron Karenga was convicted of two counts of felonious assault and one count of false imprisonment. For his role in the imprisonment and grievous torture of two Afrikan women named Deborah Jones and Gail Davis. A May 14, 1971, article in the Los Angeles Times described the testimony of Deborah Jones, who once was given the Swahili title of an African queen. Said that on May 9, 1970, she and Gail Davis were whipped with an electrical cord and beaten with a karate baton after being ordered to remove their clothes. She testified that a hot soldering iron was placed in Miss Davis' mouth and placed against Miss Davis' face and that one of her own big toes was tightened in a vise. Karenga, head of US, also put detergent and running hoses in their mouths, she said." Additional evidence and testimony surfaced that indicated that the following day, Karenga allegedly told the women “Vietnamese torture is nothing compared to what I know” (CIA torture lessons from Westbrook and the Phoenix Project no doubt). One of two cohorts, Luz Maria Tamayo reportedly put detergent and a caustic substance in the women’s’ mouths, and the other, Louis Smith turned a water hose full force on their faces, with Karenga, holding a gun, and threatening to shoot both of them (Jones & Davis)." Karenga was also found to have burned Davis and Jones with lit cigarettes and inserted a water hose into them (their vaginas) and sadistically forced cold and alternately very hot water into them.

Seeing that this could lead to a real stretch in a real prison, Karenga didn’t want to do hard time in a regular prison, so he feigned insanity and beseeched his covert masters for their help. Quoting from a transcript of Karenga's sentencing hearing on Sept. 17, 1971: “A key issue was whether Karenga was sane. Judge Arthur L. Alarcon read from a psychiatrist's report: "Since his admission here he has been isolated and has been exhibiting bizarre behavior, such as staring at the wall, talking to imaginary persons, claiming that he was attacked by dive-bombers and that his attorney was in the next cell.” “… During part of the interview he would look around as if reacting to hallucination and when the examiner walked away for a moment he began a conversation with a blanket located on his bed, stating that there was someone there and implying indirectly that the 'someone' was a woman imprisoned with him for some offense. This man now presents a picture which can be considered both paranoid and schizophrenic with hallucinations and elusions, inappropriate affect, disorganization, and impaired contact with the environment."

Either he was faking for a reduced sentence, or some BCA programming was going haywire. In any event he was sentenced on Sept. 17, 1971, to serve one to ten years in California State Prison named "California Men's Colony", in San Luis Obispo, California. His handlers stepped in once again and he was later transferred to—get this… the California Medical Facility at Vacaville (for possible de-programming or re-programming?). Brother Spartacus of GAP Radio asserts that it’s possible that Karenga may have never even served the sentence in the prison at all. And that his masters in the FBI may have arranged for fake prison records to be generated at the facility of his alleged prison term. Which is something to ponder, considering how valuable he WAS to them then, and IS to them now. Since then, the FBI’s Anti-Afrikan COINTELPRO strategy continued uninterrupted, and has been expanded and instituted globally with new names such as TOPLEV, COMTEL and THERMCON.

A brief account of the sentencing ran in several newspapers the following day. That was apparently the last newspaper article to mention Karenga's unfortunate habit of doing unspeakable things to black people. After that, the only coverage came from the hundreds of news accounts that depict him as the wonderful man who invented Kwanzaa.

Karenga was released a scant 3 years later in 1974, and his handlers in the CIA and FBI set him up to be Chairman of the Department of Black Studies at California State University. Now named Professor Maulana (Master teacher) Karenga, He later resurfaced with the resurrected SLA principles and dubbed them the 7 Principles of Kwanzaa complete with an Africanized Hanukkah menorah called the Kinara. His handlers in the FBI thought that this would serve a two-fold purpose of the establishing and marketing a synthetic African holiday with a convoluted African origin, that would serve their financial agenda as an alternative Christmas marketed directly to black people. And two, to give their valued operative with a new cover for a re-insertion into the Afrikan community. Primarily for intelligence gathering, gate-keeping and an assumed leadership role with complete absolution of his crimes against the Afrikan masses. That, in addition to the great laughter they enjoy watching us sanctify a sick, sadistic, predator of Afrikan people. A vile tool who delights in the continued destruction of our liberation. But let’s hear from the man Karenga himself talking candidly in a May 9, 1978 article from the Washington Post: "People think it's African, but it's not". He continued, "I came up with Kwanzaa because black people in this country wouldn't celebrate it if they knew it was American. Also, I put it around Christmas because I knew that's when a lot of bloods (young black people) would be partying."

We need to make a revolutionary choice at this point, and either continue celebrating a holiday given to us by our enemies. A holiday that amalgamates Christmas and Hanukkah, with a synthetic African characteristic, inserted strategically for seven days right after Christmas.

7218P%7EKwanzaa Posters - KwanzaaKwanzaa was an Afrikan Trojan Horse to continue an un-official celebration of the Christmas season, and redirect our hard-earned money back into the enemy’s coffers. To depart a legend and give absolution to a traitor Afrikan masses should have judged and gave a death sentence for crimes against Afrikan people and our struggle. Kwanzaa is now as commercially viable a commodity as Christmas, generating millions in greeting-card sales alone. "It's clear that a number of major corporations have started to take notice and try to profit from Kwanzaa," said a San Francisco State Black studies professor Oba T'Shaka.

