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Hamas & PRC Seize CIA Files

Alex Constantine - June 15, 2007

Documents Said to Detail American Middle East Intelligence
Special to the NY Sun
June 14, 2007

JERUSALEM -- Terror groups including Hamas and the Popular Resistance Committees have seized large quantities of CIA security files stored at major compounds of militias associated with the American.-backed Fatah organization of Palestinian Arab President Abbas, terror leaders told The New York Sun today.

The terror leaders claimed the files contain, among other things, details of CIA networks in the Middle East.

"The CIA files we seized, which include documents, CD's, taped conversations, and videos, are more important that all the American weapons we obtained the last two days as we took over the traitor Fatah's positions," said Muhammad Abdel-El, spokesperson for the Hamas-allied Popular Resistance Committees terror group.

The Committees has previously been accused of carrying out anti-American attacks, including a 2003 bombing of an American convoy in Gaza that killed three American contractors. ...

According to Hamas sources, the terror group will soon advance on Gaza City's Ansar Compound, one of the most important Fatah security establishments and the site at which American weapons have been delivered to Fatah the past few years. Security sources say Ansar contains large quantities of weaponry America provided to Fatah.

Hamas and Popular Resistance Committees leaders told the Sun upon taking over Gaza City's Fatah compounds, particularly the Preventative Security Services building and intelligence compound, they seized large quantities of what they said were CIA files concerning the Middle East.

They said prior to Hamas' advances, Fatah officials attempted to destroy the CIA files but only succeeded in destroying some.

American security coordinators the past few years maintained a presence at Fatah's Gaza headquarters. America regularly trains and arms Fatah militias.

Abu Abdullah, a member of Hamas' so-called military wing, said, "Now our job is to study these files, which are already showing that they are crucial for our fight against the Zionists and anyone who collaborates with them, including the Americans."

Mr. Abdullah said the CIA documents they browsed so far contain "information about the collaboration between Fatah and the Israeli and American security organizations; CIA methods on how to prevent attacks, chase and follow after cells of Hamas and the Committees; plans about Fatah assassinations of members of Hamas and other organizations; and American studies on the security situation in Gaza."

Mr. Abdullah claimed the documents also detailed CIA networks in other Arab countries, and "how to help beat Islamic allies of Hamas in other Arab countries, including Egypt and Jordan."

"We will use these documents and make portions public to prove the collaboration between America and traitor Arab countries," Mr. Abdullah said.

Committees Spokesman Abdel El told the Sun he was sitting in a Gaza mosque today pouring through some of the files on the Committees when he found his name mentioned in the documents four times.

"I am amazed by the material and the context of the documents," he said.

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