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Is David Ray Griffin for Real? – Notes on Global Theology, the Falk Question, Cults & Howard Ahmanson

Alex Constantine - December 29, 2006

aconfrontev129 - Is David Ray Griffin for Real? - Notes on Global Theology, the Falk Question, Cults & Howard AhmansonBY ALEX CONSTANTINE

In response to an Angie's classic article on the "creepy sides" of the 9/11 truth movement – manifest particularly in representations of one-world governance by religious and cultic proponents in the leadership of the movement – David Ray Griffin writes:

"At the same time as the case is being made for the necessity and possibility of global government, people in various religious and philosophical traditions need to be interpreting those traditions, probably through a combination of retrieval and reformation, so as to reveal and emphasize their support for this transition to world unity ... My major project at present is, in fact, to develop a theology for a new world order ... "

Angie wasn't appeased by facile explanations, and noted that Griffin's "new order theology" amounted to an eclectic cobbling together of religious concepts, that a Rockefeller study group had inspired Griffin's advocacy of "normative globalism":

" ... the Rockefellers have played a role in re-engineering religion.... It is interesting to learn from your reply that it was actually during your five-week Bellagio-Rockefeller Study Center stay in the early 90’s that you first developed your conviction that a new global structure is a necessity ..."

Falk1 - Is David Ray Griffin for Real? - Notes on Global Theology, the Falk Question, Cults & Howard AhmansonPrinceton's Richard A. Falk wrote a foreword to Griffin's The New Pearl Harbor, published by Interlink – a trenchant piece of investigative journalism that attacks the very people who have supported and nurtured Griffin his entire adult life?

images 1 - Is David Ray Griffin for Real? - Notes on Global Theology, the Falk Question, Cults & Howard AhmansonDr. Falk sits on the board of The Nation ... the ranking Mockingbird state propaganda outlet for the programmed left. That alone rules him out as a credible authority ... If he can't perceive the shortcomings of The Nation, its role in molding "progressive" opinions then his qualifications are irrelevant – he has no business telling the left what to think. By the same token, if Griffin invites a Nation board member to write the foreword to a book on 9/11, then he has no grasp of media control and infiltration and therefore is NOT the authority on fascism and the intelligence sector that he pretends to be.

Dr. Falk, who is also a Council of Foreign Relations member, held a joint appointment in the Woodrow Wilson School and the Department of Politics between 1961 and 2001. His academic writing includes The End of World Order, The Status of Law in International Society, Human Rights and State Sovereignty, The Promise of World Order, Toward a New Global Politics, and
Emerging Global Village: A Post-Westphalian Perspective. Dr. Falk is currently a Visiting Distinguished Professor in Global and International Studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara.

666 2003 uncouncil - Is David Ray Griffin for Real? - Notes on Global Theology, the Falk Question, Cults & Howard AhmansonAngie found Falk's involvement in the World Order Models Project "creepy," and in response, Griffin took a nonsensical position:

"With regard to [Angie's] statement that Richard 'has worked on new world order projects for the CFR, like the World Order Models Project, [Falk reports]: 'I did have a MARGINAL relationship to the 1980s Project, which was trying to project a set of future conditions in world affairs, and was headed by Princeton colleague, Richard Ullman. It was a rather benign undertaking, and had NOTHING to do with the world order models project.'”

Dr. Falk's sentence is a slippery non sequitar. "I did have a marginal relationship to the 1980s Project" – actually, Dr. Falk was RESEARCH DIRECTOR of the North American team in the World Order Models Project – "[but] had NOTHING to do with the world order models project." A Rovian gloss? This ... from the leadership of a TRUTH movement? Griffin:

September 13, 2004

Dear Angie,

"... I must confess that, in the eyes of God, I am probably indeed a pretty bad guy. But I was somewhat surprised by the reasons you gave for warning really pure 9/11 truth-seekers to be wary of me."