Let’s stand as one, and salvage the good from Kwanzaa, then give it a burial and develop our OWN day that Afrikans around the world can look up to in pride and united celebration. A day that serves OUR collective interests, and enriches the revolutionary traditions of OUR race. A day that our enemies will revile. A day that frees us from their shallow trappings and venal exploitations.

The SLA is CIA and varied works of Mae Brussell
The SLA by Mae Brussell
Agents of Repression by Ward Churchill and Jim Vander Wall
The Glass House Tapes by Louis Tackwood
The Black Panther newspaper - September 6, 1969
Muhammad Speaks – November 12, 1971
Bitter Grain Huey Newton and the Black Panther Party by Michael Newton
FrontPage Magazine.com - Happy Kwanzaa by Paul Mulshine
The Ultimate Evil by Maury Terry

'Kwanzaa Ain't No Good Thing' Black Journalist Admits

I live in an area where the population is 50% African American. So I assumed there would be Kwanzaa celebrations here. To find out more about it I spoke with Randy Stelly, a Creole businessman and publisher of a newspaper called The Real Views, that I have been associated with for several years. I asked Randy if he celebrated Kwanza and if so, how he was doing it so I could pass that along to readers. I assumed good things about it so I wasn’t prepared for Randy's reply.

His eyes narrowed and brows furrowed, Randy looked earnestly at me and said, “First of all, remember that black folks are no more homogeneous than white folks so don’t assume we all celebrate Kwanzaa. It isn’t part of my tradition. And I think if people really knew what was behind it and how it began, it wouldn't be celebrated by anybody except those who just want to be stupid. I can tell you a lot about it because it’s important. That’s because I think folks shouldn’t side with something that was built on a history of intimidation and violence.”

I was curious since intimidation and violence aren’t words associated with Kwanzaa images. I wondered, as many people might, how could Kwanzaa could be anything but good. So my eyes were opened as I listened to Randy talk about his California experience, in the black power movement of the 1960’s. Randy knew some of the Black Panther members, since he was always interested in politics and the news. He was never a member of any black extremist group but had the journalist’s inquiring mind. That led him to getting involved with a number of people back then who figured prominently in the development of the “black identity.”

Eldridge Cleaver, Kathleen Cleaver, Angela Davis, Bobby Seale, and Mohammad X were familiar names to me since I was a young adult at the time. These folks were described by the media in the 60's as the more outwardly demonstrative, somewhat aggressive, always assertive, members of “the movement.” There were other names, however, that I hadn't known, names like Ron Karenga and Geronimo Pratt. And that's where Randy's story started--leading me to find out about these characters, to learn more about Kwanzaa’s founder and whether his life reflected the teachings of the holiday he initiated.

Mr. Karenga, the founder of Kwanzaa, has quite a past. Randy told me that Karenga had been the head of the opposition party on the campus of UCLA, struggling against the Black Panthers for control of the black movement in the area. He went on to tell me that a group called Cointelpro, connected with the FBI and the government, got involved with that opposition group which called itself US, a euphemism for United Slaves. Research supports that Randy’s narrative to be right..

Karenga, born July 14, 1941 according a resource on the Internet, has been also referred to by the title “Maulana” which means “master teacher” in Arabic and Swahili. Kwanzaa was founded by Karenga with the first observed celebration in California from December 26 until January 1, 1967. Four years later Karenga was convicted of felony assault for having kidnapped and tortured two of US female members.

Randy recalled that at the time Karenga was rumored to have a particular dislike of black women. A Los Angles Time article on his trial dated May 14, 1971 summarized the testimony of one of the women: “Deborah Jones, who once was given the Swahili title of an African queen, said she and Gail Davis were whipped with an electrical cord and beaten with a karate baton after being ordered to remove their clothes. She testified that a hot soldering iron was placed in Ms. Davis's mouth and placed against Ms. Davis's face and that one of her own big toes was tightened in a vise. Karenga, head of US, also put detergent and running hoses in their mouths, she said.” They also were hit on the heads with toasters.

During Karenga's trial there were questions about his sanity. He was described by a psychiatrist as someone who “represents a picture that can be considered both paranoid and schizophrenic with hallucinations and illusions, inappropriate affect, disorganization and impaired contact with the environment.” Yet in spite of his criminal acts, for which he was prosecuted, found guilty and imprisoned until 1975, and his questionable sanity, Karenga has become the symbol of the importance of family, community and culture in the holiday known as Kwanzaa.

The idea that Ron Karenga is associated with a recognized holiday is ironic to Randy Stelly because he sees it as a made-up holiday by Karenga to establish black identity through ties to Africa. In fact Karenga, in his treatise The Quotable Karenga, has detailed the sevenfold path of blackness to think black, talk black, act black, creat black, buy black vote black and live black.”

