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Household Tips “How Do I Remove Discoloration from the Bottom of a Stainless Steel Pot?”

Alex Constantine - January 3, 2009

Request: Burnt Stainless Steel Pan
Post by Sally_Admin (299) | (11/18/2008)

I did a dumb thing. I boiled water to heat a baby's bottle. Totally forgot about it after the bottle was ready, etc. I went to bed, it boiled completely dry and sat and cooked bare stainless steel for about 2 hours! 1. Is it safe to use again? 2. How do I clean massive discoloration on the bottom of the pot?

Nancy from Rochester, NY

RE: Burnt Stainless Steel Pan

I have a stainless steel pan that I forgot on the stove and later found no food but ashes in it. It looked horrible. I boiled Coke in it for about 45 Minutes. It really worked, I got all the stuck on stuff off with just a brush. The pan is still grey and doesn't shine though but I might even find a solution for that. (03/13/2007)


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