Bush3984 - Is David Ray Griffin for Real? - Notes on Global Theology, the Falk Question, Cults & Howard AhmansonAn official, global theology that coincides with a global state would make anyone wary, but there are other reasons to ask hard questions of Dr. Griffin.

A former research partner of mine assembled this background on Claremont and Griffin a couple of years ago:


Escudo%20Claremont.JPG - Is David Ray Griffin for Real? - Notes on Global Theology, the Falk Question, Cults & Howard AhmansonProfessor of Philosophy of Religion and Theology; Professor of Religion, Claremont Graduate University

B.A., Northwest Christian College; M.A., University of Oregon; Ph.D., Claremont Graduate School

Dr. Griffin is an advocate of process theology and has given special attention to Christology, the problem of evil, science and theology, and ecology and religion. He has been developing a "constructive postmodern theology," which is manifest in his many books. The wider implications of this position for intellectual, social, and global problems are expressed in the SUNY Series in Constructive Postmodern Thought, which he edits. His most recent book is entitled Reenchantment without Supernaturalism: A Process Philosophy of Religion (Cornell UP, 2001).

Why%20Whitehead - Is David Ray Griffin for Real? - Notes on Global Theology, the Falk Question, Cults & Howard Ahmanson

The Center for Process Studies, co-founded by John B. Cobb, Jr. and David Ray Griffin in 1973, is oriented to the needs of scholars and students. The Process and Faith program, directed by William A. Beardslee, addresses themes of process theology to pastors, religious educators, and theologically-interested laity. The Center for a Postmodern World, founded by David Ray Griffin in 1987, relates the process worldview to many of the concerns of non-academic and secular audiences.


The Claremont Colleges, currently five, small, independent colleges and two graduate institutions. They are (in order of founding): Pomona College (1887), The Claremont Graduate University (1925), Scripps (1926), Claremont McKenna College (1946), Harvey Mudd College (1955), Pitzer College (1963), and the Keck Graduate Insti
tute of Applied Life Sciences (1997).

"The assets of The Claremont Colleges total more than $3 billion, including substantial endowments in all of the colleges, over 175 buildings, and 550 acres of land˜320 now occupied and 230 reserved for colleges and professional schools that may be founded in the future."

images 9 - Is David Ray Griffin for Real? - Notes on Global Theology, the Falk Question, Cults & Howard AhmansonWhere did the huge endowment come from? Who pays the salaries, publishes the books, and controls the output of the lectures and research conducted? To find this out--to follow the money – always look at the Board of Trustees; they handle the money questions. See if any names stand out. Look especially for connections to capital streams that could involve money-laundering to finance the institution. What you find is a "network." Money is washed by a team that usually work together toward a purpose without knowing what the purpose is. It is operated like an intelligence operation on a need-to-know basis. The goal is to find money for "worthy causes," without asking tough questions like:

"Where is the money coming from?"


images 4 - Is David Ray Griffin for Real? - Notes on Global Theology, the Falk Question, Cults & Howard Ahmanson • Jonathan Dolgen, Viacom Entertainment

• Donald R. DesCombes, Chairman PFF Bank in Pomona
• Charlene R. Jackson, President of HLS Financial
Services in Houston.
• Henry Hwang, Chairman of Rock-Asia Capital

27054640.IMG 3005 - Is David Ray Griffin for Real? - Notes on Global Theology, the Falk Question, Cults & Howard AhmansonDemonstrators at Claremont

That's just for starters. What's interesting is that there's no history given at this website. For that you have to dig further.


blaisdell - Is David Ray Griffin for Real? - Notes on Global Theology, the Falk Question, Cults & Howard AhmansonJames Blaisdell's vision gave rise to the consortium of educational institutions known as The Claremont Colleges. The Claremont Consortium was officially born on October 14, 1925, when Robert J. Bernard, the assistant to President Blaisdell at Pomona College, filed in Sacramento the articles of incorporation for The Claremont Colleges. This day was especially chosen because it also marked the 38th anniversary of the founding of Pomona College, the first of several allied colleges that would be established in Claremont. Blaisdell thereby created not only an alliance that is now widely recognized as one of the nation's greatest centers of liberal arts education, but also a central coordinating agency for the consortium - an organization known today as the Claremont University Consortium....