After leaving prison Karenga went on to obtain two doctoral degrees, became head of the Black Studies Department at California State University, where he toned down his speech but continued to espouse black alternatives to mainstream experiences. The Kwanzaa Information Center states, 'red, or the blood, stands as the top of all things. We lost our land through blood; and we cannot gain it except through blood. We must redeem our lives through the blood. Without the shedding of blood there can be no redemption of this race.' The Information Center also observes that the flag is a symbol of devotion for African American people to create an independent African nation on the North American continent.

Randy notes that we have all seen the result of separatism and extremism in the world and throughout our own United States history. Such movements, bred in violence, continually breed violence, even within its own members, as occurred during the time of the rise of the Black Panthers and US, when people were condemned, tortured and killed. Such views have no place in the world of God and should be discarded.

That’s one man’s opinion but one that clarified enough for me not to be politically correct about Kwanzaa.

Additional References

References: Scholer, J. Lawrence, “The Story of Kwaanza,” The Dartmouth Review, Monday, January 15, 2001. Mulshine, Paul “Happy Kwanzaa,” , FrontPageMagazine.com, December 26, 2002. Snow, Tony, “The Truth About Kwanzaa,”Jewish World Review, December 31, 1999.
Dutch Kwanzaa follower calls Obama 'a nigger in charge'

A leading member of the Amsterdam Kwanzaa movement and radio personality Wensley Burleson with the Black Community Broadcasting group has been banned from the airwaves over his racist comments and hate

The Amsterdam city council broadcasting commission (Salto) banned his two-hour programme after local town councillors lodged charges of antisemitism against him.

His "No Limits' broadcast time - on Sundays -- was taken off the air until the investigation is completed. The BCB presents itself on the air as 'a radio station which is only for blacks who support black-consciousness'.

At an earlier harvest celebration of Kwanzaa in Amsterdam, Burleson also was widely reported in the news media as describing then-presidential candidate Barack Obama and black Amsterdam city councillor Laetitia Griffith as 'the niggers in charge, with the white master determining who will be in charge.'

Burleson, is accused of delivering racist diatribes on the air in which he blames "the Jews' for inciting slavery, referred to local town councillors Jerry Straub and Peter Bals as nazis and said all Hindus were 'hindu-nazis'.
He also described black women as 'weak', referred to Dutch Labour Party MP Jeroen Dijsselbloem as a 'concentration camp guard' and said that Amsterdam mayor Job Cohen 'used the identical language uttered by (Adolph) Hitler.' see

Some thirty members from the large Suriname community in Amsterdam showed up to support him at a press conference held by Burleson at the local café Shaquil. They said they all were members of the Kwanzaa movement. see

Refuses to speak to white journalists:

Burleson refused to speak to any white journalists at the press conference -- calling them the 'white supremacy press' and accusing the Amsterdam news media of 'portraying him as a racist.

"The news media is the enemy. Don't ever talk to the white-supremacy press.'

Director Rudolf Buurma of Salto said 'the BCB programme was barred from the airwaves because it does not fit into the context of our community broadcasting system.We do want to broadcast all the alternative viewpoints from all four compass points. However, this particular broadcast by Burleson was extraordinarily antisemitic. And when people start using such hate-speech against other race groups, it also brings Salto in disrepute.'

BCB declines to respond as they are still conferring with a lawyer about the matter, their spokesman said.

Burleson - a leading member of the Kwanzaa movement in Amsterdam -- was banned from Salto radio broadcasts before. Early in 2007, he said in a Radio SouthEast broadcast that black liberal city councillor Laetitia Griffith was a 'nigger in charge', i.e. a black who was 'granted permission from the white master to act as manager.' He has also referred to President Barack Obama in the same way, and refers to the Roman-Catholic religion as 'homophile and criminal'.

Burleson - who lives in the Amsterdam highrise suburb De Bijlmer and used to work there as an integration councillor for the Amsterdam town council -- now rejects this programme, which encourages all new residents to fully integrate into Dutch society, including learning Dutch and educating their children in the public school system.

Buurma and the board of Salto are now trying to find a way to prevent a repeat of broadcasting such racist outbursts in future, Dutch daily Het Parool reports."We now have examples in hand of which we can definitely say that 'this had gone too far'.


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  1. Over 15 years ago my father told me, when he was in College, it was pretty well known knowledge among politically savvy black students that Ron Karenga was a federal plant and instrumental in some hijinks down in Atlanta.

    By that time my dad of course was a professional, well into his career, and considerably more conservative – his student days of progressive politics were long over. However he did steadfastly maintain for years that it was common knowledge that “Maulana” was a paid fed agent, lots of people knew this, but over time of course people just forget forgive and they move on.

    He had some choice words about what was commonly known, among politically hep and active students, about Jessie Jackson as well.

  2. I am now enlightened!I’m appalled by the history of Mr. Karenga, but the question is, can something with such roots bare good fruit? There’s a lot about history, especially here in America that’s down right atrocious. Can America be or is it considered great having been built on oppressive slavery (i.e. rape, torture, murder, etc.)? I think we (Africa-Americans) can build off the principles of kwanzaa in spite of the founder’s history just as White Americans have done off its founders!!!

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