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Richard Dolan Another Shill with the “Alien UFO” Taint Contaminates the 9/11 Movement

Alex Constantine - May 14, 2008

dolan - Richard DolanBy Alex Constantine

The 9/11 movement's leading anti-semitic, occultic shlll, Laura Knight-Jadzyck, gives Richard Dolan an A for "Alien":

"After all the years of digging through the mud of the Matrix Control System and collecting data which leads to the inescapable idea that we are not at the top of the Food Chain here on the Big Blue Marble, there are still things that can affect me with a paralyzing sense of helplessness. Reading Richard Dolan's expose [sic] of the ongoing denial by the government of the 'Alien Presence' on our planet - UFOs and the National Security State - is one of them. ... "

Richard Dolan has been spinning plates big time.

The military-intelligence complex are really proprietors of "UFOs," advanced black-budget flight technology, as I've documented time and again, but Dolan puts just enough spin in the subject to obscure this fact with his ludicrous claims about earth's hidden "aliens":

"Richard Dolan is a historian whose study of the Cold War led him into the broader context of secrecy and national security, and finally into the study of UFOs. ... Dolan centers his investigation on the American military and intelligence communities, demonstrating that they take UFOs very seriously indeed. ... "

In his own words:


"I was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1962, the son of a police officer and nurse. I grew up on Long Island, where I read books and played baseball. As an undergraduate student at Alfred University, I studied History, English, and Philosophy, and discovered a deep passion for the discipline of history. I was fortunate to earn a scholarship to study at Oxford University, then closely missed receiving a Rhodes Scholarship. In retrospect, I clearly see that I lacked the maturity for such a distinction, but even then showed the good instincts of alienating the selection committee."

"I did my graduate work at the University of Rochester, where I focused on German and Soviet studies before moving on to American Cold War diplomacy. ...

He equates "alien" studies with conspiracy research, as if they are comparable:

"I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter of UFOs, conspiracy theories, the fate of the earth, or anything else you feel to be of relevance. ... "

Now the Truthers have him. Dolan on 9/11:

Richard Dolan Analyzes Orwellian America: 9/11 and the Road to Iran

Author and historian Richard Dolan has analyzed what in his opinion is a tangle of lies and deception that have led America to its current incarnation as a Homeland Security State, its fighting of wars with no end in sight, and its current danger of war with Iran.

Rochester, NY, May 14, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Author and historian Richard Dolan has analyzed what he believes to be a tangle of lies and deception that have led America to its current incarnation as a Homeland Security State, its fighting of wars with no end in sight, and its current danger of war with Iran.

"At the heart of America’s problem, argues Dolan, is its inability to look candidly at the events of September 11, 2001. A growing number of people privately question the official version of events, he writes, but a public discussion has not yet occurred. Still, nagging questions persist, such as how to explain virtual free-fall speed collapse of the World Trade Center buildings. The implications, he states, are that a version of the 1933 'Reichstag Fire' event has taken place within America."

9/11 is the justification of America’s permanent state of war, and national insolvency will soon be the result. The recent removal of Admiral William Fallon from the chief of Central Command, writes Dolan, may be a sign that war with Iran is seen as desirable by the Bush Administration. Dolan argues that starting another war would be catastrophic.

Richard Dolan is the author of UFOs and the National Security State. He is an active public speaker and has appeared on numerous television and radio shows.


The article, titled “Orwellian America: 9/11 and the Road to Iran,” can be read at

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