To really understand where Claremont's money comes from, you have to go back to the creation of America's oil empire in the Middle East by the FDR administration, with the help of California oil men.

This is very hard work to understand what happened and how what happened then is driving what is happening now. But it's mostly about money--money that supports all these "worthy" goals we established so long ago.



From: Vigilius Haufniensis

To: cia-drugs@yahoogroups.com
Cc: political-research@yahoogroups.com
Sent: Friday, April 16, 2004 1:05 AM
Subject: Re: [cia-drugs] DICK EASTMAN

Well that doesn't do much for Griffin's credibility does it? – XX

XX: ... griffen references eastman in that eastman puts foreward the theory that there was a pentagon plane AND a missile, so he doesnt address eastman's personal credibility, he merely brings him up with reference to this theory....


NewPearlHarborNew 150 1 - Is David Ray Griffin for Real? - Notes on Global Theology, the Falk Question, Cults & Howard AhmansonThe New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11 by David Ray Griffin

Ray Griffin/104-8418011-0363963>

"... i suspect griffin leans toward neoconservatism, even though he doesnt seem to like bush at all. instead of saying 'mossad,' for instance, he says 'a certain foreign intelligence agency.' i had heard rumors that claremont was a haven for neoconservatism, and then i found out that strauss had actually been at claremont for a year back when it was founded by griffin and john cobb jr in the early 70's. ... just kind of makes you wonder about eastman. ... "



Invitation to a Stoning
Getting cozy with theocrats
Walter Olson | November 1998 Print Edition

howard 01 - Is David Ray Griffin for Real? - Notes on Global Theology, the Falk Question, Cults & Howard Ahmanson"Prominent California philanthropist Howard F. Ahmanson Jr., who has given Rushdoony's operations more than $700,000 over the years.... An heir of the Home Savings bank fortune, Ahmanson has also been an important donor to numerous other groups, including the CLAREMONT Institute, the Seattle-based Discovery Institute and--just to show how complicated life gets--the Reason Foundation, the publisher of this magazine (for projects not associated with its publication). ... "

Compare Howard Ahmanson's nationalistic ideal with David Ray Griffin's global governmental-theological state:

"Ahmanson is a California millionaire who uses his trust fund to finance right-wing Christian, anti-gay, anti-evolution groups and politicians. He was previously associated with Christian Reconstructionism, which advocates a BIBLICALLY-BASED GOVERNMENT for the U.S. (Neither Ahmanson nor his
philanthropic endeavors have their own websites. Make of that what you will.)"

When you think of Ahmanson, think Diebold, ES&S, Disney and (yes) the CFR. (Disney/ABC director John Bryson is also on the board of the H.F. Ahmanson & Co. Ahmanson holds a majority stake in ES&S, invested in Diebold. He is a CFR heavy-weight. He was also instrumental in the founding of the ultra-con Council for National Policy.)

diebold - Is David Ray Griffin for Real? - Notes on Global Theology, the Falk Question, Cults & Howard Ahmanson
PS: Griffin's publisher Interlink ties to CIA Mockingbird John Train's ongoing war on the left. This will be the topic of a pending note on DGR. In general, I have moved on from 9/11 because the cointel-dupe factor is extreme in the movement, and little can be done because the channels of communication are in a state of chaos as a
result. Hard-line factionalism makes argumentation of objective, unbiased research and peer review impossible. Turmoil is not an ideal condition for pursuing truth, unfortunately, but the place to start is with the leadership, sorting out the Mockingbirds from the legitimate researchers, then perhaps the flames will dissipate and real progress can be made. But it's certain that the 9/11 record will begin to correct itself it the cult programmers are ousted from the Temple of Truth.

- AC

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