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Ireland Satanic Killer in Battle to Win Release

Alex Constantine - October 3, 2007

September 16, 2007
By Ciaran McGuigan

A satanic killer sent back to jail after an alleged golf club attack on a young mum has launched a fresh legal battle to be freed.

Evil Jonathan Neill (32) - who was freed on licence after serving 12 years for the barbaric murder of a man in London in the early 1990s - was put back behind bars last November following a savage attack on a young woman.

Neill was identified by a witness as one of a number of men behind the attack in a Coleraine estate. The witness later withdrew their evidence against the psychotic killer, but the parole board, who had initially freed him, decided to send him back to jail for a breach of his licence.

He remains in Maghaberry prison, even though the criminal charges were officially withdrawn in February.

But he has now been granted a judicial review into the Parole Board of England and Wales' decision to have him recalled to jail and to keep him there after the criminal charges have been discharged.

Neill was jailed in London in 1992 for the horrific slaying of his 36-year-old lodger, a fellow Ulsterman. He was 16 years of age when he stabbed his victim 24 times in the back and left a foot-wide cross carved into his helpless man's back.

The 6ft 7ins killer then boasted to psychiatrists that he had killed the man because, "I felt like it".

He spent almost a decade behind bars in England, before being transferred to jail in Northern Ireland in June, 2001.

His prison records showed that he had a series of bust ups with warders, much of which was blamed on his illegal drug habit.

In 2004, he was freed on parole, under the authority of the Home Office's National Offender Management Service and settled in Coleraine.



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