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GPS Technology Enables Stalker Cell-Phone Tracking

Alex Constantine - November 23, 2010

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  1. Dear People,
    I have been lied about a lot in the last five years by cops, by vengeful girlfriends, and by nonprofit managers of the female persuasion. Not one of these people or others related to the situations let the truth of my past conduct stop them from lying about me now. Never once did one of them show any kind of compliance to the restrictions placed on their defamatory activities by the bill of rights or rules of evidence. If they can insinuate that I am a “terrorist”, “aggressively violent”, or a “stalker”, then I am on a special list for surveillance by the nazis at homeland security. Heck, now that I used the word “nazi” or “slow mass kill program(s)”, “nazi drug war”, or “anti-war”, I am already on that list anyways. See, I believe that contrary to Scalia’s subversive misinterpretation of the bill of rights, authentic democracy is made real by upholding the Bill of Rights a’ la the 60’s Thurgood Marshalls’ supreme court; of which a majority of our present justices have repeatedly undermined either through negligence or bias. Remember when there was a time when supreme court justices couldn’t be bought at all, let alone for a cheap song and dance like Thomas. Lyle Courtsal

  2. And just think for a second how much money and time is spent making this crap up while all the while they follow me around and talk about me making up falsified labels and scenarios as they go. That must be a whole lot of money going down the fascist rathole making up those deathlists like they did in guatemala 1981-1983. US law prevented Reagan from doing it, so he farmed it out to some of his friends in that apartheid south african-israeli spy network exposed in the middle 80’s. Whoooohoooo!!! Ain’t No Life Nowhere.

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